Little Miss 1D

Sairanna (say-ran-a) and her younger sister Tara are fans of One Direction, and when Tara finds out that they're doing a signing in London, she asks her sister to take her. Sai takes her not knowing that Tara is actually plotting a plan in her head... a plan that involves Liam Payne, and Sai. But with problems in her family, will Sai be able to actually hold a relationship with a world-famous boy-band member? Will she be able to handle the baggage that comes with dating one of the boys?


3. Confusion

(AN: If you want to see what Sairanna and Tara were wearing at the signing I have the links on my profile)

Liam's smile immediately dropped off his face and he looked like a confused puppy dog... it was really adorable, but considering the circumstances on why he looked like a confused puppy dog, I wasn't really happy to see them. 

The look on my face must have been priceless, because even Niall -who was trying his hardest to act like he wasn't listening to what was happening but failing epically-  let out a snort and tried to hide it out as a cough. 

I could feel my ears and cheeks flaming red immediately as I sputtered with wide eyes, "Don't answer that! She-she's just joking," I turned to her and elbowed her in the ribs, making her glare at me. "Right, Tara?"

She shook her head in a huff and crossed her arms, "No. I'm not joking. So, will you?" She turned to him.

He opened his mouth still looking confused.

"No, Tara! Why would you even ask him that?" I asked her exasperated and she scoffed while rolling her eyes.

"You may say you aren't a Directioner, Sai. But I know you have a secret stash of magazines with 1D posters in your top drawer of your dresser," She said smugly with a cocky smirk. And really, what sister is that evil?

"Why the hell were you in my stuff?" I exclaimed, and I did know what she was talking about. I had that collection building for about... four months now. 

"I was trying to find your hairdryer, but that's not the point," She said waving a hand impatiently, "I've been plotting this ever since you told me you would take me to the signing."

I still couldn't believe she would have the audacity to ask Liam Payne if he would go out with me. That's like me asking Niall to go out with her. Liam probably thinks we're mental. I don't even know why she would even try, I wasn't anything special. I know for a fact that all sorts of girls flocked Liam, asking if he would marry them or if they could mother his children... and then here my sister comes along, asking Liam Payne if he would go out with me.

I stared at her in astonishment, my mouth most likely gaping open like a fish. "Seriously. Your messed, I wouldn't ask Niall if he wanted to go out with you since you have a giant crush on him."

Tara's cheeks flushed red slightly and she pursed her lips while Niall let out a small bark of laughter, "Yes, I know that."

"He's not going to say yes."

She considered it for a moment, "He most likely wont."

I glared at her, opening my mouth to retort before an accented voice much like my own cut into the conversation.

"As long as you don't take a camera to the restaurant."

And my mouth fell open in shock, because Liam Payne. The guy that I've been crushing on forever had just said yes to my sister asking him out. Granted it was for me, but I probably would have been less shocked if Tara had asked him out for herself. I was actually going to go out on a date with Liam Payne.

Liam was smiling cheekily at me- and shit he really is adorable... 

"Can I get your number?" He asked with a tilt of his head, still smiling. And Tara pulled out a piece of paper that had my number already neatly scrawled out on it, and damn, she really was prepared, wasn't she?

"Here you go," She said with a bright smile and handed the paper to him.

"Thanks," Liam took it from her and placed it in his white shirt's breast pocket, "I'll call you, okay?"

"Okay." I answered dumbly, blinking in shock and Tara grabbed our CDs before tugging me out of the line.

We had gotten half-way back to the car before I stopped walking. 

"He didn't sign the CDs..."

"Who cares," She scoffed pulling me the rest of the way towards the car, "I think we'll be seeing him a lot more from now on..." She smirked and pulled open the passenger side door before climbing in, "Besides," She drawled with a little wave of her CD and starting to shut the passenger side door, "I have Niall Horan's phone number!"

"Only you, Tara..." I said with a bemused smiled and pulled open the drivers side door, "Only you..."

"Stop talking to yourself and get in the car!" She yelled and I laughed while opening the door.

This was one of the reasons Tara's my best friend, I thought and smirked.

Only her...

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