Little Miss 1D

Sairanna (say-ran-a) and her younger sister Tara are fans of One Direction, and when Tara finds out that they're doing a signing in London, she asks her sister to take her. Sai takes her not knowing that Tara is actually plotting a plan in her head... a plan that involves Liam Payne, and Sai. But with problems in her family, will Sai be able to actually hold a relationship with a world-famous boy-band member? Will she be able to handle the baggage that comes with dating one of the boys?


1. May the odds be ever in our favour


"I honestly didn't think it would take this long just to get up there," Tara apologize, "I just really want to meet them, Sai."

"I know," I sighed and clutched my tea in my hands tighter while a shiver wracked through my body, "It's just really cold."

It was cold- well actually, it was freezing. It was -10 and I was seriously glad that Tara and I were sensible -unlike most of the other girls- and had actually worn a light grey varsity jacket and some light grey jeans with light pink and white flowers. Not just really skimpy short-shorts like all the other girls. The girls around us all had the same intention- to get at least some attention from of the boys. And by boys, I mean the boys from One Direction, world famous boy-band. Who were currently at least 10 meters away from us. If I stood on my tiptoes I could just barely see the top of Harry Styles' head of curls.

My sister- all time fan of 1D and in love with Niall Horan- was fourteen years old, turning fifteen tomorrow. And it was kind of sad that I'm eighteen and I consider her my best friend. I mean really, who considers their younger sister their best friend? But I was only ever really close with Tara. So therefore, when she had come home last Monday and enthusiastically told me that One Direction had just finished their Take Me Home world tour and were now in London for a signing before they returned to their families, I told her I would take her to it.

The line moved up and we watched as as a little girl bounded up the stairs happily, her mother trailing behind her.

"Do you really think they'll like me?" Tara asked starting to bite at her finger nails, "Because I mean- I'm not as pretty as the other girls or anything... And what if they think I'm ugly, or something?"

Yeah. Tara liked to think she was ugly, even though half the girls at her school told her they wanted to look like her. She had long blonde hair that was down to her mid-back, and she was tall and skinny with pale skin and bright blue/turquoise eyes that she had inherited from our mum. I, on the other hand had inherited most of my looks from my dad. I was born with his light brown hair (but I dyed it blonde), angular face, almond shaped eyes, and dazzling dimples. No, I didn't call them 'dazzling'. My mother did. And to finish it all off -I have no clue how I got them- but I have.... purple eyes. Yes, I actually have purple eyes. And they really are pretty, but everybody stares at me like I'm a freak whenever I'm near them. So I cover them up with muddy-brown colored contacts lens.

"Tara, how many times do I have to tell you? Your gorgeous, you have nothing to worry about," I paused and grabbed her hand that she was biting at, "And stop chewing on your nails. I just payed like, fifteen pounds for you to get them done."

Tara blushed and put her hand down, tightening her hands around her Take Me Home CD. "Sorry, just nervous I guess..."

"Well it's okay," I said with a bright smile, holding my own CD in my hand, "...Because we're next."

Tara's eyes widened as the security ushered us up to the as the next person to go up.

Well, I thought, may the odds be ever in our favor.

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