The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


8. Heartache Doesn't Last Forever


"Thats it. Should I just call him? Maybe I should. No, I shouldnt hed think I'm obsesssive or creepyy. I'll just do it. No, no I can't" I said while pacing back and forth in the boy's hotel room. My left hand had my phone in it and my right hand was on top my my forehead. "Just call him, its Owen, he'll pixk up." Charlie said as she was sitting next to Niall watching YouTube videos. "We're ba-ack!!!" Louis sang through the doors. They just got back from a clothing issue for the tour. Something about there shoes. Zayn went to the bathroom, Liam got a glass of water and Louis plopped down next to Niall. Harry walked over to me and pulled my ponytail. I went to slap his arm but he grabbed my hand and spun me around in a circle. "Not funny Styles! " I said smirking. He just smiled at me then sat down next to Louis. I started to pace back and forth thinking about Owen again. Liam noticed and said "Careful Kennedy, we have to live here for a month. If you keep pacing like that we won't have floor to walk on" he said before taking a sip of his water. I sat down and grabbed a pillow and moaned into it. "Why do boys have to be so complicated?" I asked. "Us? Us?! We're the complicated ones?" Harry asked all dramatically. "Yeah. You are. Its so hard to know what your thinking!" I said as I moaned into the pillow again. "What's on your mind love?" Liam asked me.I sighed then proceeded saying "I like this one boy in Wisconsin. I dont know if I should call him or not. But what if he's going to call me and I look desperate trying to call him? But if he was going to call me he would have done it by now right?" I asked with my eyebrows raised in a desperate manner. "I'd you like the boy so bloody much why don't you just call him?" Harry said as he pushed off the couch and walked to the fridge. "Uhh because what if he doesn't like me? Then I look like an idot calling him. And then my heart hurts forever." Niall stood up and started talking "then he's an up right idiot for not appreciating your presence and besides in the great words of Liam Payne he wrapped his arm around Liams neck and sang "heart ache doesnt last forever, dark turns light" Liam nudged his side and laughed while saying "your such a blubbery idiot" I laughed and stood up. "Do you know how it feels liking someone and them not liking you back? I set my phone on the coffee table. "I need a chocolate break. I'll be back in a sec I'm juat going to go to our hotel room and grab some" "ooh I wanna come!" Niall said. Liam and Louis chimed in too saying "same here!" We all walked out and left.

HARRYS POV: They all left to go get some chocolate. 'Do you know how it feela liking someone and them noy liking you back?' The words were caughtin my head like catchy song. I walked around the room and started talking to myself "yeah, actually I do Kennedy because you like this Owen kid who probably weara funny trousers and can't even call you while I'm here liking you more than ever but you'll ne-" her phone started to ring. Crap. Do I answer it? I walked over to the table and a picture of a boy with buzzed hair appeared. I slid the answer button and cleared my throat before saying "He-hello?" I knew it was Owen. It said Owen Markley on the caller i.d.. "Uh- h-hi? This isn't Kennedy is it?" He asked with a smal laugh at the end. "No, she left for a couple of minutes but she'll be back soon." I said. "Okay, great." Awkward silence. "If you don't mind me asking, who am I speaking with?" Owen finally spoke up and said. "Oh yeah, sorry. My names Harry." "Ahh from the band." "Yeah..." more silence. "Listen, ill just call back in ten minutes or so its nothng urgent I just wanted to talk to Kennedy" he said like he was hurt. "Okay, I'll let her know you called." I said. I couldnt help but think 'does he know I like her?' "Well bye" "Bye" I said. I put the phone down and ran my fingers theough my curls. Kennedy and the rest of the gang walked through the door. "Did we miss anything?" Niall said stuffing his face with chocolate. "Nah. Oh, but Kennedy, that Owen kid called." "HE CALLED?! DID YOU PICK UP??!" she ran over to her phone. "Yeah, he said he'd call back in ten minutes.

KENNEDYS POV: TEN MINUTES?! THAT'S SO LONG!!!! I just sat there waiting and waiting and waiting.

OWENS POV: I was so bothered and jealous that Kennedy was in Paris with them. And be answered her phone! I was waiting to call her not to seem soo jealous. And the tension over the phone seemed so thick you could cut it with a knife. But why? There was no bad beef between us. I just had a feeling he liked her. Who wouldn't? She was a catch and so easy to talk to. I had to tell Harry that I'd call back in ten minutes. I was counting down. If I call do early, I look desperate but if I call too late I look like I don't care. I watched some t.v. and looked at my phone. My homescreen was a picture of Kennedy and I during homecoming. She was making a funny face towards the camera and my hands were up in the sky making a "raise the roof" motion. She was so cute. I looked at the clock. Ten minutes exactly. I started to dial.

KENNEDYS POV: still waiting...

HARRYS POV: I was sitting down on the couch staring at Kennedys phone on the t.v. stand waiting for it to light up. Ninee minutes..exactly ten minutes. Kennedy was in the kitchen making a sandwhich (and not for me may I add. I asked her too and she just laughed and threw a peice of meat at my face) when her phone started to buzz. The couches back was faced towards the kitchen and the kitchen was behind the couch. When it started to buzz hee head shot out of the sky and she dropped the knife that she was spreading mayonnaise with and she ran over to the couch she jumped over the back of it and smashed her hand into my face and her foot into Nialls thigh as she did it. She leaped onto the floor and took two huge jumps to her phone. The whole time she was screaming "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" Before she answered the phone I saI'd "hey Kennedy? " "yeah" she said. "Do you got it?" I asked laughing. She gave me the glare of death as she made a peace sign with her hands and pointed it at her eyes then mine. Then she slid the answer key on her phone and said "Hey Owen, hows it going?" All flirty and flustered. She got a phone call and I got a mayonnaise smelly hand shoved into my face.

KENNEDYS POV: He finally called. I was like Katniss Everdeen racing to get my phone. I mean, yeah I may have hurt a few people on the way but ya know, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

HARRYS POV: I looked over at the clock. Its been an hour. What are they talking about? Has she mentioned me? Probably not. I looked over at Niall who stood up and started to talk to the kitchen like he was limping. "Whata wrong Niall" I asked as I chuckled. "When Kennedy ran to get her phone she stepped on me" he said. "Does your leg hurt that bad?" I asked. He turned around and said "she ddidn't step on my thigh, she stepped on me balls!" I started to laugh so hard I was holding my stomach and I couldn't breathe. Liam was right, heartache doesn't last forver, only for an hour until you luagh. Then its back like a contagious laugh..

***AUTHORS NOTE*** hola! I really was in the updating mood today. I have no school tomorrow so I thought why not? its snowing really hard where i live so im all cozy and was i the writing mood. This one is like my favorite chapter. And OWENS BACK.AHHH! I was drinking Arizona tea and eating popcorn while writing this and I had funm thank you for reading it and liking it and favoriting it and becoming fans and ESPECIALLY commentingm it means so much to me!! <3 let me know if you still want me to keep updating! Love you guys!!! <3
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