Sixteen and...What?

>My name is Jennifer Hendrickson. I am sixteen years old. I live in a small town in Oklahoma. I'm a band geek, with a loving boyfriend with the same status. What makes me different from the other kids here? I'm pregnant.
- My name is Kayla Ingles. I am sixteen years old. I live in New York City. My dream is to be on Broadway. I've been singing and dancing since I was four. I recently was heartbroken by my boyfriend of three years. What makes me different from the other kids here? I'm pregnant.
~My name is Lillie Stinson. I am sixteen years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm a popular, rich girl. I'm a cheerleader and everyone's dream. All the boys want me. All the girls want to be me. What makes me different than the other kids here? I'm pregnant.


2. That Day and Night


"Hey Gram!" I say walking through my front door. We live in a small two bedroom house on the outskirts of town. It's white with blue shutters in the windows. Looking at it from the outside makes you think of the 90's. Atleast that's what Ty and Ronna both said to me their first times visiting. 

"Hey baby girl." She says stirring something in a lot on the stove. I peek over her shoulder and see that it's...cheese?

"Uh, Gram? Why are you melting cheese?"

"I wanted nachos."

"You hate nachos Gram." I say trying not to laugh at my Grandmother's silliness. She pauses looking in the pot. She scrunched her eyebrows together in thorough concentration and then nods, 

"Yeah, you're right. They give me heartburn." I roll my eyes at her and mumble, 

"Oh yeah. Hey Gram." She raises her eyebrows at me, simply puzzled by my random shyness. 


"Is it alright if I go to a party with Ronna and Ty tomorrow?" I ask, leaving out the details. 

"I didn't think parties were your thing Jennifer." She says pulling out a bag of chips, clearly still set on nachos. 

"They aren't. I just felt like I needed to you something." I say while leaning up against the counter. She takes a bite of a chip. 

"Yeah, I don't care if you go, but you know my rules." She says pointing a finger at me. Of course I do, I've known the rules since I was thirteen. 

"Of course Gram." I say. 

"Say them." She says standing up straight and pushing her glasses back on her face. 

"No drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no sex, and be home by midnight." I say without thinking.

 "Mhmm." She says nodding. "And clean your room tonight or you won't be going anywhere." She adds before I leave the room. I make my way to my bedroom and close the door. My walls are painted a light shade of purple, and Gram is right. It's a mess in here. I throw off my cardigan and am left in my skinny jeans and charcoal colored cami. I pick up all my clothes from the floor that were just not good enough this morning and put them in my closet where they belong. Not really hung up...just thrown in the same pile they were while in the middle of my floor. I walk over to my queen sized bed and plop down. I pull out my iPhone and text Ty. 

>Hey< I say 
^Hey ;)^
 >I'm going to Jakes party tomorrow. Come with me?<
 ^Yea I'm in^ 
>Awesome (:<

 I text Ronna and tell her that Ty and I will be there and then get a start on my homework. After two horrible hours of calculus and German work I hop in the shower and get ready for bed. Atleast tomorrow is Saturday! --------------——————————————————•—————————————---------------------- "Jenny!" Someone screams my name, awaking me in the worst way possible. I sit straight up and see Ronna sitting on the edge of my bed with an evil smirk on her face. 

" Rise and shine sleepy head. We've got a long day of preparing you for your first party!" She says peppily, while tossing her long blonde hair to the side. She pulls me up and out of my bed. "I brought you some dresses to choose from!" She says smiling. I start to protest but she won't let me. I hate dresses. "No no no no no Jenny. You are wearing a dress, don't even try it." She says. "But you need to choose which one you're wearing before we can even begin to think about nails or makeup or hair or..." She trails off while handing me a ginormous bag. I open it to find four dresses. 

The first was a fire engine red, mid thigh length dress. It had one strap on the right side and a sparkly silver band around the waist. My eyes widened as I imagined myself in such a barbaric thing. I shake my head and toss it to the side, pulling out the second dress. 

The second dress was a dandelion yellow color, and felt as if it was made of silk. It had a halter top and bare back. The straps had silver jewels, and it too was mid thigh length. I bit more subtle than the red dress, but still too much. Ronna was leaning up against my wall with one knee popped out and a hand on her hip. I could feel her intent stare as I looked through the bag at the next dress. My eyes widened with fear as I pulled out a strapless neon pink sequin dress that looked like it would only make it to about where my legs started. What is this girl trying to do to me?! I don't even bother sitting it on my bed. I toss it straight at Ronna and tell her, &quot;That's more your style.&quot; She smiles and nods. Oh dear, did I just give her permission to wear that thing? 

The last dress I pull out is awfully cute. Yes, I just called a dress cute. It's got a black scrunched bottom half and a small black bow tied around the waist. The top has a nude under color and black lace over the top. It is strapless and goes down to my mid-thigh as the other two did. "Alright. I can handle this one." I say, severely disappointed in myself. Ronna jumps up and down and giggles lightly. 

"Great! So I'm thinking this. Nails, subtle. Keep them black with your ring fingers a nude sort of shade, you know, to match the dress. For makeup a classy look. Neutral colors all around, with a red lipstick and you WILL let me curl your eyelashes. Now hair...waterfall braided all around with soft curls." She says nodding to herself. I look at her like she's crazy. Well...she is... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ty meets us at my house an hour before the party. I've been manicured, made up, and pretty much turned into a Barbie doll. I think I deserve to party tonight. 

"Jennifer…you look amazing." He says gawking at me as I slide into the front seat of his car. He pushes back his brown hair from his eyes and smiles at me. Ronna hops in the backseat and rushes Ty.

 "Yes, she is the most gorgeous thing on the face of the earth. Now can we please get to the party." She pushes. Ty nods and puts the car in drive. Here we go... 

The party isn't as bad as I planned it would be. I do know my grandmother wouldn't approve. I've already been tricked into drinking atleast five different types of alcohol and at the moment, I'm not even sure if what I'm drinking is a sociably acceptable liquid. I'm standing up against the wall with two girls I've never seen before. One appears to be sober, the other drinker than anyone I've ever seen before. Ronna went off with Jake the second we got here and I haven't seen her sense. And Ty...I don't even know where he is. The last I saw he was with some guys playing some drinking game in the kitchen. Chances are he's still there.

I sit my drink down on a table and stumble my way to the kitchen. Sure enough, Ty is there taking shots with some guys. He sees me and nods in my direction. One of his drinking buddies makes some sort of remark, but Ty ignores it. He grabs my waist and pulls me toward him. 

"Hey babe." He says leaning in for a kiss. I kiss him back, but I don't enjoy it. It's too full of strong tasting alcohol that I can't stand. "Come with me." He whispers in my ear. He takes my hand and walks me to his car. We get into the backseat of his car, and I guess this is where the alcohol sets in. This is when I break another one of the rules... 



"Hey Kayla." I hear someone say behind me in the line at McDonalds. I jump a bit. I turn around and Mitch is standing there smiling. Then his expression turns hurt. "You didn't call." He said with mock disappointment. 

Uh oh...excuse....excuse... "I lost your number." I say. Not bad. 

"Yeah, sure you did." He says. "Lemme see your phone." Without thinking, I hand it to him. "Oh, look at that!" He says. 

"What?" I ask. 

"I was going to put my number in here...but turns out its already here. Under my name and everything." He says raising an eyebrow at me, waiting for me to explain. I try to grab my phone but he pulls it close to his chest. "No, why'd you lie to me Kayla." He says teasingly.

"I-I don't know..." I stutter out. I mentally facepalm myself. Could I be more obvious here?

"I think I know." He says smirking mysteriously. He runs his fingers through his soft wavy blonde hair.... Woah now! Earth to Kayla! "You like me, but you didn't want to seem stupid by calling me too soon." He says matter of factly. What does a girl say to that? I mean, he's right, but I can't say that, can I? I say absolutely nothing. He throws an arm around my shoulder. "That's what I thought." He whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine. The good kind of chills...

Three hours of Twister at Mitch's apartment later...I find myself sprawled across his floor. "What now?" I ask him. He's placing the Twister mat back in the box when he stops in his tracks. 

"I have an idea." He says. 

"What's that?" I ask, twirling my hair around my finger. 

"This!" He shouts while falling to his knees and tickling me. 

"Ah! No! Stop! Stop!" I scream in between giggles. He finally stops, straddling me on the floor. He looks in my eyes and leans in. He starts kissing me and it doesn't stop there.

I won't go into details...but best night of my life.





"So let me guess. Your Daddy owns a successful business. Your Mommy was once a  famous model or something. You are head cheerleader. Ten boyfriends. Am I right?" The cashier, Elliott, asks me. He texted me almost as soon as I left the store. Considering how damn cute he is, I decided to respond to him. We decided to meet up at Olive Garden for dinner tonight. I picked up my sister and got home, and dressed in a black skin tight pencil skirt and white lace top. Of course, I looked amazing. I always look amazing, I'm Lillie Stinson. 

"Close. My Dad bought a successful business. My mom doesn't model the clothes, she designs them, and I'm not head cheerleader. My best friend Brittany is. I'm just a cheerleader. And no. No boyfriends. I refuse to be tied down." I say, looking him up and down seductively. 

"Is that so?" He says, giving off the same impression. I nod giving my best smirk. "Then maybe we should get out of here and go back to my place...for a while." He stands up and I follow behind smacking his perfect butt as he goes, ignoring the rude glares from people. This should be great. 

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