The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


20. Smirks and Styles


        Charlie and I came back to our hotel room with no clothes and sore feet. 

"I just don't understand why you make me go shopping with you when you always end up buying nothing" I said walking into my room making sure to leave the door open so I could hear her response.  

"Kennedy! For the 100th time this is Paris, you have to explore the entire city, and breathe in the fresh air" I could hear her rolling her eyes in her voice 

I walked out of my room after I put my purse back and sat down on the arm rest on the couch.  

"Please, I get more fresh air when I run than you do when you go out and buy 100% cotton shirts" 

Charlie laughed and rolled her eyes.  'PING' my phone went off. I picked it up and opened the message. 

"Whose it from?" Charlie came around to the back of the couch and looked at my screen

"Harry." I said and stood up.  The message consisted of him asking me if I was free soon so we could talk.  I quickly replied 'yes' and put my phone on the coffee table.  Not even 15 seconds later I heard a frantic knock on our door. 
"I got it!" Charlie sang as she skipped to the door.  I was in the kitchen about to get a snack

"Okay, Happy Go Lucky you get that" I said before I shoved a huge bite of a snickers bar in my mouth. 
"Um, yeah sure she's in here. WAIT! Stay here and I'll bring her too you, what? Yeah everything's fine. Just hold, on wait, wait right there" 

A couple seconds later Charlie ran towards me and slapped the candy bar out of my hand. 

"Harry's here!" she said eyebrows raised and eyes as big as those cartoon dogs on a cheesy 'Happy Birthday' hallmark card. I swallowed the caramel and chocolaty goodness and then almost choked. 

"What? When he said later I thought he meant a lot later...not 10 seconds later! Sheesh, warn a girl!" I ran to the sink and grabbed a glass of water and filled up the cup and took a huge gulp.  I then decided that I should probably invite Harry inside.  I walked over to the door. 

"Uh, hey Harry. You're really early" I said while I held my glass of water. 

"Yeah, it couldn't you mind if  I uh, I come in?" He asked pointing our living room that was peaking through the crack of the door I had open. 

"Yes" I said. He looked at me confused.

"I mean yes of course you can come in, and no I don't mind" I said as I opened the door more. 'Smooth one Kennedy' I said as I mentally slapped myself in the head. 

Harry proceeded to walk to the couch and then took a seat on it.  Charlie walked out of her room and saw Harry. 

"Well, I see that Kennedy let you in, so I'm just gonna..." she said as she walked her way to the door. As she shut it she gave me a two figure solute meaning 'stay strong soldier. You'll get through this.' I sighed and sat down across from Harry on the other couch. 

"Well thats strange" He said chuckling

"What is" I asked looking at his green beautiful almond shaped eyes.

"I thought you'd sit next to me" He looked at me, making half a smile. I got up and walked over to the arm rest of the couch, and once again sat down on it. 

"Kennedy, I'm not going to bite." He laughed. I sat down on the actual couch cushion, but left the middle cushion in between us. He rolled his eyes and stood up. He walked over to me, grabbed both of my arms gently and picked me up and walked me over to the middle couch cushion. He then proceeded to sit next to me. "There, much better". 

"He he, yeah, heh." I said smiling. Whatever he was going to say I knew it wasn't going to be good. And having him sit next to me wasn't going to help the situation considering every time I was this close to him in wanted to throw him on the floor and make out with him until the end of the world.  

"Okay, so what I wanted to talk to you about..." He started off as he held his hands together like he was going to pray and looked down.

"yeah..." oh god. Here we go.

"You know that even though I've known you for three weeks, I see you as on of my good mates and you can tell me anything right?"  I nodded.  "And you can tell me anything too" I said quietly. 

"Okay, so...uh I don't know how to say this...I'm not some huge man whore who goes around trying to snog as many girls as I can you know that right?"  

I looked up at him and burst into laughter. Partly because I knew that wasn't him at all and because that was way off from what I thought he was going to tell me. 

"So is that a yes then?" He asked smiling

"Harry, you know I don't see you like that at all"  He smiled 

"Good, just with that magazine coming out and the whole article on it I just didn't want you to get upset"  

My mind thought back to the article Charlie showed me where it said that Harry was just using me for well, you know. "Harry, I don't care about what those people say or choose to publish in their dumb magazines. Unless it come's from your mouth directly to my ears, I don't believe anything they say."  Harry stood up and bent down and hugged me. 
"Thank you.  That is exactly what I needed to here."  I smiled as he hugged me. 

"Hey, what are these?" he let go of me and reached down to the bottom of the couch cushions 

CRAP. I forgot I shoved those down there from before.  

"Noth-nothing. They're nothing. Here, let me just grab those and-" 

"No no no." he already grabbed them. 

"Harry! DO NOT read those! It's my song. Please!" He held the music sheets above his head so I couldn't reach them. 

"Harry Edward better give those back..or..or"

He leaned down so his forehead was almost touching mine but so his arm was still high as heaven in the air 

"Or else what?" He smirked. I couldn't breathe. He was so close to me. I could smell his minty breath. I wonder what toothpaste he uses. He could see the specks in his eyes.  They were so beautiful.

"Or..or o.." my voice trailed off quietly. 

I started leaning in, and so did he. I swallowed the lump in my throat. 
"Or else you owe me, big time" I said in a wimpy whisper. I could see he was smiling, but his face was so close I couldn't see his dimples. But I didn't need too. My mind already knew what they look like. 

"I'd owe you? I could think of a few ways of how I could fix that" 

And just like that he got closer. He was so close.  His hand slowly reached out and touch my cheek as the hand holding the papers slowly came down as it wrapped around my waist.  I leaned it and he pressed his nose against mine.  His lips almost grazed mine, as I then quickly took my hand and reached behind me and snatched the papers and ran behind the couch. 

"No fair! You teased me!"  Harry said mad. 

'You tease me everyday just by how you say my name' I wanted to say but I held back.   

"I play to win Styles. Take it or leave it." 

"Oh, I will definitely take it" he smirked.

"Game on" I smirked back. 



****Alright. Let me have it. I am a horrible updater.  Please Please Please understand that I do not have my own laptop and I am a senior this year so updating is quite hard, but I really wanted to update for you guys. I have some AWESOME ideas for the next upcoming chapters...that is if you guys are still interested? Please please please leave a comment down below letting me know if you want more :) thank you to those guys who are baring with me through my horrible updating phase and I really hope you like this chapter. I changed the writing style (ha..harry styles) a little bit because it was easier and a little less conjested from previous chapters. thank you for reading!


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