The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


12. Spy Kids and Getting Together


"Okay, you know the plan?" I asked Harry and Kennedy. For the past hour we've been strategically planning a way for Harry and Kennnedy to meet so Harry could ask her out. "No, wait, what do I do?" Harry asked me pacing back and forth with his hands on top of his head. "Harry! This plan s for you! Please try to remeber it mate!" I said laughing and serious at the same time. He nodded motioning for me to say the plan again. "Okay, Charlie texted Kennedy and Kennedy said she was going to go shopping around the main area of Paris. She's going to leave at noon or so so Charlie will text you when she's leaving. I'll stay here in case Kennedy comes back early or she decides to do something else. Its your job to meet her outside of whatever store she's shopping at. Can you do that?" I asked him with my eyebrows raised. "How am I supposed to know what store she's at?" He asked. "I'll go with her and text you" Charlie said looking at Harry. "Do you remember now?" I said hopefully. "Yes" Harry said. "Go-" "wait," Harry interrupted me. "Yes?" I responded. "What do I do again?" Me and Charlie looked at each other then rolled our eyes and then we each threw a pillow at him.


"I'm ready" I shouted as I walked out of my hotel room. I was planning on heading out into the "city" or main part of Paris for some shopping with Charlie. As I walked out I saw that Charlie was staring intently at her phone while typing fast. "You know:" I said while throwing my cross body bag over my shoulder "people have broken their thumbs before from typing too fast" I said smirking. She looked at me then rolled her eyes "Ready for this?" She asked smiling and all cheery. "Yeah...but Charlie," I placed my hand on her shoulder "its just shopping. Your acting like we're going to save the world" she once again rolled her eyes then walkes out the door and I followed behind her.

As we were halfway down the hallway I felt like I was forgetting something. I started to feel my pockets before realizing what I forgot. "Crap. Charlie stay here I forgot my phone-I'll be right back" she nodded and then responded with "Okay I have to make a phone call anyways" I started to walk back until I our doors. I startes walking slower and quietee when saw Niall standing outside his door on the phone. "I repeat, the falcon has left. I repeat the falcon has left." He said quietly. 'What?' I thought. I raised my eyebrows and listened some more. He was nodding into the phone. 'They can't see you Niall! Stop nodding' I thought. "Is the hawk on her way?" 'The hawk....? Was' Who was he on the phone with? He hung up and I walked at a normal pace now "Hey Niall" I said waving trying to sound natural. His eyes got big before he laughed nervously "Hey...I thought you were going with Charlie?" He asked. "I am but I forgot my phone" I saI'd motioning to the door. "Oh..yeah. right." I nodded and the swiped our hotel key through the door. How did he know I was with Charlie? I was definitely going to have to scope out what was going on. When I walkes out he was on the phone again but his back was towards me. I opened the door a smidge and listened again. "I told you man, she's coming. Juat chill. She forgot her phone. Have no fear the Spy Kids are here!" He said in a loud whisper while raising his fist in the air. I laughed and then put my hand over my mouth. Crap! I hopw he didn't hear me. He kept on talking which was a sign he didn't. "Yeah. Ill text you when she leaves. Ok, Niall out" he said while hanging up his phone. I cleared my throat while walking out the door. "You find it?" He asked. "Yeah" I said. We were just standing their in silence. "Well I uh- better go. Charlies waiting for me" I started to move. "Yeah I ah- I'll- ill see you later" he said. I waved then started to walk away. As I was walking away I sneaked a quick peek over my shoulder at Niall. No doubt, there he was typing something on his phone just like he said he was going to do. I turned my head back around and kept walking until I hit Charlie who waa on her phone too typing even faster than before. "Ready." I said. She quickly locked her phone then slid it into her pocket. "Alright lets go." She said. I stared at her. Something was up. Her cheeks were flushed when she was nervous about something and she was chewing in her lip. She looked at me then said "What?" Nervously. "Nothing, nothing" I said. Yup- something was going on.

HARRYS POV" I was walking around the store Charlie textes me that her and Kennedy were going to go to. I was pacing back and forth. I kept checking my phone. I saw I had a text from Niall. 'Hawk is on her way' it said. I rolled my eyes and laughed. They took this whole mission thing way too seriously...but if it didn't work he was a dead man. When a text popped up from Charlie that they were a minute away I knew I had too hide. I was supposed to walk into the store and meet them there. I didn't want it too look like I was creepily stalking her. I looked left and right before frantically hiding behind a huge plant. When I saw them walking towards the stoor my hands started to sweat.


We made it to the stoor. It was silent the whole way we were walking there. When we reached the outside of the door, I started to speak up. "Funny story" I started out "When I went to grab my phone, Niall was on his phone and he eas acting weird. " I looked at her for a reaction. She turned her head away from me so I couldn't see her face "oh-oh really? Huh. W-weird" she said. Walking into the store. "Mhm. And then he started talking about spy kids? And then birds." She quickly walked to a different rack of clothes. "That's Niall for ya" she said quickly sliding the hangers back while barely even examing the shirts. "Isnt he cute when hes like that?" She asked. "Yeah" i mumbled "you got your self a keeper". "So how are you and Harry?" She asked me stil observing the shirts. I sighed then joined her "Good. I guess. I don't know. I like him, a lot I just don't think he feels the same way" Charlie laughed then said "Yeah. Mhm. And hoe did things go with Austin? Did he take it okay?" My mind flashed back for a brief moment. I told Austin that I think we should just be friends and not get too serious. He seemed upset but then agreed. "It went good." I said keeping my answer short and sweet. "Hey, crazy thought" I said 'would it be totally weird for me to ask Harry out myself?" Charlie stopped what she was doing and looked up at me with a smile spreading across her face "I say go for it" she said happy. I smiled back and kept looking at the clothes. It was quiet before i heard a ringing. It was really loud. I looked around. There was no one in the store but me and Charlie and the sales person. It sounded like it was coming from...outside? I walked away from Charlie towards the exit. "No! Wait! Kennedy! You uh- you can't go out there" Charlie grabbed my arm and stopped me.


I was sitting behind the plant waiting for the perfect moment to go in there. I was just about to get up when my phone started to ring. I must up pushed the volume button all the way up while I was leaning against the wall. I started to attempt to reach into my front pocket but the space I was hiding in was so tiny with the wall and the plant. I kept trying to grab it. My hand got caught in my pocket so I started to tug. Just as a whipped my hand out of my pocket, my elbow pushed the tree branch over and the whole plant fell. 'I'm screwed'. I started to pull it up when I heard "Harry?" I looked up like a dear in head lights. I dropped the plant and started smile all weird


"Why can't I go out there? What's going on?" I asked a little loudly "its nothing I just thought that may-" Charlie was cut off by a huge crashing sound that sounded like glass hitting the pavement. We both looked at eachother when I asked "What the heck was that?" She dropped my arm and then said "I have no idea". I walked out first with Charlie behind me. As I aproached the sound I noticed a huge plant on the ground with a broken pot. I looked up yo see a boy trying to pick it up. Oh. My. Gosh. "Harry?" I asked. He looked up at me with hollow eyes and then he dropped the plant. "H-hey" he said. He brushed his hands off eachother while standing there. I walked over to him. "What's going on? What were you doing?" I asked half laughing and half trying to be serious. "I'll just give you two some privacy" Charlie said backing away then walking into the store. "Here let me help you" I said reaching my hand out to Harry who was struggling to get up. As he touched my hand and grabbed it tightly as I helped him up I felt my hand getting sweaty and my face heat up. 'Keep it together!'I thought to myself. As he stood up right I looked at him and he looked back aat me. "I" we both said at the same time. "You go first" he said. Okay. This is it. I took a huge deep breath and then started "Harry, I was wondering if-i-if you'd l-l-like to" "wait" he interrupted me. "I have to do this now before Iose myself" he said. I just stopped breathing I had to ask him out I had too. "Okay" I said reluctantly "shoot" he took a heaping breath in this time and started. "I was wondering, if tonight, you'd like to, go get some ice-cream...with me..." he finished. Yup. I'm dead. My heart stopped beating. I looked up at him and got my heart race back to o normal "Harry-" "it doesn't have to be ice cream!" He said fast and nervously. "It can be dinner, or cake or muffin or even a croissant. Or-" "Harry!" I said laughing and smiling. "I'd- love to get ice cream with you" I said. He let out a huge sigh if relief. As we stood there I felt my whole world fall into place. I didn't care I only had two and a half weeks left. I liked Harry and I was going out with him. "You better finish shopping" he said "You need to find something nice for our date" he said all flirty. Him saying the words 'our date' was a symphony to my ears. "Please" I said rolling my eyes "you'll be lucky if I even brush my hair" I tried to sound flirty but I probably just sounded stupid. "I'll pick you up at seven thirty" he said more stating it then asking. I just nodded my head in a daze. As he started to walk off and I started to walk to the entrance of the store, I said "Oh yeah, and Harry" I said to him. "Yes Kennedy?" He said as he stopped and turned around. "You can tell Niall that the Hawk has left the building" I said smiling. He bowed his head in embarrassment. "How'd you know?" He asked frantically. "Styles, I have all A's and I'm in three AP classes. Never try to under estimate me" I said nonchalantly. He chuckled then said "yeah? Well I'm pretty good at Chemistry. Which means I know you and I have it" he said winking. I rolled my eyes and tried to keep a straight face as I said "And how many times have you used that on girls?" I asked. "Just you actually. I thought I'd test it out for later on" he sai while smiling. "Goodbye Harry" I said while going into the stoor. "Seven thirty right? " he yelled to me. "We'll see!" I yelled back. But even when I was yelling I was smiling. I had a date with Harry Styles. Not the famous guy from One Direction but my best friend. The guy who always made me smile and always made me laugh.

I walked back into the store and started looking at outfit. "What time is he picking you up?" Charlie asked me. "Seven thir- hey did you know he askdd me out?" I asked. "Honey, you may be super smart and everything, but you don't knoe nothing." She said. "I knew you were working with them!" I shouted in a know it all voice. "Yeah, me and Niall make great spy kids don't ya think?" She said. I nodded and laughed. She held up a shirt and a skirt to her body and said this would be perfect for tonight" "I don't know..." I said. I usually don't do skirts. "Go try it on" she ordered me. I agreed and grabbed both items. "You know" I shouted through the curtain "I still have Owen to think about" "ok yeah. Well now I'm torn, I want you and Harry together, but Owens my cousin. Well crap" Charlie said throwing her hands in the air. "You think you've got it rough, what about me?" I said. "No. Tonight is about Harry and that's that. Owen hasn't called and no matter how much I wish it were true, he's not going to be there holding a boque f white roses at the airport. Its time to move on." I finished putting on the skirt then slid the curtain open. "So?" I asked "how does it look?" I spun around. "Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Charlie said clapping her hands together.

I was so nervous for tonignt. I had six hours to get ready ans my hands were already shaking. Niall came over to our apartment to hang out with us. "If it makes you feel any better, Harry's probably more nervous than you" he said. He was leaning against the wall by the bathroom. When Charlie finally came out of it, he kissed her on the cheek and said "I missed you" she smiled and they held hands and walked back to the living room where I was freaking out. "Ech, get a room" I said laughing. "I'm totally okay with that, what do ya say Charlie? Want to get a room?" Niall said while raising his eyebrows up and down. She looked at him then said "want to be single?" And Niall quickly dropped his smile then said "I take it back". She smiled contently and then looked at me. "The clock is ticking, you only have five hours now. Chop chop" she waved one finger in the air in circular motions. "Its only going to take me an hour and a half. I think I'm just going to go take a nap or something" I turned aroaround and headed ofd into my room. As I shut my door I heard my phone start to ring. "CHARLIE GET IN HERE NOW!" I yelled standing ten feet away from the phone like it was a disease. "What's going on?!" She came running into the room. I stood there pointing at the phone with bug eyes. She walked up to it and gasped. "Answer it! He's calling you!" She saidwith her hands on her hips. "No-o-o way. I cant. That'd be like cheating I Harry" I said. Even though part of me wanted to answer the call. The ringing stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. It started to ring ten seconds later. Charlie picked it up off my night stand and said "Answer it now!" She tossed me the phone. I caught it in cupped hands then whispered "nuh-uh. No way" before tossing it back. We tossed the phone back and forth like a hot potato for ten seconds while whispering "yes" and "no" when I caught the phone again I shut it off. Niall came walking in amd asked "whata going on in here?" Suspiciouly. "Nothing" we said at the same time really fast. He raised his eyebrow up before nodding and then said "I'm going to check on Harry. Bye Kennedy. Bye Charlie" he said giving her a hug. "Bye" she said in a love struck phase. "Kennedy, it was only Owen. You could have answered" Charlie said kind of snippy. "I know and he's your cousin, I get it. But I'm in Paris" I said exaggerating the word Paris "nothings going to happen while I'm out here" I sat down on the corner if my bed. "Its okay, I forgive you. Lets get you ready" she said. I agreed and I stood up. I showered and made sure to shave extra carefully, I didn't need any razor burn with my skirt tonight. I got out, blow dried my hair and then put on old shorts and Harrys sweatshirt. Charlie started on my makeup. She put on a litttle concealer under my eyes and then pressed powder. A little blush and mascara. "And done" she said putting the wand back into the mascara tube and screwing it back on. I stood up and grabbed my outfit. I got dressed in the bathroom and walked out. I had in a circle skirt that was black and a baby purple crop top tshiet that had lace in the back. I placed longer bandaue underneath it so you couldn't see my bra. My belly was all covered up. I didn't want to look like a hooker on our date. Charlie picked out black Oxfords from her own closet and I out them on. I stood up in the mirror and she handed me a black thin headband. "Here-in case it gets windy" I put it on my head and took step back. "I think I'm ready" I spritzed a little perfume on my wrists and my neck and then put the cap back on. "Lets do this" I said getting my game face on.

I heard a knock on the door and as I was walking over I felt my self heating up I could barely grab the door handle because my hand was so sweaty. As I opened it Harry lifted his head up ans smiled "Hey you look nice" he said. He hand his hands in his front pockets and he looked so good in his dark blue jeans and his light green t shirt that had a pocket on the side. I just smiled because I seemed to have lost my voice when ever I'm around him. He stepped in with Niall behind him. "I thought he could keep Charlie company tonight" Harry said. Charlie walked over to me and smiled at Niall. Niall smiled back a real big smile. "I'm still watching you Horan!" I said eyeing him. "There's going to be "rocking" in this hotel room-or hitting the heavy metal" I said sternly. "What? Meee?" Niall said placing his hand in his chest then giving Charlie a smile. "You heard her mate" Harry said defending me. "And there will be no going crazy till you see the sun Styles" Kennedy said giving a comback. "Touche" Harry said. I looked at her with huge eyes, that was embarassing. "Ready?" Harry asked. "Yup, lets go" I said. Me and Niall switched places so he was standing next to Charlie now and I was standing next to Harry. "And there will also be no making memories tonight, and there will be no gettjing some either!" Charlie said to Harry. "Lets go!" I said grabbing Harrys arm and tugging him out the door. He was laughing hysterically at Charlie's joke while I was turning the color of pink side walk chalk. As we closed the door and walked down the hallway and to the elevator my nerves started to jolt. It was quiet the whole way down until we hit the front door. The doorman opened it for us and Harry let me walk out first. We started to walk and I was hoping he wouldn't grab my hand because it was sweating even more now. His hand brushed mine and I started to feel my heart pumping through my chest. I havnt had this feeling since Wisconsin. Since Owen. Harrys hand slipped in mine and I couldn't help but feel sorry for that boy because he probably regretted it after he felt how sweaty my hand was. "

We kept walking and walking until he spoke up and looked at me with his green eyes and said "Ready for the best night ever?" I looked up at him and grazed over his eyes to his smile "Lead the way" I said.

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