The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


10. "When you smile, is it me yeah?"


We were all sitting down on our fake stage in our rehearsal building. I was sitting down holding my water bottle with Zayn across from me and Louis and Liam sitting in chairs staring at me strategically. Niall was over by the table of snacks. I was staring at my feet when I looked up and heard my phone buzz on the snack table. Niall saw it too and picked it up and heald it in his hand. "Ooo its Kennedy" he said waving the phone back and forth smiling ear to ear. I jumped off the stage and ran to Niall. "Stop it! Let me see the phone. Niall- come on man' I said trying to reach the phone. Everytime I tried to grab it he just pulled it back behind his back and he was laughing. "LOUIS! CATCH!" Niall yelled to Louis as he tossed my phone to him. "Louis.." I said walking slow to him with my hands up in a defensive mode "just give the phone and nobody will get hurt.." Louis raised an eyebrow to me as he tossed the phone to Zayn. Zayne caught it and threw it back to Niall. "You bettet hurry Harry, the phone can't ring forever" Niall said mocking me. I jumped over to Niall as I snatched the phone out of his hand. "Helo?" I said eye balling Niall. "Hey its Kennedy" she said "Yeah, I saw your caller I.d." I said. "Oh, yeah.right.." she answered. "So what's up?" I asked trying to sound natural. "Just calling to tell you thanks for making muffins this morning and that if you guys get back and me and Charlie arnt here its because Charlie went shopping and I'm going for a run." She amswered back. I wasn't really paying attention because Niall was making kissy noises towards me. I took my palm and slammed it into his face pushing him back ans keeping my hand on his face. "No problem I hope you like them" I said smiling even though she couldn't see my face. "HI KENNEDY" Louis yelled. I rolled my eyes and said "Louis says hi" she laughed and said "Hi boys" I pulled my ear from my phone and said, Kennedy says hi. "They all answered back saying hi but then Niall grabbed the phone from my hand and said "so, Kennedy, I think Harry has something ask you.." he said smiling at me while walking away with my phone. I ran towards his back snatched the phone and said "no-no i dont. Niall was just joking" it was silent. "Oh, okay." She said quietly. "But later if you want to go get some ice cream after my rehearsal would you like to?" I asked. My heary was pounding so loud. I swear she could hear it. "Y eah, sounds good- I better go on my run. See ya later" she said. "Bye see ya later" I said but before I hung up all the boys yelled "BYE KENNEDY!" and Louis yelled "I LOVE YOU KENNEDY" while fake crying. Kennedy started laughing and said "you guys are so weird" then she hung up. I pressed theend button the I looked over at Niall. He lookd at me smiling "your welcome" he said walking over to give me a pat on my chest. I turned around and said "you guys are so embarassing! I do t even like her!" Zayn looked at Niall who looked at Louis who looked at Liam who started to crack up. Pretty soon they all were laughing and slapping their knees. "What?" I asked raising my shoulders. "You can't be serious?..right?" Louis asked sternly. I just shrugged my shoulders back and start walking away to lay on the couch. I lay down and throw my arms over my eyes as they are crossed over eachother blocking my view from theboys. "Ugh am I THAT obvious?" I say mumbling through my arms. Liam laughs and answers "yeah mate, but that's not a bad thing just ask her out" he says like its no big deal. I sit uup, lean forward and lean my elboes on my knees as my hands are holding my neck. "But what if she doesn't like me?" I ponder. "I mean, does it look like she does?" I go to the boys for more amswers. They all shrug as Niall says "just go for it. There's no harm in trying" as he eats a sandwich. "Yeah okay Niall. " I say rolling my eyes. "When are you going to ask Charlie out?" I say with wide eyes then adding "Hmmm?" I thought I would have him thinking taking back what he said to me. Tomorrow I think actually. Well that did not go as planned. "What about Austin? Or Owen? Huh?" I ask. "She couls just be talking about them to make you jealous" Zayn said. I thought about it. Kennedy wouldn't do that. At least not intentionally right? Paul walked back towards us and clapped his hands together as he said "back to rehearsals!"

KENNEDY'S POV: I went for a jog to clear my head. I had no idea why my heart had decided to like three people at once. I got back to the hotel and showered. Aftet I got out feeling better that I didn'tasmell like pasta and and sweat mixed together. I went back to my drawera on my towel and opened them up. I was kind of worried aboug what to wear. Wait, why? Ita only Harry. Harry, his eyes, his dimples, his laugh his vo-.stop it. I said in my head. I shook my head as if I was shaking the thoughts out of my brain before I started to look through my clothes. It was still really warm out so I chose black high waisted shorts and a blue jean material tank top shirt that tied at the bottom. I let my hair air dry so it waa naturally wavy. I threw on some mascara, and my black flip flops. I checked my clock "perfect timing" I said as I grabbed my hotel key and ran out the door.

He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, which made his biceps show wonderfully and he had his sunglasses. He looked up at me and said "Hey Haze" as he nodded and smiled. "Hey Styles" I said nodding and smiling back. "I'm starving lets go!" He said leading my into the shop. His hand was on my back and he was gently pushing me to the line. "Why dont you go sit down and I'll geg us some ice cream" he said looking me. I said "oh and how do you know what I want?" "Because" he said swinging his arm around my shoulder "I can read you like a book" he said. I thought 'not quite. You still don't know I like you' but I just smirked and raised my left eyebrow. "And because you told me your favorite flavor was ming chocolate chip" I laughed and headed for a booth. I sat down at a chair and looked around as I tapped the table. My heas grazes over to Harry who just approached the counter. I couldnt help but notice the perky blonde smiling big at Harry. She toom his order then she started...talking to him? They were laughing and Harry was playing with his curls. Something he does when he's nervous. She laid her head back laughing as Harry started to laugh to. Then she put. Her. Hand. On. His. Shoulder. They were flirting?!?!?! I felt my heart slidw up through my throat leading out my mouth. I suddenly was nauseous and pissed off. Harry kept talking to her as I heard my name "Kennedy?" Someones hand touched my shoulder "Austin? Hi" I said gritting a smile. "I was just walking by and I saw you in herem are you by yourself?" He askes. "Uh- no. I'm with Harry" I said sloppily pointing towards Harry who was STILL flirting with the blonde. "Ahh gotcha. Listen, tomorrow would you want to go to dinner?" My first reaction was to tell him no. That I wanted to end whatever we had that I knew I liked Harry and Owen and addinv him into the mix was bad. But then my eyes glazex back over to Harry...I cleares my throat and answered "Sure. Sounds great" with half hearted smile on my face. "See ya at eight. I'll call you" he said waving at me as he walked out. As I lifted my jead Harry was walking back with our dishes full of ice cream. "Thanks" I said coldly. His smile was still on his face but I knew it was leftovers from the conversation with the blonde. I took a bite of my ice cream. The cold slid down my throat and hit ghe bottom of my stomach. "What's wrong? " Harry asked me as he swallowed his vanilla ice cream. "Nothing" I said keeping my eyes on my spoon as I made swirls through my ice cream. "Ok uh..okay" he said. It was quiet whilr we were eating. Deep down I felt so hurt. Ita not like me and Harry were together or even close to that. Its just- it hurt so bad to see him flirting with ghat girl. I knew he'd never like me but seeing it actually happen before my eyes made my thought a reality. And I hated it.

It was about threeish when I got back at our hotel room. Harry said I wanted to go back to his room to shower and look take a nap and I didn't object because I still was mad at him for flirting with the blonde at the counter. I walked in and all the rest of the gang was already there. I closed the door walked over and sat on the couch an sighed. It was a long day and I didnt want to go out tonight all I wanted to do was flace plant my face into my pillow and sleep until 2020. But I just knew that wouldn't be the best thing for me to do. Ten minutes passed by and I was getting antsy. I had to go for another run. I walked into my room and threw on running shorts and a plain white t-shirt and my shoes. I slipped my headphones through my ipod and grabbed my piny tail holder. As i walked out of my room i saw all eyes were on me. "What?" I asked as i gathered my hair on top of my head as. As i was doing this Harry opened our door with his spare key for our room and said "I just saw thw coolest thing ever!" Still standing in the doorway. I wrapped my hair through the piny tail holder and i said "cool" as i walked to the door and shoved my shoulder against him trying to leave the door way. "Wha-" he said answering as i walked through the hotel hallway. I kept ealjing until I hit the front door. It was hot. Reallly hot but i didnt care. I put my head phones in and put my running playlist on. The song Hall of Fame played through my head and i startes pixking yp my pace. I kept running past people and trying to weave my way through the crowds. As i was approaching the ice cream store i startes to pick up my pace. I was thumping my feet on the grousd whipping my arms, running like i was in a race. I could feel my heartbeat get quicker and har der. But i was all too familiar with the feeling it was the feeling i get when Harry makes me bluah. I kept running, mentally putting a brick wall around my brain not letting anymore emotions run through it.

HARRYS POV: "Oooh someones in trou-ble" Louis sang. I sat down and layed my arms around thr couch then i rubbed them on my face. "What did I do Charlie?" I askes looking across the room at her. "Hey" she said holding her hands up "don't look at me. She was cranky after you guys got back from doing whatever" "Great" I said rolling my eyes. I didn't like the fact that Kennedy was mad at me. "I'm going to go down to the lobby and check out the gift shop and leave you boys at it" Charlie said while slapping Niall's knee and standing up. I waited for her to close the door. When it shut it went off on a rampage "Guys! What am I going to do? Having Kennedy mad at me ia not going to help me with getting her to like me" I was standing up now with my arma crossed as I was pacing. "I don't know man" Niall said. "Ask her what's wrong" "no!" Zayn interrupted "she might get mad if you don't know why she's mad." I stopped at closed my eyes replaying what happened today "But guys, I did nothing wrong!" I said kind of loudly. I flopped onto the couch and closed my eyes again. I started to doze off...

"Hellllloooo..." "wake uppppp" I heard voices in my ear. I opened my eyes and rubbed them with my hands "what time is it?" I asked. Liam checked hia phone then said "seven exactly." Kennedy was still gone. "I'm starving!" Niall said. I chuckled before replying "what's new?" I stood up slapped his back laughing and then started to walk towards the door "I'm going to go grab a pizza
Guys. I'll be back soon" as I grabbed my phone off the counter.

KENNEDYS POV: I was running again. I stopped running and startes to walk but then ran then walkd. I checked the time on my phone I sighed as I saw it was seven because I knew I had to go back to the hotel to start getting ready for my date with Austin. I picked up my pace and then started to run. I felt gross and sweaty but better. I was still angry at Harry. Very angry in fact but l knew I would eventually have to let it go. As I was running I noticed it was getting darker and I didn't realize how hungry I was. I smelt pizza lingering up my nose until it hit my stomach. I ran passed stores slowing down slightly.

HARRYS POV: I picked up the pizza and checked my phone '7:30" it read. I was checking my tweets and texts as I was opening the door until I hit something hard.

KENNEDYS POV: "OW!" I yelles laying on the ground on my butt. It was seven thirty and I was starving so I decided to grab a slight bite of pizza but that didn't work out well because some idiot hit my head on the door. "I'm so sorry" I heard a British accent say. "Its fine" I say coldly while bringing my hand to my head. "OH MY GOSH ITS HARRY STYLES" I heard whispera say. "Ohh this is bad- this is really bad" Harry said while sitting on his calves holding a box of pizza. "Oh really? Because it feels a lot worse for me" I said moaning. He helped me up but I pulled my hand away "I don't nees your help" my tone of voice sounding glazed. "Come on! Lets get a cab" he said pushing my back to a curb. I shook my back to get his hand off it. Harry got a cab and w slid in. My head hurt realy bad and the headache was starting to react fast. I slid in the first seat and Harry started to buckle me in. "Stop it! I can do it my self!" I said. "Sorry its just you don't look too good I thought-" "yeah? Well you thought wrong" I said. Before Harry slid in next I felt quisy realy quisy. "I think I'm going to be-" too late. I got sick all over the pavement including Harry's shoes. I held my hand to my mouth when I was done and sat back up. Harry sat in the cab and gave directions to our hotel. It was quiet the whole way there. Well half way I should say I started to snicker because I thought it was halarioua how I got sick all over Harry. He deserved it. "You think this is funny? " he asked. I turned my head towards the window. "Crap" I said. I pulles out my phone and dialed Austin's number. "Hey Austin. I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight. Something came up and I'm not feeling too good. Maybe another time? Okay great. Thanka bye" Isaid hanging up my phone. "Tou were going to go out with him tonight? And you didn't tell me?" Harry asked. "Your not my owner. I can do what I want." Still looking out the window as I responded. "Well excuse me for asking a simple question." He said as he raised his voice between the 'excuse me' part. "Whatever I said. "That's it! What did I do, huh? Why are you mad at me." "I'm not." I said folding my arms across my chest. "Oh yeah, sure. In the morning we were all good, but now your ignoring me" he said. It was dark but I could hear the disgust in his voice. "Its nothing. Just something stuI'd. I'll drop it." "Good" he said. And that moment the cab stopped and Harry opened the door and waited for me to slide out. Pizza box in hand and his other hand in his pocket wr walked to the door. He still had my sickness on his shoes and I now was starting to feel bad. As we reached the front hallway to the elevator I felt dizzy. "You okay?"Harry asked me. "Yeah just a little dizzy" I said. We were by the elevator door now and he pressed the up button. "Let me see" I removes my hand from my head and he took his and replaced mine on the sore spot where it used to be. He touched it slightly "OW!" I yelled and swatted away his arm. "I barely even touched it!" He said. "Let me look again. He looked at it again. His lips were so close to my forehead I tried to keep my breathing normal. When he was done looking at the bump he looked straight into my eyes- no. Straight into my soul and saI'd " a little bump, we'll put ice on it when we get back to the room." He said it so nonchalantly. A ding noise came on and we stepped on the elevator. In the elevator the background music of What Makes You Beauiful came on. We both turned our heads and looked at another with a sly grin on our faces. Then we both started to crack up. Another ding came and the doors opened. We stepped off and walked side by side with half and inch inbetween us. As we openes up the hotel door Niall came running to us and grabbed the pizza "What took you guys so long?" He asked with a mouthful. "Harry hit my head with a door" I said pointing at Harry with my thumb. "She yacked all over my shoes! " Harry said pointing to his shoes. He took them off and threw them outside the hotel door. "Are you okay?" Liam asked. "Yeah I'm fine just a slight bump" I said settinf my phone on on the kitchen island and sitting on a seat. "Alrigjt now what do we got" harry said sliding down to the freezer while sitting on his calves. He pulled out a frozen waffle and walked over to me and placed it on my head. "Here, this ought to to the trick". "So you guys kissed and made up?" Louis asked while raising his eyebrowsup and down. "Not exactly" I really quietly mumbled under my breathe so Harry couldn't hear me. Harry just rolled his eyes. "Sorry I was in the lou-wait, what happened?" He asked walking over to us. "Long story short, I damaged Kennedy" Harry said. I laughed while holding the waffle to my head. "Oh, don't worry Kennedy, Harry will take good care of you" he winked. I felt my cheeks start to get red. Did Zayn know I liked him? Oh gosh. "She's blush-ing!" Louis said while winking at me. "Harry you make her blush!" Liam added. "Shutup!" I said while throwing the waffle at Liam. Liam turned to the right and lifted his right leg up to defend himself. The waffle dropped to the floor. Niall walked over to it "Thank you!" He said while taking a bite of it. "Ewww" we all said together. I hopped off the chair and checked my phone . I heard breathing behind me as I turned around I smacked heads with Harry! "Ughh" I said holding my head. "Sorry!" He said chuckling. "Is it true?" He asked "is what true..." I said curiously. "Do I make you blush?" He asked. I started to get nervous so I laughed. "Pleasee you wish Styles" I said while brushing his shoulder while walking to the living room. "Did you too make up at least?" Louis asks. I nodded and Harry did too. "Buy no kissy kissy?" He asked. I looked at him and said "Me and Harry kissing will definitly never happen." I said while turning around. There. That should set them straight. How do they know I like Harry? Is it joke between them? As I walked back to the kitchen to grab a snack Harry was on his phone. Wait no that's not his phone that's- "Harry Styles give me my phone back!" I yelled walking over to him and holding my hand out. He held it above me and said "uhh-uhhh" I jumped but it hurt my head. "Please give it back. He dropped his hand and gave it back to me. My fingertips slightly brushed his palm as I took my phone from him. I placed it in my back pocket so he wouldn't grab it. "He'll still reach in there and grab it ya know" Niall said winking. I moved my phone to the front pocket of my athletic shorts and zippered it. "No he will not." "You guys act like your married!" Zayn said whining. "Me? Marry Harry? Never going to happen." I said. Louis opened his mouth as if he was going to say something but I held my finger up and stopped him "and no Louis. No kissy kissy. Ever" I said sitting down next to Charlie.

HARRYS POV: well that hurt... she just blatantly said she doesn't like me. I I just stood there as her and Charlie talked. Kennedy started to laugh and she threw her head back holding her stomach and then put her head back down again. Why doensnt she like me? Is it because of Austin? But then there's Owen. She confused me and she gave me a challenge but I didn't mind. She smiled again but not a full on smile and I was kind of dissapointed because her dimple didn't show. "Take a picture it'll last longer Styles" she said with big eyes I a deep mocking tone. "I would, but I don't want my camera to break because you're I the picture" I said back. Everyone started to oooh and say burn quietly. Crap. I hope she knew I was joking. "Good one Harry. You know, I was running today and I saw a broken mirror and I wondered why it was broken, then I remembered, you walked past that street today.." she said smiling mischievously and high fiving Niall. "Your lucky your injured because other wise-" I took my right pointer finger and slid it across my throat. She laughed and I knew she knew I was jokingg."so I get a bruised head AND a slit throat? " she asked smiling at me. I liked that I made her smile. I winked at her and she rolledher eyes. Her and Zayn started talking about the tour and random stuff. I watched her lips move. When her lips would smile and when they would turn crooked trying not to smile. I wondered if her and Austin kissed. I hoped not. I only knew her for a week but I felt like I knew her longer. She was my best friend (aside from the boys) and the thought of anyone being close to her like that made me cringe. My thoughts broke out when Liam asked me "well do you?" "Huh? I'm sorry, do I what?" I asked confusingly. He laughed a small laugh and said "Do you want to get breakfast tomorrow?" "Sure" I said while shrugging my shoulders. "Wait" kennedy said "if Harrys going to be there I'm not going. He already injured me with a door I don't want to be near him when he has a fork and a knife in his hand" I walked closer to the couch and sat in the loove seat next to Niall. "Well I'd your going I don't want to go then either." I said. Then we both looked at each other and we started laughing. I watched as she stood up and started walking to her door "where are you going?" Louis asked "to bed" she said with her hand on the door frame "its been a long day and my head hurts" she said looking at me "what? Are you saying its mwas fault?" I said trying to act suprised. "Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?" I askex smiling. She rolled her eyes and said "Good night Harry" as she toon her hand off the door frame and held it up to me while walking into her room. She didn't even let my question faze her.

KENNEDYS POV: Yes Harry, i actually would like that' i thought. I face plantes into my pillow "god your an idiot" i said to my self. On the plus side, i got my wish. I wanted to face plant into my pillow ams look at me now, getting everything I wanted. Actually i take that back, I dont have everything i want.

***AUTHORA NOTE**** hola amigos! I started writing this on monday and I kept adding onto it until today. Aa you can see its prettu long haha. I worked SUPER hard on this so I hope you guys like it. You guys are truley amazing and all your views and comments are what keepe writing! Let me know what you think! Was it too long? And can I just say Iove Louis in this chapter? He just makes me laugh! Once again THANK YOU GUYSSS <3

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