Sixteen and...What?

>My name is Jennifer Hendrickson. I am sixteen years old. I live in a small town in Oklahoma. I'm a band geek, with a loving boyfriend with the same status. What makes me different from the other kids here? I'm pregnant.
- My name is Kayla Ingles. I am sixteen years old. I live in New York City. My dream is to be on Broadway. I've been singing and dancing since I was four. I recently was heartbroken by my boyfriend of three years. What makes me different from the other kids here? I'm pregnant.
~My name is Lillie Stinson. I am sixteen years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm a popular, rich girl. I'm a cheerleader and everyone's dream. All the boys want me. All the girls want to be me. What makes me different than the other kids here? I'm pregnant.


1. Before It All Happened


"Jenny!!!" I hear my best friend- my only friend Ronna calling to me. I swiftly turn myself to see what her deal is.

"Yes?" I ask as she reaches my side.

"Where's Ty?" She asks me suspiciously. Ty is my boyfriend, he has been for six months now. If I didn't have Ty or Ronna, I'd have no one. Except my Grandmother. My own parents left me when I was seven years old. They hit the lottery and didn't want a child holding them back from accomplishing anything and everything. Everyone around this small town knows everything about everyone. Therefore, everyone knows that my own parents chose money over me. What other way to decide if I'm worthy of their time or not?

"Home sick. Or so he says." I say, rolling my eyes. Ronna giggles.

"Hey, you two should come to Jake's party tomorrow night!" She practically yells. Jake is her college boyfriend. He uses her for sex, but she doesn't seem to get that.

"No." I say sternly. Me at a college party? That's a hilarious thought...

"Yes." She says back smiling at me. "If you don't come I'll make Ty drag you there. I promise it'll be worth it!" She adds. I sigh awkwardly. She always wins.

"Fine. But if I lose Ty to some fancy college girl, you owe me for the rest if my life. You'll still be scoping out boys for me in the retirement home." I say throwing my hoodie I've taken off at her. She places it in her locker that we've now reached.

"Boys in a retirement home? What a cougar." She says smirking.

"You know what I mean." I say.

The assistant principal walks by, noticing us still in the hall. "Miss Essex, Miss Hendrickson. Class. Now." He says giving us the signature evil glare he's known for.

"World History, here we come!" Ronna says pumping her fist in the air. I hold back a giggle as Mr. Goodwin gives another glare. We turn the opposite corner and burst out laughing.


"Even if the skies get rough...I'm still looking up.." I finish my solo in my musical performance class. Mrs. Hale praises me while the class applauds. I hate to sound arrogant, but it's well known that I'm the best singer in this school, and it's only my first year here. My mother transferred me here this year, finally realizing how important performing is to me. Or maybe she thought that after Dylan dumped me after three years, and I fell into a major depression, moving on to something bigger and better was for the best. I take my seat and watch as Manny takes to the stage in the front of the classroom. Yes, my class has its own stage. Almost all the classes here do.

"I will not make the same mistakes that you did.." She starts her solo song, "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson. She has an impressive voice. Pitchy at parts, but no ones perfect, right?

"Kayla." I hear someone whisper from behind me. I turn around and look into the beautiful blue eyes of Mitch Haynes.

"Ye-yeah?" I ask. Oh my gosh, did I just stutter?! Way to go Kayla!

"You did really amazing up there." He says smiling, showing off his perfect teeth. I of course, being me, sit and grin like an idiot. It takes me a moment to come back to reality.

"Thank you!" I say a bit too loud. The girl next to me with the bright pink hair shushes me. Mitch looks as if he may die laughing, right there.

"Are you okay?" I mouth to him. He nods, and then holds up one finger, as if signaling for me to wait a moment. Wait for what? He pulls out a small notepad and writes something down. He tears out the paper and places it in my hand.

"Call me maybe?" He says getting up and making his way to the stage. He winks at me before singing into the mic the song he just quoted to me.


"MOM!" I scream from my bedroom. My mother comes into my door way.

"What sweetie?" She asks.

"Where is my pink North Face fleece?!" I ask her, clearly annoyed by the fact she didn't put in back where it belongs after washing it.

"Baby, it's still in the washer. Wear your white one." She says.

"Excuse me? Does it look like white goes with this outfit?!" I scream gesturing down to my black spandex Under Armour leggings and my slim fitting grey tank.

"No?" She asks, clearly puzzled about why I can't wear white with this. Really? My outfit needs some sort of popping color! I can't just 'blend in'. Oh my God, Just no.

"Give me your credit card. I'll stop and by a new one on my way to school." I say pushing my arms through the retched sleeves of the white fleece. It'll have to do until I make it to the mall. I just pray none of my friends are there. My mom hands me her credit card.

"Bye sweetheart, don't forget to pick your sister up tonight!" She says as I grab my coach bag and walk out the door. Right, I have to pick Savannah up from her boyfriend's house on my way home tonight. Savannah is my thirteen year old sister. She drives me insane, but we're too alike for me to not like her. I also have an older brother, Kaleb. He's nineteen and lives with us. He works at McDonalds and does online school. Sort of a deadbeat if you ask me.

I push through the mall doors and walk over to the Dicks Sporting Goods section. I pull the last pink fleece off the rack and check the size. Extra small, just as I needed. I smirk in satisfaction as I take it to the counter. There's a guy working it. He's damn attractive. Scruffy face, midnight black hair. Bright blue eyes. I'm guessing around eighteen or nineteen, maybe twenty? He takes the fleece and rings it up.

"Can I have your email address please?" He asks. I'm so used to giving it to the cashiers at the mall. I never use my email, like who does that? I give him one I haven't logged into for about five years. "And your phone number?" He asks smiling a sexy half smile.

"Hey now, I've been here a billion times, and no one has ever asked me for my number at the cash register." I say raising an eyebrow at him.

He stares at me mysteriously for a moment, then gives up his act. "Please?" He asks. I smile and take the pen from the counter and write my number on the back of his hand. He smiles and I turn to leave the store. "Wait!" He calls after me. I turn around half way to see why. "What's your name?" He asks me. I smile.

"I'm Lillie." I say before turning around completely and leaving the mall.
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