The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


6. The Beginning to a Beautiful Frienship


I woke up and thought about last night.  I sat up on my bed and replayed singing and dancing and just being myself.  I havent felt that way since before my parents passed away.  Harry kept replaying in my head... it wasnt feelings that I liked him but feelings that he felt like another best freind to me besides Charlie.  I smiled then looked at my bed spread.  It was nice to have a different scenary.  I stood up and walked into Charlie's room. "Hey, wake up.  It's eight o'clock.  We're meeting the boys at nine thirty. We should probably start getting ready" I shook her shoulder while saying this.  Charlie yawned then started to rub her eyes and then she checked her phone. She yelled "CRAP. A HOUR IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO LOOK CUTE!" and she started to run on her tip toes into the bathroom.  I started to laugh while i decided i should shower.  I walked into the bathroom, showered.  I stepped out and turned on the radio.  22 was playing and i started to laugh and sing remembering the memories from last night.  It was awesome.  I brushed my teeth then went to go grab some clothes.  I still didnt unpack...i just wasnt feeling up to it yet.  I grabbed a loose blue and white striped t-shirt and then to finsih it off i grabbed a pair of denim shorts that went up to my mid waist. I grabbed my brown leather crossbody bag and i put on my white keds.  I blow dried my hair so it was naturally straight and i just put on some poweder, mascara and chaptsick.  I spritzed a little perfume on my wrists and neck and then walked out the door and sat on the couch and waited for Charlie.  She finally walked out at 8:59 with a high waist skirt that flared at the bottom and a cute white crop top and she paired her riding boots with it.  Her hair was up in a cute top knot bun and she had some winged eyeliner on. Over all, an hour was plenty of time to get ready.  We walked out the door at nine o'clock exactly and the boys did the same.  We all started to walk out the front of the Hotel and there were paparazzi everywhere.  Harry put his hand on my back and lead me before him..I felt strangley safe with just his one hand on my back.  We just walked to breakfast, but being stopped a few times for the boys to sign autographs.  We finally reached a cute little breakfast shop and we took our seats at a booth.  I ordered some tea and two waffles and Charlie ordered the same.  Zayne ordered pankakes, Niall ordered Waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, hashbrowns and orange juice. Louis just ordered some toast and Harry ordered an omlet with hash browns.  The waitress brought our drinks and we all started to laugh while telling stories.  "It was halarious! We were just trying to film a video diary and Louis just shouted out randomally "NO JIMMY PROTESTED" Niall said while laughing. I threw my head back laughing because I wish I was there.  Our oder finally came and Harry got handed his plate of hashbrowns.  "Can you pass the salt Zayn?" He asked. Zayn said "sure mate" and he handed it to him.  Harry went to shake the salt out and the whole top came off flying the whole salt container on his hashbrowns.  We all started to die of hystarically laughing.  I couldnt even breathe. It was the second best time of my life.


We finally left the diner at ten'clockish.  We started to walk back and Harry was telling me a story of how he met the boys and all their funny moments.  I started to ask him who started the video dairies and he told me that it was just something they all thought of.  I asked them why they stopped and he said "I dont really know" he looked at me with his hands in his pockets while we still walked. "You should start them again.  It sounded like they really made you guys really bonded over them. And they sounded really funny." I said while walking. "Deal, we'll start them again." "good, that sounds go-" "But only if you and Charlie are in them" he cut me off with a devious smile. I looked up at him and thought about it for a little bit, "Okay, fine. But only because I want to see how funny Louis actually is during these videos" We shook hands and i smiled while pulling some hair off of my face. He did the same thing removing his curls from his eyes. We all started to walk in a big group and Zayn came up to me and tried to trip me from behind. I grabbed his hat and put it on and pushed it back with my pointer hand and laughed and ran and jumped on to Nialls back so Zayn couldnt catch up to me. Harry and Liam and Louis and Charlie were laughing.  When we made it back to the hotel we went into the boys' room to hang out. Paul was right. Their room was the exact same but they had five bedrooms and five bathrooms.  I threw my bag and sunglasses on the counter and flopped onto the couch.  "Alright the, lets see it then." Niall said to Charlie as they made their way through the doors.  "Fine, you asked for it" Charlie said.  She sat down and put her leg behind her back. All the boys started to clap and Liam said "whats your special talent Kennedy?" I looked at them and said, "give me a cup please" They looked at me in confusment until finally Liam stood up and grabbed me a plastic cup.  I sat down criss cross apple sauce and they all just looked at me.  I started to tap the cup and clap my hands and then i started to sing "I got my ticket for the long way round.  Two by the whiskey for the way" i was doing the cup bit from the movie Pitch Perfect.  When i finished i looked up to Charlie smiling and the boys with wide eyes. "That was bloody awesome!" Zayn said. "YEah, and not just playing the cup, your singing was good too!" Niall said.  I chuckled and said "thanks, my shower head sounds even better" i said while standing up and laughing. "No, hes right" Harry said. I smiled at him.  Liam grabbed a guitar and handed it to Niall. Lets see how well you play with real music in the background" he said.  He came and sat next to me grabbed his guitar pick and put it in his mouth as he tuned his guitar.  I just sat there awkardaly and waited for him to start strumming. He said "Do you know A-Team?" quietly. I smiled and shook my head signaling "yes" and for him to start strumming. The chords started to play throughout my head and then he started singing.  Thank God because i was so nervous i didnt even remember how to breathe for a second. "And they say shes in the class A-Team stuck in her day dream, been this way since eighteen but lateley her face seems slowly sinking waisting, crumbling like pastries and they scream, the worst things in life come free to us" he nudged my shoulder and i breathed in, then breathed out and started to sing "cause we're just under the upper hand" and i started to look around waiting for them to look at me like I sucked. Louis started to sway back and forth with a goofy smile on his face and Liam and Zayn and Harry started to clap. I started to laugh and sing at the same time. They all eventually joined in. It was amazing. Niall strummed the last chords of the song and we all finished singing.  "


"um, wow. that was good. Did you know you could sing like that" Liam asked me.  "A little bit, haha. I just never told anyone except for Charlie. I didnt think anything of it" i looked around. "I think we just found our new member of our band mates" Harry said as he winked at me.  i started to look around then I started laughing "thats a good one," i said while laughing and holding my stomach. Except their faces were all serious and they didnt start to laugh either. "Wait, you guys- you cant be serious. Your fans dont even know me and i dont even have a professional voice" i stared at them. "Don't worry, we wont put you on stage if you dont want to..but it would be cool if you joined us for one song during our concert sometime. The fans would love a new fresh voice" Liam said. Hes always making sure everyones comfortable and happy, "I'll think about it" i said.  "IM STARVING" Niall said. "Whats new?" Zayn said as he grabbed Nialls head and messed up his hair.  We all decided to grab a bite at a deep dish pizza shop down town. I grabbed my purse and my sunglasses and put them on my head. We headed out the door


As we excited the hotel, there was no paparazzi."Paul cleared the streets for us so we wouldnt have to be stopped and we'd be safe" Louis said. 'that was nice' i thought.  As we were walking i felt my sunglasses being lifted off my head "hey what the-" i turned around and Harry had them on. "Lookin good" i said playfully and i smiled while i was walking backwards "but i do need those back" i said "nope. i lent you mine so you owe me a favor" i rolled my eyes and laughed "can it be something else? I NEED my sunglasses" i said. He handed them back and we stopped while he put them on my face.  "Okay, I'll think of ways you can repay me" We started walking to the pizza parlor and he said "OOOH I KNOW!" "Whaaat..." i asked suspiciouslly.  "You owe me a song..on stage..during our concert" "NOOOOO WAY" i said while shaking my hands back and forth. "Nope, you owe me so thats what you have to do!" He smiled...he had two dimples on both sides of his cheeks. They looked good with his curly hair. "Fine, but I'll find a way to make you forget about it. Im the master of avoiding subjects"i said trying to sound a sly, "Oh, really?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow, but it got covered by curls hanging from his forhead. "Yeah, try me" i said raising my hand to my heart. "Okay, if i were to say you look nice, what would you do" I thought about it for a minute before saying "OH MY GOSH! DID YOU SEE THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO BY ONE DIRECTION!?" asking all excited. " I'm in One Direction..of course i saw it...i was in i- HEY WAIT!" He shouted I smiled at him in pleasure "You're good!" He said as put his arm around my shoulder. I laughed and replayed back what happened...was Harry actually saying he thought I looked good..was he..flirting with me?


***AUTHORS NOTE*** soooo....I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I have over 100 views, and for some poeple that may not seem like alot, but for only having a book up for a week and one day...thats so amazing! I had some free time alone on our laptop today so i decided i would put a chapter up today except it took me like six hours because i kept posting it as a draft because my sister kept on reading over my shoulder and i had to eat and workd out and blah blah blah. I hoped you guys liked it and your comments mean SO much to me!!! I hope you like this chapter! Love you guys! Stay beautiful!! <3

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