The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


23. Secrets

KENNEDY'S POV: As Harry and I approached Charlie and I's hotel room door, he stopped me and grabbed both my hands.

"I'm really glad you're coming with the me and the lads." He smiled at me.

I smiled back and squeezed his hands. "The lads and I" I jokingly corrected him.

"What?" he raised one of his eyebrows until it was hidden under his messy curls.

"You said me and the lads, when really you should have said the lads and I." He looked at me and cracked a smile. 

"Although, I wouldn't have missed your smarty pants remarks." He said.

I laughed at looked at the floor "I am glad I'm coming too though.  We all have become so close, I don't know if I could handle not talking or seeing you guys ever again. And I would miss Charlie way too much."

"What do you mean ever again? We would still come and visit you and Charlie." He said looking a little hurt. "Why wouldn't you think that?"

I swallowed a little bit and looked up.  "Well, I just figured you guys would be so busy traveling the country, and doing what you guys do that you'd, I don't know…never mind."  I moved my eyes around and looked at the door, I looked at what was behind him and anything that wasn't Harry's eyes. I felt silly for bringing what I said up.

"We would still have came and made time to visit you guys. I would have made time to see you alone too…" he trailed off. I looked straight at him and said 


"Of course.  I can't believe you'd think such a silly thing in the first place. Plus Niall is really hooked on Charlie. I haven't seen him like this in a while"  he lightened up the mood a little bit with his joke. I chuckled a little bit. One of the doors to the room opened up and all the lads were there. 

"Whoah! Sorry mate, we didn't know you guys were like…right outside the door.  Our bad. Need a minute?" Niall asked taking a step back so he wasn't almost on top of Harry and I. 

"No, that's alright. We were just finishing up." I gave Niall a smile, then Harry a small smile and squeezed his hands a little tighter. 

"Are you sure? Cause if you want to finish we can…" Liam said point his thumb behind him.

"It's alright guys.  We will have all of tour to talk anyways" I hinted to them

"You're coming with?" Louis asked excitedly. 

"You bet I am" I smiled big. 

"THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" Louis shouted.  He picked me up in a hug and swung me around in a tiny circle.

"Lou! Put me down! I can't breathe!" I said half laughing, half gasping for air. He set me down gently and patted Harry on the back. 

"All us boys were just going to go to our room and work on something. Want to come?" he asked Harry. Harry looked at the boys, 

"What are you, I mean we working on?"   The boys looked at me, then back at Charlie. 

"We're ordering food" Niall said the same time Liam said "packing" the same time Zayn said "working on a song" the same time Louis said "baking a cake"  Everybody looked at Louis with a confused and embarrassed look on their faces.  

"Nice save mate" Niall mumbled under his breath and rolled his eyes. Louis shrugged his shoulders 

"You know I'm horrible under pressure!" he defended himself.

"You coming?" Zayn asked redirecting the conversation that got side tracked.

"Sure.  See you around?" Harry looked back at me 

"Yeah, I mean we're literally four steps away. Just knock on the door and I'll be here" I smiled at him.  He gave me a hug and the boys started walking across the hallway.  I turned around to start going into my own room when Harry said my name.

I turned around "Yeah?" I asked him.  He spun around in a circle. 

"Ummm…?" I started laughing out loud really hard. "What on earth was that?" I asked.

"Well, I'd said I'd see you around…so…" he spun in another circle. I laughed and walked over to him and gave him another hug.

"You kill me Styles, you know that?" I laughed. 

"I try my best" he let go of our hug, grabbed my hand and spun me in my own circle.  "There, now you've see me around too" he smiled. 

"Sometimes, you're just too cute" I said. 

"Well.." He said popping a nonexistent collar on his shirt and winked. I pushed his shoulder a little bit. He grabbed my hand again and spun me in another circle. 

"See you later" he smiled again. 

"See ya" I grinned back and started walking to my room. Harry let go of my hand slowly. As I approached my door, I looked back at him and he was still watching me. He held a hand up and waved bye. I waved back and walked into my door.  Once I shut the door and leaned against it and shook my head. Sometimes, he can be an idiot, but I was glad to call him my idot.    HARRY'S POV:

I walked into the my and lads's, er, the lads and I room and closed the door. I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a water and sat on the couch.  "Alright, so what is this about baking a cake?" I joked.  

"You can be such a bloody idiot Haz, That was only a cover! Sheesh!" Louis said throwing his hands in the air.  Zayn, Liam and Niall looked at him and all put their palms of their hands to their forehands and started shaking there heads back and forth. 

"He knows it was a cover moron" Zayn said.   "Anyways, we have a really good idea about the concert." Liam said.

"I'm all ears" I leaned forward setting my elbows on my knees and folded my hands. 

"Charlie was telling us how Kennedy had always wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower ever since her parents went there and said it was the best place on the plant earth. And she told Charlie how she hadn't gone yet, so we thought that maybe if we pulled some strings with Paul and people who deal with the concert, that maybe we could have it at the entrance at the Eiffel Tower? That way it would still be special for Kennedy because she's be there, but she wouldn't actually be there like at the top. She told Charlie that she'd like to that by herself anyways." Liam said.   I thought about it for a minute…

"That's an excellent idea.  Did you talk to Paul?" I asked, 

"Not yet, we wanted to run the idea past you since she's your girlfriend" Louis said. 

"She's not my girlfriend mates" 

"Well, she's your girl and she's a friend so therefore you can just say she's your girlfriend." Liam said raising an eyebrow up and down. 

"Wait, hold up.  You haven't asked her to be your girlfriend yet? Get on that mate! That is a train that is about to take off without you!" Louis said. then he put his arm up in the air and made a 'Toot Toot' sound.

"Back to the idea, I think it's a really smart idea. But by entrance, do you mean on the actual floor or the first level of the Eiffel Tower?"

"The actual ground, we'd set up the normal stage we usually set up so that way we can still walk and interact with our fans" Liam said 

"Yeah, that's the bet part of our concerts" Niall said smiling

"I agree with you there" Zayn said giving Niall a high five. 

"Well, I say let's call Paul right now and run the idea by him. I'll do whatever it takes to make this happen.  You guys agree?"   They all nodded 'yes'.  If we actually pull this off I couldn't wait to see Kennedy's reaction.   


As I walked to our living room I saw Charlie watching T.V.. she saw me turned the t.v. volume down and smiled at me deviously.

"What?" I asked looking at her weird.  "Oh nothing" she sang 

"Spill it. Right now." I said glaring at her. Whenever I stared at her she always broke no matter what secret she was trying to hide from me. 

"I know something you don't know" she sang again.

"Can you tell me this something?" I asked sitting on the couch across from her. 

"That is a no." she said frowning. 

"Well, then I guess I can't tell you my secret." I started standing up.

"No sit down! Tell me! Please! Please! Please!" she started pleading. 

"Well.." I said stalling 

"SPILL IT!" She screamed. 

"I said yes." I smiled at her. I knew if I said that she'd catch on with what I was saying.

"OH MY GOSH. YES!" She ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. 

"So now, tell me, what's your secret."

"Oh that? Sorry, it's a secret for a reason" she stood up and went to her room

"Hey! No fair!" I yelled. "Alright, I'm bringing out the big guns. You leave me no choice." I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and pulled up Niall's contact.  I pressed the call button and held it up to my ear.  No one keeps a secret from me.   


***AUTHORS NOTE*** Alright, let me have it. I'm a terrible person....but i can explain. I"ve been trying to post this chapter for 2 MONTHS! And every time the stupid save and publish button wouldn't work and NOW IT DOES. HALLELUJAH! So, now I am on spring break so I will be updating as much as I can. Thank you to the people that are putting up with me and are still reading this! 

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