Little Miss 1D

Sairanna (say-ran-a) and her younger sister Tara are fans of One Direction, and when Tara finds out that they're doing a signing in London, she asks her sister to take her. Sai takes her not knowing that Tara is actually plotting a plan in her head... a plan that involves Liam Payne, and Sai. But with problems in her family, will Sai be able to actually hold a relationship with a world-famous boy-band member? Will she be able to handle the baggage that comes with dating one of the boys?


4. Don't Keep Me Waiting


I Would like to say that Liam, in a desperate need to hear my voice, had called me straight away, But that would be a lie. And even though I like to lie to myself, I would never lie to myself about a boy...

So, in substitution to Liam calling me right away, I slowly rotted away next to my cell phone.

Okay. I didn't actually do that. But I am pretty close to it. I mean, how much effort does it take to pick up a phone, dial a number, and talk? But then again, why would Liam Payne want to call me- a cowardly girl that lives in England, and is best friends with her younger sister.

Liam has literally a whole world of prettier girls to choose from, why would he want to go out with me? And sure, I know I'm pretty. I know that for fact. I'm tall, lean, pale (but not sickly), with a crooked smile and a dainty nose. I've had a lot of boys ask me out, but I don't want to get involved with any of them. On your first date, a lot of them would be like 'Blow me bitch'. 

And I honestly mean it when I say that no boy at my school knows what 'taking it slow' means. Almost all the boys at my school are pigs, so that's why I was happy when Liam showed some interest in me, Liam Payne is a freaking Prince Charming compared to a lot of guys. 

"Are you just going to sit next to your cell phone until he calls you?" Tara was staring at me, her eyes alight with amusement. "I mean, he does have a lot of things to do. Considering he's in a world famous boy band..."

"Shut up, Tara." I grumbled.

The Lion King was just background music to me, I only had eyes for my phone. And that was kind of sad.

"I'm just saying..." She trailed off with a smirk, "And by the way, you know how yesterday you left your phone here when you went to the store? Yeah, I forgot to mention that a certain someone might have called you while you were out..."

My eyes widened and I smacked her on the arm, "Who the hell do you mean, Tara? Who called?"

She shrugged and fiddled with her phone, smiling softly. "Um, first it was that guy that wanted to go out with you... John? Yeah, John. He said for you to give him a 'ring'," She paused and typed out something on her phone. "And then a guy named... Liam? Called. He said that he was sorry you hadn't heard from him.And that he'll call you tomorrow."

Holy fuck.

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