The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


18. Somethings Never Change

KENNEDYS POV: I woke up at eight o'clock or so. I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed. Before the boys left yesterday Niall said he was going to stop over at ten so we could work on my song. The concert was in a week and a half and I didn't even have a melody...let alone any lyrics. Charlie was up already all dressed ffor her morning run. "Your not going to stick around until Niall comes?" I asked her grabbing a water. "We have a date later tonight, and after those twenty s'mores I ate last night I feel so lazy" I rolled my eyes at her. She was always worried abouy being too lazy. She closed the door behind her. I looked at the huge clock on the wall by the door. It read nine fifty nine. When I heard a knock on thr door I walked to it and opened it up. Harry was next to Niall with a t-shirt in his hand. "Mornin" Niall said cheery. He walked in and I opened the ddoor wider for him. I was hoping he wouldn't ask if we had any food because then I would have lost the bet wiyh Harry and I was his slave for the day. "Morning love" Harry walked in. "Hey" I said responding nevously. "What's in your hand?" I pointed with my left hand while I closed the door with my right hand. "You'll see" he said a singing tone. Niall dropped his guitar off by tje edge of the couch. "Hey you guys got any-" "NOOO!" I shouted running to him and covering his mouth with my hand. "Niall, don't finish that sentence with 'food'. Promise?" I asked him with my eyebrows raised as high as they could go. He nodded very fast and I dropped my hand from his mouth. "You guys got any chow?" he said. "Niall!" I yelled. Then out my head down. "YESSS!" Harry yelled while raising h is arms in victory. "What? I didn't say food" he shrugged his shoulders then rummaged through our cabinets.  I felt a presence behind me and then I felt hot breath near my right ear "I believe you have to do whatever I want" I heard a raspy British voice say. I turned around to Harry looking me straight in the eye. Our forehead's were practically touching "What's it gonna be Styles?" I said eyeing him down while folding my arms across my chest.  He went over to Nialls guitar case and opened it up. "What on earth are you doing?" He looked back behind his shoulder and gave me a smile then turned back to the case. He grabbed something that turned around quickly while hiding something behind his back. "If part of my of punishment is having to strum a silly guitar you need to rethink your revenge." I said laughing. Harry started to slowly walk towards me "You thought I would go that easy on you? Your cute, but not that cute."  He said dragging out the 'that'. "Im going to start easy on you. Here" he stopped a few feet in front of me then chucked a grey sweater at me.  It hit my face then fell into my hands.  I opened the scratchy material that was all bunched up like cotton balls.  I looked at it, then back at him then back at the sweater. "What the heck is this?!" I turned the sweater back to him so the face was facing his way. "Its a sweater" He said pointing at it. "No, I know what it is. Where on earth did you get this?" I shook the sweater in the air. "There Is no way and I mean NO way I am wearing this in public" I folded my arms over my chest again with the sweater shoved under my armpit. "You lost, you wear it!" He came closer to me.  I took another look at the sweater. The grey material was a little scratchy and I could tell it was going to be hot. I took another look at the face on the front. I saw a purple cat licking its paw with pink poc a dots.  There was a green heart surrounding it and there was a thought bubble coming off its head. The bubble was filled with two words "Cat Lover" It had fake fur over the entire cat.  I groaned then walked into the bathroom.  I took off my shirt then replaced my bare stomach with the sweater. I took a look in the mirror. I looked like I was five.  I walked out of the bathroom while shutting the light off. I stopped right outside the door. Harry looked at me then grinned a crooked smile. Niall stopped halfway with a spoon full of cereal by his mouth.   "What the-" Niall started saying the Harry corrupted into a laughter that was not going to be subsided easily. "Go ahead. Laugh all you want." I said walking over to the couch before I grumpily took a seat. "If you think this is bad wait until I actually come up with something better" He said shaking his dark messy curls while walking towards the door. I stood up and walked towards it and opened it for him. He leaned in a little closer to me then said "Maybe I was wrong, maybe you are that cute" He said before winking then laughing a little more.  I rolled my eyes then smiled. "Alright, leave her alone we have work to do! Out! out! out!" Niall said walking over, then he put a hand on the door before making a shooing motion at Harry. "See ya later. Stay puur-fect" He said thinking it was the most clever thing he's ever heard. He think gave me a kiss on my cheek then left down the hallway.  Niall shut the door. "I hate him" I said as I walked to the couch. "No you don't, you like him." Niall said while grabbing his guitar with his left hand. "No, I hate him" I said trying to be stern. "No, you like him" he said again. He looked at me smiling. I cracked a smile. "Look what I'm wearing, I should hate him."  "You don't look that bad." "Thanks, but the smile you said while trying to hold back a laugh obviously means I do. But I appreciate the kindness" I patted his shoulder. He took his guitar then rested it on his knee. "Anytime, now lets see what you've got so far. He looked down at the music sheets then back up at me. He picked it up "These are blank" he said as he looked at me with huge eyes. "I thought you said you started working on them?" "No, I said I knew what I want to write about" my eyes wandered off. He let out a chuckle "So, what's your topic?" he said curiously. "That's the thing, I thought wanted to write about myself. Express what I have experienced coming here, but the more I think about it, I still have so much more I want to discover while Im here. So what should I do? What should I write about?"  It was quiet for five minutes. "Niall?" I looked at him "Huh?" he said looking towards me. "Are you gonna say anything?" I laughed then looked at him. His blue eyes seemed darker than I remember. He seemed like he wanted to say something but he was holding back. "Niall, whatever you want to ask me or say to me you can say it.  I wont get mad..." More silence went off. He cleared his throat "What you said was really deep.  I think you should write about that. But I think you want to write about something else. Something that means a lot to you.  Has anything happened to you that you just want to scream, or anything that has happened to you where you don't know how to express youself?" After he said that, it was like a wrecking ball came and hit me in my gut. I wanted to write about something, but if I talked about it I knew my eyes were going to water. I knew that aching feeling in my heart was going to come back. Flashbacks were going to cascade from my mind. "Im not going to judge you, ya know. We're all human. If you did something wrong, or bad.." "I didn't do anything bad. Its, its something that I don't like to talk about". I looked down and I felt the couch move. Niall scooted closer to me. "Kennedy, its okay" I took a deep breath in and looked right at him. "Ever since my parents passed away, I feel like I have to do everything perfect so they wont be mad at me. Its like I know they are watching over me, but they want me to do everything I want to do because they know life is short. I just do want to scream sometimes. But then when I came here and I met you guys it felt like the void in my heart was empty. You guys made me laugh so hard I forgot what it was to laugh like that. I have smiled more here in the last two weeks I have in the last two years. I don't want this to end. I don't want to leave and go back home and have to wonder where you guys are. I know what it feels like to lose people you love and care about. I don't think I can go through that five more times." I inhaled another deep breath and wiped a tear from my eye. I felt an arm wrap around me and then another. Niall pulled me into a great deep bear hug. "Don't worry.  Once this whole thing is over its not like we're going to drop off the face of the earth. I promise we'll come and visit you guys. Plus I like your best friend so I mean, come one, I need to see her sometimes." I pulled away from him and laughed and wiped another tear. "Thanks for listening and thanks for making me smile again." "Anytime. Now" he clapped his hands together and grabbed his guitar "do you have any lyrics popping into your head?"  "I do, but I don't think I'm ready to express my whole heart in front of people I don't know."  "Good, because I have a good idea about who you should write about." "Perfect, lets get to-wait." I looked at him and raised my eyebrow. "Who.... what do you mean by who?"  He got this smile across his face and picked up his guitar pick. "Harry" "You, want me, to write about Harry?" I pointed at him then me. "Why Harry?" "Because you obviously like him so why not write a song about him.  Artists do it all the time."  "Okay, do you know how many people would kick my butt if I wrote a song about Harry.  Girls would be giving me death threats and Id have to lock myself in my room like princess Fiona.  And besides, I don't even know what I would write about." I shrugged my shoulder. "Okay, new plan," He 'Hmmmed' to himself as he looked around. I saw his eyes graze over our coffee table. Then he stopped at a magazine. He looked at the cover then at me. "I got it. I got your song"



I walked down to the lobby's restaurant area to find Charlie sitting at a table waiting for me.  I got a text from her telling me she wants to have brunch with me and discuss something with me.  I walked up the table and slid the chair back. "Take a seat Styles" Charlie said sternly. I swallowed a huge gulp and took a seat. "Whats up?" I said quietly. She folded her arms and leaned across the table. "Im just going to cut to the chase here. You like Kennedy, she likes you. But if you hurt her, you will be in trouble. She is my best friend and she has gone through a lot. The last thing she needs is a pop star breaking her heart" She said in a deep voice. "Charlie, I promise I wont do that. You know me. I promise" I made a 'scouts honor' motion then leaned back in the chair. "Good, because if you do, break your legs, no matter how tight your skinny jeans are." I looked across at her with huge eyes. "Are we clear?" she smiled at me. I nodded. "Are you serious?" I asked suddenly feeling like I was in danger. "No, but I was serious when I said don't her"  "Don't worry. I wont." "Good, now, next topic" She picked something up and layed in on the table "What's this?" I picked it up.  "Something I've been meaning to discuss with you" She said. I leaned forward in my chair again, ready for another talk. She cleared her throat "Now, where do I start..."




***AUTHORS NOTE**** I am so sorry I haven't updated in like two months. ive been babysitting a lot and ive also been enjoying my summer. but I promise updates will be coming  A LOT MORE! also WHOS EXCITED FOR THIS IS US!?!?!?!?!?! IM SO PUMPED. In honor of the movie, I will also be updating on Friday!! Love you guys! Thanks for sticking with me and reading this chapter!!!!!!!


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