The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


14. Thanks A Lot


He finally got close enough to where our lips were supposed to be touching..but they werent. As I as finally about to make the first move my hotel door flew open and Harry went stumbling backwards right into Charlie. "Whoa whoa whoa, watch it Mr. Hot Shot" She said laughing while her hand was still on the door handle. I gave her the glare of death. She just ruined my moment with Harry, a moment that will never be exactly like that again. No matter how hard I tried.  Harry laid on the ground looked at Charlie, then looked at me but he didnt give me a look that said "Im sorry our moment got ruined" he gave me a look like "Im relieved our moment got ruined".  He looked back at Charlie then stood up. "Sorry, I didnt know the person behind the door was going to open it so violently." He said smiling at her then at me. I laughed a fake laugh then walked back inside and walked next to Harry. "What were you doing anyway?" I asked a little more colder than i meant to. "I was just going to go ask for some new towels because ours are almost all dirty." She said with a susupicous look on her face. She glared at me with a look like "Whats your problem" but then she looked at Harry, then me, then back at Harry, then back at me. She then widened her eys and made and "O" shape with her mouth, then she gave me a simpathetic look which meant "I am sorry" I shrugged my shoulders which was me saying "Whatever, I have my reasons not to care".  Harry looked at me then said "I better go, we have rehearsal tomorrow really early in the morning and I better check on Niall to make sure this one here didnt go violent on him" He said smirking and pointing his thumb at Charlie. "What?!" She said defesivily. "Just kidding" Harry sang to her. Then he faced me and said "Bye Kennedy. Ill see you tomorrow" Then he gave me hug and I wrapped my arms around him. I noticed that he hug me tighter than I hugged him which suprised me because of the look he gave me earlier. "Bye" I said as I raised my hand as we walked to the door. "Oh wait" he said as he turned around while letting go of the door handle. "Come here he said" as he motioned me over. I gave Charlie a questioned look and she gave me one back as she shrugged her shoulders 'I have no idea' the look she gave me said.  I walked over to Harry and he handed me sheets of paper with lines on them.  "Here" he said placing them in my hands. "What are these for?" I asked looking at them then raising my head looking up at him.  "They're music sheets, so you can write that song for our concert here." He said smiling down at me. "Harry, I don't think I will be able to write a song in two weeks and perform my first song in front of thousands of people." I said shaking my head kind of smirking at him. "Hey, you promised! Remember?" he said in sort of a whining voice.  "Harry I-" "Just at least write some lyrics and then we can write the melody together. Or maybe Niall since he is the master at the guitar" He said smiling at me and then winking. I nodded my  head agreeing "Okay, I'll work on it." "Perfect. Tomorrow, be there or be square" He said smiling while opening up the door. I laughed and said "You always say that" "Yes, I know, But you have to admit, Its quite cute" He smiled at me.  "Actually its quite cocky" I said smirking at him. "How about I say this" He stopped at the door in front of me and "See you in a while with your crocodile" He said. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. "Oh" I said "You tried to be American" I said smiling at him shaking my head. "Yeah, did I say something wrong?" He asked raising his eyebrows obviously having no idea how bad he messed up. "Its see you in a while crocodile" I looked at him smirking. He frowned obviously embarrassed. "But, it was very cute" I said feeling embarrassed I just said that. I have never said anything like that to a boy before. He smiled looking back up at me and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. "See you in a while crocodile" He smiled while walking back to his hotel door.  "See ya later" I said leaning against the opened door. After he went into his hotel room I closed the door then leaned my head against it and groaned. "Ugh" I said. "What's up?" Charlie asked me. "He didn't kiss me. I really thought that time he was going to but he didn't. What's wrong with me huh?" I asked her turning back around then walking into the kitchen.  "Nothings wrong with you. You gorgeous and Harry really likes you, I can tell by the way he looks at you. Don't stress about it, he may just be waiting for the right moment." I looked at her then rolled my eyes, she's usually right so I was just going to play the situation out.  I took the music sheets out of my hand and placed them on the kitchen island.  I placed my elbows on the counter and placed my chin in both my hands as I glared at the papers. What was I going to write about? I didn't even have  clue in my mind how to start it. I grabbed a pen sitting next to them and then I grabbed the sheets and went into my room. I sat down on the couch next to the window and placed the paper on my lap.  "Okay, think Kennedy, think" I said. I tapped the pen against my chin as I thought of things to write. I felt really tired and I slowly started to doze off.

I ended up waking up at seven o'clock. I woke up and then rubbed my eyes and looked around because I forgot where I was. On the ground was the sheets of paper and a pen laying lazily on top of them.  I stood up and stretched my arms out and then walked into the bathroom. I showered and got dressed. I went with a pale pink short sweater that was light so I wouldn't die in the Paris heat and I matched them with a pair of light ripped denim shorts and then I pulled my hair half back so it was half up half down and I let it wave to its natural curly wave.  I put my shoes on in excitement knowing that I was going to see Harry later this afternoon. Grey Keds would look fine I thought. I went and sat back down on my couch and started to think of an idea for the song.  I started to tap the pen against my chin "Okay, think Kennedy, think." I thought to myself. Do I want the song to be about me? Or Harry? Just as I started to get an idea Charlie screamed my name. "Kennedy, get in here now!" she said in a horrific voice. I placed the papers and pens on the couch and walked out of my room. She was holding a magazine in her hand and she was starting at it with her eyes big but dreary. "What's going on?" I asked suspiciously walking over to the couch. "You might want to sit down" She said. I sat down next to her and she scooted the magazine over to me and said "Read the second article on the first page and keep going until you hit the third article" she said in a lowered voice. "Ookay" I said in a voice that was kind of surprised but curious. I looked for the second article then began to read.



I walked into our hotel room then walked straight to our fridge. There was nothing that I was in the mood for I went into my room and crashed right away on my bed. I dreamt of Kennedy screaming at me. But nothing was coming out of her voice. It was just silent the whole time until I finally walked closer to her. Then she started to whisper words to me. "What?" I said looking at her trying to make her words out. "Kiss me" She said looking up at me. I started to lean into her but I stopped halfway "I..I cant" I said while dropping my head. Then she slowly let go of my hands and started to turn her back and walk away."KENNEDY!" I yelled after her. I tried to move but my feet wouldn't move off the pavement. It was if they were glued to it. She kept on walking and then she just vanished. I woke up in a sweat and brushed my hair away from my face then placed my hands over my face and pulled them down. I shook my head trying to forget the dream but it wouldn't go away. It felt so real, like I was actually talking to her. Like the pain was real when she started to walk away from me. I showered and got dressed and then walked into the kitchen. We had two hours until we had to be at our rehearsal for our upcoming concert.  I was so hungry, no surprise to me I saw Niall digging through the cupboards looking for food. "I just want some Nandos!" He yelled while laughing and closing a cupboard door. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders "We're in Paris, I guess your out of luck mate".  "How'd the date go?" He asked raising his eyebrows up and down while giving me a devious smile. I pushed his shoulder and he stumbled a little bit, he regained his balance and laughed "What? I was just asking!" He said. "It was good" I smiled to myself. "Any kissy kissy?" Louis walked into the kitchen while taking a sip of his water bottle. "No! Jeez Louis!" I yelled at him frustrated. "Sorry mate,I was just asking. Why are you so aggravated tonight?" He asked me while taking a seat at our couch then placed his feet up on the coffee table. I took a long drag of a breath and then started to talk "WAIT!" Louis yelled. "LIAM AND ZAYN! INTERVENTION WITH HARRY, GET IN HERE LADS!" He started to yell from the couch. Liam and Zayn came walking in and then took a seat on the couch next to Louis. "Alright, ready noooow?" I asked dragging out the word 'now'. They all nodded and Louis crossed on leg over another then folded his hands together and then placed them on his knee. He looked so sassy, "Now Harry, what has been the issue lately?" He asked me trying to sound like a therapist. "Okay, I did not do any kissy kissy with Kennedy because I've been feeling down lately. Shes leaving in two weeks and if I kiss her, then I'm going to fall for her even harder and faster, but when she leaves and she's not there, I'm going to feel depressed and then all the fans are going to bring her up and I just..I don't know. I don't want to deal with it" "But mate," Niall broke in "Im in the same situation with Charlie, but you have to trust your feelings and your heart and let what ever is going to happen, happen." "I know, your right. I just, I don't want Kennedy to think that I like her any less because I'm not making a move with her."  I hung my head and placed my hands on the back of my neck. This was so complicated I was not expecting I would fall this deep for her. "Well," Liam stood up and lightly slapped his hand on my back "Whatever you choose to do, just now that I will always be here if you need a chat" "Thanks mom" I rolled my eyes but then smiled so he would know I was grateful for his offer. We all sat down at our breakfast bar and just ate some cereal. Then it was off to our rehearsal.

As we entered the doors Paul told us that we were going to have to stay five hours later because of a change in the set up and song organizations. 'Crap' i told myself. I had plans with Kennedy. I pulled out my cell phone and then dialed her number.



"Hello?" I answered the phone even though I knew that it was Harry who called me. "Hey, I'm so sorry, but I have to cancel our plans for tonight. We have to stay late for rehearsals. Would tomorrow work?" He sounded so sad and sorry. I sighed "Of course, I understand. Tomorrows perfect." I smiled even though he couldn't see me. "Thanks, Im really sorry." He said in a low voice. "Its okay, I understand" "See you tomorrow love" He said. "See ya tomorrow" I said then hung up before him. The truth was, I did understand what position he was in. He couldn't help that he had to stay late. But was this what it was always going to be like, us making plans then them having to be cancelled. 'NO' I thought. The last thing I needed was to be thinking those negative thoughts after reading what i just wrote. I walked into my room and changed out of my outfit into some jeans a white sweatshirt that had black words that said 'Hipsta Please" and then i pulled my hair back in a pony tail. I was in no mood to look cute and after what I just read, it didn't matter what I looked like. I was never going to please those people. I closed my door then looked at the song lyrics. I knew what I wanted to write about but I couldn't put it into the words that would express what I was feeling. My phone dinged and I looked at the message "Sorry Love, Xx" it said. I smiled to myself loving how he puts x's after everything. I typed back 'Its alright" and then put my phone down. Harry would always be there for me ***AUTHORS NOTE**** hey guyyysss! Here are the outfits in this chapter in case any of you guys wanted an idea. Thanks for reading and you can expect another chapter tomorrow <3   if you guys want to check out my outifts for my chapter, my Polyvore is emmzemmy and all the outfits are labeled for the chapter. The links aren't letting me paste it but when it does I definilty will!

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