The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


19. The Cat is Out of the Bag

HARRYS POV: "Where'd you get this?" I asked looking at the cover of it. It was a magazine and on the cover in the top bottom corner there was a picture of me and Kennedy holding hands walking through the park. Above the picture said "HARRYS NEW GIRL? HOW LONG WILL SHE LAST? ARE DIRECTIONERS GOING TO APROVE?" "It got delivered with our mail two days ago."  She said looking at it frowning. "Kennedy didn't say anything to you?" she asked me in shock. I shook my head in a 'no' manner and kept looking at the picture. "Are you mad?" Charlie asked.  I shrugged my shoulders at her question. "I just wish she would have told me. These people are always displaying stuff like this. I just don't want her to get the wrong idea, and I don't want her to get the impression that our fans are crazy people."  "No, we're not, but we do get mad when you guys date other people. But I think she knew that before. I think she was just a little taken back by the whole 'How long will it last' part. But I think she forgot about this. She hasn't mentioned it in a while". She shrugged her shoulders this time and took a sip of her orange juice.  "She didn't?" I asked. Charlie shook her head no and then took another sip. "She's in your room writing a song with Niall" I said. "I know. Im glad I think she's starting to get home sick. Whenever she goes for a run you know something is wrong."  I said 'ahh' and nodded my head. That explained whenever she got mad or Charlie or just seemed down she always left the hotel for a while. I always wondered what she did.  I looked at my watch. Half and hour already flew by. "Im going to go up to my room and grab my phone then get Niall. Us boys were going to go out to lunch. Want to join?" She shook her head. "No that's okay, I think im going to hang with Kennedy. We haven't had much girl time." "Sounds good, see you later." I stood up, waved, then walked to the elevator.  I pressed the up button then waited for the 'ding'. I stepped on and let it take me up to our floor.


KENNEDYS POV: "You seriously think people will like this?" I asked looking at our completed work. We wrote a song in a half an hour. I was shocked but happy that it was out of my hair and Harry wouldn't keep on asking me. "Positive, and I'll play the guitar when you sing so you have someone on stage in case anything goes wrong." He said reassuring me. "Good. Now I'm a fourth less nervous than I was before" I heard a knocking on our door but before I answered I shoved the papers under the couch cushion then I proceeded to walk to the door then open it. When I opened I saw Harry on his phone typing, then he looked up, smiled and walked in. "Hows the writing going?" He asked walking over the edge of the couch, still standing. "Great, we finished" I smiled at him. "Whoah?! Already? Nice work Niall" he gave him a high five. Niall stood up, grabbed his guitar then packed it into his case. "It was easy. She has a good writing ability. All I had to do was put the music behind it. She might have a grammy winning song here" he pointed at me. "Oh yeah, its a real winner" I Chuckled. "Is it about me?" Harry asked with a smirk. "No not even close" Niall answered before I could. And he told the truth, the song was connected to him but it wasn't about him. "But you said it was a winner? If its not about me, how is it not a winner?" he asked frowning" "Oh your a winner alright" I walked past him and patted his chest. "Wha-" he started to say but I cut him off by giving Niall a quick hug and saying thanks. "Anytime. And anytime you want to write call me up and Im down. Anytime and anyplace."  He smiled. "I still don't get why the song is not about me. Im amazing" Harry said. "And there's that cockiness again" I rolled my eyes then smiled. "What are you doing here anyways?" Niall asked. "We're going out to lunch. Remember?" Harry said pointing his thumb at the door. "Oh yeah I forgot. Lets go!" Niall said walking to the door with his guitar case in his hand. Harry and I walked to the door. We stopped right by it. Harry was outside and I was inside it. We were only an inch apart. Again, my breath was taken away by how close he was to me. "I have something to ask, well kind of talk to you about." He said to me in a serious tone of voice. "You sound serious. Is everything okay?" I started to bite the inside of my cheek while I waited for his response. "Yeah,yeah everythings okay. I'll ask you later when we're alone." I peeked around Harry's shoulder and saw Niall staring at his like he was going to fall over. He was obviously hungry and ready to go. "Okay, just text me a time and place and I'll be there." I said putting a smile on my face. "Sounds good. Bye love." He said waving goodbye. Then he put his hand on Nialls shoulder and they walked down the hallway. I watched them until they were blurry figures in the distance that no longer resembled two members of One Direction.  What on earth did Harry want to talk to me about. This was going to claw at my mind like a cat clawing at the door.


HARRYS POV: The boys and I walked down the street. They're were people running up to ask asking for pictures and asking us to sign something for them. I smiled and signed as many things as I could before Paul hurried us along. I smiled and waved back at them so they would know that if I could have more time with them, I would definitely not leave as soon as I had too. The boys and I picked a sandwich place and we at out back where it was quiet and private. We all took our seats and I unrolled my silverware from my napkin.  The boys were all chatting about the concert that was coming up. "Are you excited?" Louis asked. "Huh?" I said snapping my head up looking at them. They looked at me and they all flurried their eyebrows. "Mate, whats wrong?" Liam asked. Leave it to Liam to know when one of us was down. He as always like our big brother protecting us and talking to us.  "Nothing" I said waving my hand like there was a fly near me. "Alright, well Paul said that we should start to pack up a few of our things since next week we leave on Saturday.  That way we wont all be in hurry to pack all of our things. We don't want a repeat of Florida now do we Zayn" Liam rolled his head to Zayn. "Hey! Its not my fault! I was watching a movie." "We were almost late because you didn't pack anything! And you didn't want your jeans to get too wrinkled so we had to wait while you folded them one by one.!" Liam said laughing while raising his voice. "Yeah, you took longer than I did!" Louis said. I laughed and leaned back as our drinks were placed in front of us. I took a sip of my water and enjoyed the rest of our lunch


We were walking back to our Hotel when Nialls phone rang. "Its Charlie" he said as he walked a little behind us. "Hey" he said. We could still hear him. "No,......okay. Yes. That's perfect! Okay. Yes. See ya then. Bye" he said then hung up. We all looked at him. "Were you guys eavesdropping?" Niall asked. "Niall, you were like three inches behind us and you talk loudly. Its not eavesdropping when you make it that easy" We all laughed and slapped his back letting him know we were just joking around. "Charlie just had to run something by me." We all nodded. "Guys, I have something to ask you guys. I already talked to Paul about it but I have to ask you guys." We all stopped walking at looked at him.




KENNEDYS POV: "And he's so cute, and his smile, his blue eyes and his accent makes me want to melt" Charlie was going yet on another speech about how much she like Niall and how much she thinks he's cute. I stopped her "Charlie, hey hey hey. I get that you think hes cute. I mean he's Niall, half of the female and male population think he is cute, but could we maybe change the subject. Don't get me wrong, I love talking about how cute the boys are more than the next person but I'm just not really in the mood to think about that today" I said. I was trying to simmer my mood down but ever since Harry left saying he had to talk to me about something I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. "What is up with you lately. Is it Harry? Are you sad we're leaving next week. Because if that's true I am sad too. I mean, I have to leave One Direction. My best friend. And who knows when we'll see them next. I have to leave Niall. What if he forgets about me? What if he meets another girl. What if the boys don't even talk to us again? I mean they're the biggest boy group on the whole entire earth. What are we going to do?" She started pacing back and forth in the shop we were in. I walked up to her and put my hands on her shoulders. "You're not helping this situation." I said then dropped my hands. "I was trying not to think about that has hard as I could. I get that we still have a week.." "A week and three days" Charlie interrupted me. "Right" I said. "But then Harry went and said "I have to talk to you about something" and now im freaking out of my mind!!" I said shoving clothing back on the racks. Then hangers were starting to squeak because I was sliding the clothes back so fast. "He said that to you" Charlie stopped what she was doing and frowned at me. "Yes" I took a huge breath and sighed. "What if he wants to tell me that he doesn't think we're going to happen. Then I would end up going home even sadder than when I came here." I said. "He's not going to tell you that. Maybe he wants to ask you to be his girlfriend." She said and shrugged her shoulders. "You really think so?" I asked her. Maybe she knew something I didn't. "But why would he ask me that right before we leave?" "Maybe that's why. He realizes he's going to be gone for a while so he decided that he wanted to make sure you'd be his girlfriend so he wouldn't have to worry about any one else getting you" she said. "So he's like, claiming me?" I laughed making a joke. Charlie chuckled, then shook her head 'no'. "Or I could be wrong and he wants to tell you he's a freak and he never wants to see you again" She said her back facing me. I stood their with my jaw open with a shirt in my hands frozen. Charlie turned her head around and had a smile creak on her face. Then she laughed. "Not funny!!" I shouted throwing the shirt at her. "Maybe my joke wasn't funny, but your face was" She laughed.



HARRYS POV "Whats up?" We asked him "Im thinking about asking Charlie to go on tour with me." I looked at him. "I didn't know you guys were that serious" i said.  "Yeah, i get its only been three weeks but its as if shes another one of my friends. I can't not talk to one of my friends. And she would travel on a different bus. Would that be okay with you guys?"  We all looked at one another. "Of course. It'd be just like Perrie visiting or Eleanor visiting. Charlie would just be staying longer" Zayn smiled. "Thanks" he said. We all continued to walk. One thing came to my mind. Kennedy. Shes not going to see Charlie. I want her to come with the boys and I too. But i don't think we're serious enough for that. We haven't even said we were serious yet. What am i doing. Im nineteen and i want to bring a girl on tour with me. Shes not even out of school yet. She'd miss her senior year, but more importantly, if Charlie says yes...she'll miss her best friend. I am definitely  going to have to think about this one. Should I ask if she wants to come on tour?



***AUTHORS NOTE*** Okay, here's another update. I no longer have access to a computer everyday because I share a laptop with my entire family. I will try to update as much as I can because I can update from my phone, but it takes FOREVER. Also, who's excited to see This Is Us?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I am so excited!!! I will end up walking out of the theater crying and smiling looking like a freak.  Thanks for reading and liking my story! Leave a comment if you want me to keep on updating!

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