The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


5. Strength is Something You Choose


Harry gave me his sunglasses and we walked out if the building. He wasn't kidding, it was really bright outside. I don't know what I was expecting, paparazzi everywhere, or maybe a bunch of girls crying because One Direction was breathing the same air as them. But instead, it was completely quiet. I was shocked. We climbed into their car and drove off. Me and Charlie sat in the middle with Niallin between us. Harry was up front next to Paul and Louis, Zayn, and Liam werrw in the back. It was a whole whopping half an hour to the grocery store and a whole whopping thirteen minutes to the costume change place. We all stepped out of the car and I awaited for Charlie to walk next to me. We didn't know what to expect. We heard the 'ding' of a bell as Liam opened up the door to the building. "HALLO DARLINGS" this larger than life man sang as we walked through the door. He gave us two kisses on the cheeks and then waved his hands mentioning us to follow him. He was kind of a upgraded Cina from the Hunger Games...way upgraded. There were mutliple outfits hanging on the racks for each of the boys. Charlie and I just rock a seat and I pulled out my phone. I was going to call my aunt but then I saw the boys walk out with their new outfits on...and lets just say... I am now officially hooked. They all looked so cute. Louis know a striped shirt and white jeans, Zayn in a letterman jacket, liam with a collar button up shirt, Niall with a shirt that says "Free Hug' and Harry wearing a plain black t-shirt that made his torso look never ending. I couldn't help but almost have to fan my self because I could feel my cheeks burning up. The boys kept on changing while everytime Harry stepped out, he would look at me and just look. He was like an energizer bunny. He kept on looking, and looking, and looking... We finally had all the outfits bagged up and brought out to the trunk of the car. We all piled back in as we headed back to the hotel

We walked into the hotel hallways making our way to our doors. Paul was already in his room so I was just the seven of us silence. It was already nine o'clock and I was exhausted. I couldn't wait to lay in bed and sleep. We finally reached our doors but before I walked in I gave Harry back his sunglasses. "Thanks again" I smiled as I handed them to him "Anytime" he smiled back. Liam finally said "tomorrow, we will have breakfast and just hang out and get time know you guys better sound good?" He smiled at us his adorable smile and we nodded in agreement. Me and Charlie opened up one of our doors and then shut it. Charlie was going on how amazing the day was. I was changing while yelling "oh yeah, costume changes and a side in a car. How'd we get so lucky?" As I laughed to myself. I finally fell asleep on my bed and Charlie crashed next to me. I dont know how long we were out but we woke up to four British boys and one Irish boy saying "psst, wake up!" "Wha- what time is it?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes " it's ten o'clock and it's time to get up!" Niall said as he was shaking Charlies shoulder. I took my pillow and threw it at Zayn "okay, we're up" the boys walked out in the living room. Charlie followed and I did too but I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. Purple pajama pants with a grey t shirt and my hair in a messy pony tail and I had fly always everywhere..I just couldn't help but think to mysf "god I'm so attractive" I walked out and saw Charlie sitting resting her head in her hand half asleep while Niall was popping pop corn and all the boys were in their pos just standing there ans smiling. "Okay what's going on here?" I asked after yawning. "Well...we felt bad because today we didn't even get to know you guys and the night is still young so we thought" Louis said "PARTY" niall interrupted him. I laughed and just sat down in the couch.

Zayn turned on the radio and we all started to talk. I was working my way around the room to get some water when I bumped into Harry. "Whoops, sorry" "no problem it was my fault" awkward. "So, ah, how do you like Paris?" He asked me. I just couldn't believe we were part three word sentenced. "It's nice. Its always been my ideal dream to go here but it was tough.. " He wrinkled his forehead and asked "Why? Did your parents not approve?" I cleared my throat "um, no they died when I was twelve in a car accident" I looked at the ground "oh, I'm so sorry" his eyes followed mine to the floor. "Its alright. I just have to remeber that strength is something you choose. If i be weak then anything can bring me down" "so why was it hard to come here then?" He gave the question another go. "Well, I really liked somebody and I thought he would tell me he liked me before I left or tell me not to go, but he didn't..soo I'm just trying to forget about him" I swallowed. Man I needed some water time clear what felt like a bouncy ball in my throat. Harry looked at me and said "he didnt say the liked you?" "Nope" I said it was silent for a minute then Harry said "stupid boy" then we both looked up and smiled at another. "I LOVE THIS SONG!!" Charlie shouted . It was 22 by Taylor Swift.

"Me too" I smirked. Louis cranked it up and Niall and Liam and Zayn started to lip sing to it and dance. Niall grabbed Charlie and they started to lip sing/ scream the lyrics to each other. I was laughing so hard watching everybody. Even Harry was dancing. I couldn't even catch my breathe because I was dying of laughter. The song blared louder and Harry came up to me and started to lip sing/ scream the lyrics to me. He was trying to get me to dance but I was laughing and catching my breathe while shaking my arms "no, no no" he kept on jumping up and down and I eventually gave in. "OH YEAH, WE'RE HAPPY FREE CONFUSED AND LONELY IN THE BEST WAY THAT'S RIGHT" I sang time Harry's face. I started to dance to the living room with Harry behind me "OH YEAH TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT WHEN WE FORGET ABOUT THE HEART BREAK" I was jumping and singing and laughing. "I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU- BUT I'M FEELING 22" we all sangtogether. Harry came up to me and we were screaming the lyrics. He grabbed my hand and spun me around and I was just laughing, letting go and having fun. It was perfect. I felt like I just made new best friends for life.

HARRY'S POV: we all were dancing and letting go. It felt as if I knew these girls for ages. Kennedy was laughing and I saw a dimple peek out. I fancied her but I was playing it cool. I could tell she needed to have nights like these where she can just let go and feel like she can be a teenager again. My mind kept racing back to the boy she liked. How could he not like her? I was right. Stupid boy. The song kept playing and Kennedy and Zayn and I had are arms around another and I pulled my hand down like I was grabbing air while we screamed "OH YEAH IT'S TIME- I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU- BUT I'M FEELING TWENTY TWO" it was perfect I sneaked a peek at Kennedy who was smiling big and throwing her head back laughing while jumping up and down and spinning. Her pjs made it even funnier. I could not wait until tomorrow.

***AUTHORS NOTE*** hey guys! I'm back on my phone and when I saw I had 99 views I died. You guys a're amazing. I wouldn't be here without you guys and I thought I would upload another chapter because I was in the mood and I was listening to 22 aol I thought it'd be cool to add it in there. I'm sitting eating Oreos thinking "man I wish this really happened to me" oh well. I always have my dog. Thanks again I love you guys so much!♥♥♥
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