Little Miss 1D

Sairanna (say-ran-a) and her younger sister Tara are fans of One Direction, and when Tara finds out that they're doing a signing in London, she asks her sister to take her. Sai takes her not knowing that Tara is actually plotting a plan in her head... a plan that involves Liam Payne, and Sai. But with problems in her family, will Sai be able to actually hold a relationship with a world-famous boy-band member? Will she be able to handle the baggage that comes with dating one of the boys?


5. Dahlia Likes Tara's Hair


By the time Liam contacted me the next day, I was kind of a wreck. I kept biting my nails -which made my sister mock me after what I said about her biting her own nails- and I never parted with my phone. I went to make food, it was in my back pocket. If I went shopping, it was in my pocket. The only time I really parted with it was when I went to the bathroom...

Tara and I were watching Toy Story 3, and no, I am not too old for that movie, thank-you-very-much.

We were also watching Dahlia, our four year old sister. She's a real charmer, not even joking. She once asked a business man for ten dollars, and he gave it to her. Just like that. Just handed it over to her. But then again, people can frequently fall under the spell of her ice blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. Oh, and her dimply smile. And the fact that she was missing her four front teeth.

Everybody said she was a female, blonde little Harriet Styles.

But anyways, Dahlia was playing with Tara's hair, trying to braid it, I think. But since the fact that she was four years old, it looked like all she had done was tangle Tara's hair into a giant knot at the end.

So when the doorbell rang, Tara looking like a monkey had tried to do her hair, got up, placed Dahlia on my lap, and answered the door. And when a shrill scream echoed from the front door, followed by a slam, I was racing to the door with Dali attached to my hip.

"What's wrong?"

Tara had wide eyes and from behind the door I could hear a loud laugh echoing, followed by a knock on the door.

"Don't answer it," Tara's voice and hand stilled my own which was reaching to turn the door handle.

I can honestly say -or think, I guess- that I've never seen Tara this flustered, not even when we were going to meet One Direction. Not even when she first talked to Niall Horan on the phone. Her face was beet red, and she was furiously trying to calm down her hair, eventually she gave up though, and just threw it up into a pony tail.


My voice was cut off when an Irish voice carried through the wood door, "Come on, Tar. Your hair wasn't that bad! It was kinda cute," He paused and snickered, "In a wood nymph, kinda way."

A soft voice chastised the Irish fellow, and though I couldn't understand what the person was saying, I knew that voice.

I knew that voice from when I would record every episode of the X-Factor, just to see him make it through. And I knew that voice from when he promised Simon Cowell that he would be back, I knew that voice from when he said, 'Yes', when my idiotic kid sister asked him out for me, I knew that voice- Okay, honestly. I just knew that damn voice.

Tugging my hand out of Tara's hold and ignoring her protests, I tugged open the door, and there stood two out of five boys from the band One Direction. And if I didn't know it was them, I would have thought they were normal teenagers looking to annoy somebody.

They both blinked at me, and both their eye brows furrowed.

"Um," Niall started, "Is it just me, or are you wearing one contact lens...?"

I blinked and then bolted into the house,muttering an, 'Oh shit', under my breath.

Niall Horan's laugh followed me into the house and a loud smack on the back was followed with, "I like her."

Which was followed by a quick, "But I like you more, obviously."

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