The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


9. Thinking with Your Head


I have officially been here one week. Today, the boys had rehearsals until noon so Harry texted me telling me to meet him for lunch at twelve thirty. It worked out perfect for me because I got to sleep in until ten o'clock. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I grabbed my towels and slowly walked into the bathroom. I quickly showered and then dried off. I took my hand and wiped off the fog on the mirror. I looked so tired it was pathtic. I took my towel snd worked it through my hair until it was damp. Then I combed through it and put it in one big side braid. I started off with moisturizing my face. Surprisingly the Paris heat is taking a toll in my nose and I didn't want it to start getting dry. I took a littlw bit of concealer and placedn it under my eyes. There, that helped cover iup some of my dark circles. I then decided a little bit of mascara would help. It was eleven twenty and I still had to get dressed and walk to the cafe. I walked over to my drawers where my clothes were neatly sitting there. Last night the boys helped me unpack. I grabbed a pair of high waisted blue jean shorts and a crop top. The shorta hit just above my belly button and the top just hit the top of the shorts. It was coral pink color and the sleeves were rolled up and sewn that way. Since I was walking there I decided to pair my pair of grey ked's for comfort. I walkes back into the bathroom and I took my hair out of the side braid. It was dried now and it was just wavy. Nothing special. Before I walked out the door I grabbed my phone and headphones and then my black pair if sunglasses. They were aviators. I closed the hotel door and shoved the room key in my front pocket. I started walking out the front door when I saw a group of girls holding posters screaming at the bell hop to let them in because "WE HAVE TO MEET ONDE DIRECTION" I quietly slipped away from the crowd and started walking. As I was walking I slipped my head phones in and k looked back over my shoulder as I did. I turned up the volume and bam. Instantaneously the screaming girls, the birds, the tourists and everything else was blocked out. I took out my phone and scrolled through my song's. I landed on my maroon five album. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the One Direction album sitting next to it. I proceeded to walk a bit faster as it was twelve fifteen and the cafe was a good twenty minutes away

I kept looking at the cracks in the road as I counted the beats in the song, imagining my self dancing to it with the boys and Charlie. I didn't notice the road ended in a four way intersection and a big semi was coming. I jumped back and landed on the ground. It hurt really bad as I landed on the gravel sidewalk. I felt the sun burning my face. Then suddenly, the shade came out of no where. "Hello? Are- are you okay?" I took my hand off the ground and gave a small gesture "I'm good thanks. Sorry I wasnt watching where I waa going." "Don't apologize to me, I didnt do anything" he said laughing. I saw a hand offering to help me up. I grab it and I am brought back to my feet and the blazing sun. I saw Harry standing by the cafe door a couple of minutes down waiting for me, just staring at me. "Thanks" I say with a quiet voice. "You already said that...but your welcome" a voice says kindly. I look up to a face. Buzzed hair, chocolate brown eyes and a friendly smile with a dimple. Yeah, he was cute but I didn't expect anything of it. "Oh, your phone..." he picks it up and looks at the screen "She Will Be Loved, good song" he looked at me with his eyes and smile. The didn't have an accent so I was wondering if he was a tourist. "Thanks.." I say kind of rudly. "Havnt you heard of privacy?" I ask jokingly but sarcastic. "And havnt you heard of looking both ways before you cross the street?" He replys. "Okay, we're even!" I take my phone fron his hand and I start walking towards Harry. "Wait, what's your name?" He asks. I stopped, turned around and said "Kennedy. Do you live here?" "Sort of, I live here for the summer with my aunt while my parents go away on a huge business trip." His fingers reach into his pocket. "Do you live here??" He asks me. "No. My friend won this One Direction contest thing so I was her plus one. I'm only here for a month." He nods his head as if saying 'gotcha' I asked him what grade he's in. "I'm going to be a senior" he says "same here" I say. He replys back with "nice" it was silent then I say "yeah, ahh, nice. I actually was going some where so bye" I started walking away and he said "wait, you didn't ask my my name!" I turn around and keep walking backwards "that's because I dont need to know it!" I yell back "why don't you take a cab?" He asks me. "I'm going green!" I yell back at him while still walking backwards. "That's a good idea!" He saysm "I know, you should try it- and respecting peoples privacy!" I yell back him him while turning around so I can walk forward. "I will!" He shouts "remeber to look both ways before you cross the street!" I throw my thumbs back in the air as if I'm giving him a 'thumbs up' motion and I dont look back. I finally made it to the cafe. "Who was that?" Asked Harry. "I dont even know" I saI'd in all honestly. We seat ourselves and Harry ordered a pasta and so did I. We sat there in silence when Harry brought up yhe mystery guy again. "Well what was his name?" He askes with his eyebrows raised. "Harry, I told you I have no idea who it was. Just some random stranger who helped me" I said. The waitor placed our food in front of us. I grabbed my fork and tooj a huge bite of my pasta. I didn't care if it was unlady like. I was only with Harry and he didn't care how I ate. "Well whoever it is they're coming this way" Harry said pointing my fork behind me. Beforen I could even look around the guy was next to me and I was frozen. "Hey, ah- look I'm not following you, okay maybe a little but I just was wondering if you to umm..get some dinner tonight? " he asked me with his hand behind his head scratching hia back nervously. And there I sat, with a mouthful of pasta, and mt fave completely dumbfounded. I swallowed and tried to play it cool "maybe, what's your name?" He smiles and says "I thought you didnnt need it?" I raise an eyebrow under neath my sunglasses and say "your the one who's asking a complete stranger out. For all you know I could just be a crazy girl who is messed up and I stalk people." He laughs and says "Austin. my names Austin and t that's a risk I'm willing to take. How about I meet you here at eight?" He asks me. I nod and he waves and walks away. I was just asked out, by a random boy, in front of Harry.

"You arnt seriously going to go on the date? Right?" Harry says signing the check. We both stand up and start walking back to out hotel. "Why not? Its summer I need to live a little." I say shrugging my shoulders. "Yeah, but..what about Owen?" I kept walking and looked at the ground before I spoke up "its just one date. Its nothing serious and Owen hasn't said anything to me about him liking me or going out when we get home, so I'm just going to to go. Besides I could use more friends besides juat Charlie and the boys and you while I'm staying here." I smile and nudge his arm. He laughs and nudges me harder "yeah I guess..but if you need anything juat call me or anything. I may look sweet but I can kick some serious butt!" He says all serious. "Yeah, Harry the x cupcake kicking some butt..that's something I'd like to see" I say laughing "I am not a cupcake! If anything I'm like a brownie sweet but dangerous!!" He says all sly as. "And how are brownies dangerous mah I ask?" "There so delicious, but there like a heart attack if you eat too many" he explains "ahh, and is that how you came up with the song Heart Attack?" I ask smiling. He throws is head back laughing "you know me too well Kennedy"

I started getti g ready for dinner. Harry was sitting on my bed telling me jokes. I didn't change my hair or makeup I just changed into a pair of dark capris and a simple white t-shirt that was tied in the front. I walked out of the bathroom all frantically. I had to leave in ten minutes. "Are you sure you wanna go? You could always stay here with me while I make fun of you" Harry offered to mem I laughed and said "I'll pass, but thanks" I slipped on my pair of floral keds and went to brush my teeth. I had three minutes. A horn honked outside. "I thouht you were walking there?" Harry asked looking out the window. "So did I. I have to go!" I said running to the door "rememer" harry yelled after me "I will hurt him if he hurts you!" "Bye Harry" I say while smiling while closing the door. I walked out the front doora while sliding into Austins car while he held the door open for me "Thanks. I thought I was meeting you there?" I asked. He walked around to the other side and closed the door. "I thought it be more proper for me too pick you up" he said. I juat smiled as my heart raced. He was so cute and and my palms were sweaty. I couldn't help but have flashbacks of me in Owens car before I left. We arrived and we walked in. We ordered pizza and we juat talked about our home lives. His parents run a CEO business so he has to stay with his aunt. I explained to him about why I live with my aunt and how Charlie won the contest. We finished eating and he held the door open for me again as we drove back to the hotel. all night I w as planning on what was going to happen to me and austinr aftet dinner. Was he going go ask me out again? Or was this it. Now that me and Austin were sitting in the entry way of the hote, the facade was cracking. "Hwy, Kennedy" Austin said as he unbuckled his seat belt. In the dim of the dashboard, I ciuldu just see his smile and his perfect profile. . Everything went blurry then I realized he was leaning in towards me.

His lips were soft and he put his hands on either side of mt neck. Kissi g him felf like drinking a glass of cold, clear watet when your parched. When he finally pulled away and I opened my eyes, I couldn't really focus them. "I should go" I said "its late" "oh, right yeah" he said. "I had a great time tonight" he said. I could barely form the words, my lips were made of liquid. "Me, too" I finally said. "So I'll see you later?" He asked. I nodded, reached over to open the door and started to get out without taking off my seat belt, which jerked me back. I landed right where I started. "I forgot to take off mt seat belt" I said. "Yeah," he said and he leaned in and kissed me again before reaching down to unbuckle my seat belt for me. "There ya go" he said. "Thanks" I slif out the door "you already said that"he winked at me. I smiled and shut the door. I floated up to me room where Harry was still sitting on the couch "how'd it go?" He asked. "Gooood" I said as I walked intoy room. I checked my phone and I saw I had one missed call..from Owen. I face planted myself into my bed. What was I getting myself in to? I liked Owen, but I liked Austin. But then there was Harry... I closed my eyes and juat thought 'Im in deep trouble'

***AUTHORS NOTE*** hey guys! Sorry for the late update but its a pretty long chapter if you can see and now there's another boy?!?!?!?! Ahh! What's going to happen? ? You guys are awesome! Love you guys!! ♥

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