The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


4. Goodbye, yet Five New Hello's



It was Saturday and I was waking up in my to Charlie.  We had to leave at 5 a.m. in the morning for our flight and considering we went to bed at midnight, well I went to bed at midnight. Charlie was "serenading" me on facts about One Direction until my eyes closed shut.  I woke up to my shoulder being shaken like an earthquake and Charlie looking at me saying "WAKE UP! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! WE HAVE TO LEAVE!!!" I just layed there, looking at her.  She was wearing leggings, riding boots, and a cute sweater and her hair was straightened and her makeup looked perfect.  I, on the other hand, woke up, put on my sweatpants, a sweatshirt and threw my hair in a bun and brushed my teeth and walked out the bathroom door with Charlie's signature death glare.  "You're wearing that?" she gave me a lecture on how there is going to be paparazzi and fans and everybody is going to be seeing us.  I just looked at her and said "We're going to be late, we should go if you don't want to be late to meet them."  That put a smile on her face right away and she practically ran out the door.  My aunt drove us to the airport and gave us our hugs goodbye "I'm going to miss you girls so much! Call me when you get there and I'll call you if anything good happens and you call me if anything good happens in Paris" she started to tear up and I hugged her "We'll be fineee, I promise you we will call you as soon as we land and I promise you if anything big happens, you'll be the first one I call." I gave her a hug goodbye, said "I love you" and then over the loud speaker in the airport lady said "FLIGHT 15 FOR PARIS, PLEASE START TO BOARD THE PLANE."  We gave each other one last look saying we were going to miss each other before Charlie and I started to board the plane. 


The plane ride was 6 and a half hours.  It involved a lot of picture taking and for me, sleeping...for Charlie, it was fan girling and listening to One Direction.  When the flight attendant told us that the plane has landed and we arrived our destination, I couldn't help but smile my self.  We walked off the airplane and into the Paris airport and looked around in amazement.  It was huge with marble floors, and French people everywhere.  There were murals of the Eiffel Tower and limo drivers everywhere along with tourists taking pictures and people who lived in Paris boarding a different flight to go visit a different destination.  We started looking around for our ride to pick us up when Charlie shook my shoulder and said "look, I think that driver is for us."  It was a medium aged man with black pants on, a white button up shirt and a black tie and a black jacket.  We walked over and sure enough the card he was holding up said "Charlie B. and Kennedy H." we introduced ourselves and he took our luggage and lead us to a HUGE limo.  We reluctantly got in and started to squeal. It was hard for me to take pictures the whole way because the driver couldn't slow down enough for us to take pictures of all the tourists stops.  It was a twenty minute car ride or so when we finally reached our hotel.  Above the top it said "The Floure de France"  we walked out of the car and my mouth hung open.  I stepped out and waited for Charlie to get out.  She wrapped her arm around mine and we walked into the hotel with our heads looking up at the ceiling.  Finally a bell hop lead us to a man and he said "Hello ladies, my name is Paul and I am One Directions body guard- well almost like their second haha"  he held his hand out and said "follow me this way please" we followed him up the stairs as he gave us directions. "And your room is room 102, right across the all from the boys' and if you need anything just call room service anything is on us.  Make yourselves at home, remember, you are here for a month so feel free to unpack and the boys have on concert here and it is at the end of the month so you wont have to worry about that; I will warn you now though, they might have a lot of rehearsals so if they are busy, don't worry.  If you just follow me this way I will show you to your room." He smiled at as and lead us to this room with two white double doors. And sure enough, there were another pair of double doors across the hall from mind couldn't help but wonder if the band was in there practicing or sleeping or wondering when the winners were going to arrive. Paul  opened the doors and if I thought the marble floors were fancy, this room was a kingdom.


The double doors opened and the floors matched the marble design but they were white and gold. Gold curtains hung from eight windows throughout the whole room and there were two balconys.  The foyer was amazing and there were four couches in a square design with a gold red and white rug.  There were six doors.  Two were bedrooms with king size beds with white down comforters and red blankets folded at the end.  In the rooms there were two doors. A door for the bathroom which had a hot tub, shower and a bathtub with a triple sink and the other door led to a closet which just had a lot of white drawers and shelves with white hangers.  It blew my mind.  The best part was that we had a perfect view of the Effile tower right in front of us when you walked out on to the balcony.  I could get used to living here for a whole month.  I almost forgot Paul was in the same room as us until he cleared his throat and said "The boys' room is the exact same but it has more bedrooms of course" he gave a laugh and continued "I'll be back in ten minutes and I'll take you to see the boys sound good?"  before I could even breathe and agree Charlie said "YES! PERFECT!"  She then claimed her room and I then followed in to the not claimed room and set my luggage down.  Unpacking can happen later, for now, I had to at least change out of these sweats.  I felt gross and Paris was warm.  I went through my luggage and mentally slapped myself in the head for not packing better color coordinating clothes.  I finally decided (in a two minute decision) on medium high waisted light blue denim shorts, a turquoise t-shirt that hit right above the waist line of the shorts. I decided to pair it with a pair of brown leather gladiators and i wasn't sure if we were going to leave the hotel, but I eventually decided to leave my sunglasses at home along with my crossbody bag.  I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and then decided I should look like an actual human being.  I grabbed my makeup bag and put on some mascara and a little face translucent powder. No blush. I was already warming up from the heat so I didn't think I needed to add some pink blush saying "hey! look at me! I sweat and my face is as pink as the Crayola marker!"  I gave myself an approving nod and walked out to Charlie walking out of her room at the same time.  She decided on black high waisted shorts and a baby pink tank with white gladiators and her sunglasses and her hair in a cute pony.  We heard a knock on her door and before I answered it Charlie reached into her bag and said "Wait!" she grabbed her Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume and sprayed three sprits on me, one on neck and two on my wrists. "You ALWAYS have to smell good" she gave me a smile as I rolled my eyes and gave her a smile before I walked to the door to Paul standing there saying "ready girls" smiling at us. Charlie made sure we had our room key and we walked out the door.


"Wait, I thought the boys' room was right next door, why are we walking to the ballroom?" Charlie asked while looking up at Paul as we walked.  "They do, but they had a rehearsal so I thought it would just be easier to meet them there." We walked to the ballroom and then the doors opened to five guy in basketball shorts laughing.  One was eating, another one was laughing like crazy and three of them were telling jokes and giving them high fives.  We slowly walked behind Paul and then Paul said "Hey guys, I'd like you to meet the contest winners. This is Charlie and this is Kennedy" he said as he pointed to us.   The guys looked up at us and just stared.  The boy with the shaved head came up to us first and gave us a hug and welcomed us and then next came the tan skinned boy with amazing eyes who followed with the same gesture. Next, The blonde one (but he had some brunette in his hair peeking through) gave us each a big hug then asked us if we were excited to be here. Charlie just shook her head in amazement as I actually responded with a smile and said "Yes" haha.  Next was the one with pretty blue eyes and he looked the oldest gave us an "HEYYYY WElCOME" and great big hug.  I laughed and gave one back. Finally last but not least was the one with the curly hair and dimples.  He just stood there then stared us then finally he said "nice to meet you" and gave us each a one armed hug"


Harrys POV:  I thought they were going to be guys.  But instead I got my wish, two gorgeous girls here right in front of me.  I didn't know what to do so I awkwardly hugged them and welcomed them.  I didn't know which one was who so I finally  was about to asked but them Niall said "Sorry we're so shocked, when Paul told us that Charlie and Kennedy won the contest we thought boys won it, not two girls" he stared at the them then Zayn said "Im Zayn, this is Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry" as he pointed down the line introducing us.  We learned that the blonde one was Charlotte but Charlie for short and the brunette one was Kennedy.  Paul said we had to make a few stops to get us our food for the week and pick up some outfit changes for the concert.  The girls decided to come with and before we left Paul said for us to put on our sunglasses and our hoodies.  I put mine on and looked around.  Charlie had hers on and Kennedy was just looking around waiting for us.  I grabbed a pair of my aviators and handed them to her "here, its really bright out there and you cant be the only one not wearing sunglasses" I laughed and smiled and handed them to her. She smiled and took them then gave me a little hug saying "thanks." We walked out and I walked out last.  I remember Kennedy now because she smelt really good and she was so effortless. She didn't hesitate to give me a hug and she didn't care that we had to go do stuff f or our tour. I had a feeling I met new friend, and part of me felt that I even fancied her a bit...but we only had a month... was it even worth it?

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