The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


16. Flashing Lights and Friendly Faces


I walked home with Charlie, but when we reached our hotel door Charlie decided to turn around and go to the fitness center so I was all alone in our big room. I took in a huge gulp of air and walked to the couch. I set my feet up on the coffee table then looked through the magazines. As I was shuffling through them I saw the one that I was in wasn't in the pile anymore, then I remembered Charlie threw it away.  Even though I was excited for tomorrows event I really was not looking forward to it. I just wanted to stay home and watch a movie with Harry, or just talk. I like doing simple things like that instead of going places.  I leaned my head back on the couch so my neck touched the top of it and my head dangled off the end. I started to close my eyes  because of my tiredness and then I slowly shut the world out.



"HONEY IM HOME!" Charlie shout through the doors and she slammed the door closed. I looked at her then closed my eyes again as I groaned. "SHUT UP!" I said chucking a pillow at her. She picked it up then threw it back at me.  "Sorry, I didn't know I would come back to find you dead on the couch." She said laughing then walking to our fridge. She pulled out a bottle of water then took a huge sip of it. As she screwed on the cap she walked into the living room to join me. "I wasn't dead, I was taking a nap. We have to be rested up for tomorrows event" I said rolling my eyes. "Are you not excited?" She said forming her eyebrows in a V-shape.  I shook my head "No , no I am...No I'm not actually. You saw what happened earlier when Harry and I were just walking next to each other.  What's going to happen when they see us as being his date? Am I going to get death threats?" I started to chew the inside of my cheek. "Yes, probably" Charlie said shaking her head. I bulged my eyes out at her "Gee, thanks for the support" She laughed "Im just telling you the truth. But you eventually will move on from it. As long as your happy don't let those things get to you. But onm the plus side- Harry is kind of like making you guys official!" She said clapping her hands together in a preppy way.  I smiled then looked at my lap "Yeah, kind of, I guess.  But I don't think we will be ever "official"" I said making air quotes "until he officially asks me."  "So? He will soon." She said looking at me. "Has Niall asked you yet?" She looked around frantically "Well, no-not yet." "Ha!" I said pointing at her "So how can you be giving me relationship advice when you aren't even sure!" I yelled at her, but was joking. She rolled her eyes "Touché" She stood up then walked to grab a snack.  "Tomorrow we have to wake up early, you and I are going shopping!" She said looking into the fridge. "Do we have to?" I whined following her into the kitchen. I propped my elbows on the island then put my chin in my hands like I always do.  "Yes we do. All you have packed are shorts, jeans and sweats and shoes. Your not going to go there showing up like you shopped at Walmart."  She said in a concerned tone. "I do not shop at Walmart! I shop at the mall-like a normal person! And exs-cuse me for not knowing I was going to be attending an event like this" "Please, just go shopping with me. Niall said that he would have Paul get a car for us and take us there. And Niall said that Paul has all the expenses covered."  She said in a giddy voice. "First class and everything!" I said making a joke. "Come on! How can you say no?" She started to raise her voice level. I layed my arms flat on the island then flung my head down so she couldn't see my face. "Fine. I'll go." I mumbled. "YES!" She jumped up then down once. "But" I pointed my finger at her "Nothing flashy. And I get to choose my own dress." I said laying down the law. "Ugh fine" She agreed. As if I wasn't excited before, now I have to actually pretend like I care. This should be fun.



I woke up the next morning in a slump. As I opened my eyes I slowly sat up then looked around my room. My shoes were laying around the dresser, the extra pillows I didn't use to sleep on are laying on the ground, my phone was sitting on the dresser and the music sheets were sitting underneath it. Ili did start to work on the song, I got as far as the first word. I needed to have someone help me but I didn't want Harry to help me. I was hoping I could convince Niall to hel p m but I haven't talked to him since yesterday. I heard drawers closing next to me and I knew Charlie was up. I groaned as I set my feet on the floor. I stood up then set ny hands on my back and stretched backwards. I walked to the bathroom, showered, then combed my hair. I got dressed I shorts and a t-shirt. As I slipped on my shoes I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. I had eight. One from Louis sending me a link to a YouTube video. One from Liam asking me how I was doing along with Danielle number if I ever wanted to talk. The next was from Niall asking if we had any good breakfast food and if I was excited for tonights event. Zayn asked if I wanted to chat with Perrie then my aunt texted me saying she loves me and misses me. The rest were from Harry. He said he was sorry again for cancelling yesterday, he was excited for tonight, I shouldn't worrg about the press, I also shouldn't worry about tonight. The last one made me smile ear to ear and gave my to finger tips a bolt of electricity all the way down to my toes. 'Hey love, just checking in on you. I know your probably asleep but when you wake up I thought you could use something to brighten your day. See you tonight. Xxx.' I clicked the link and it opened up a short video of Harry and Niall and the Zayn, Louis and Liam. They were in there rehearsal building. Music started to play in the background. I heard dum dum dum du dum dum "Your Insecure.don't know what for" and Liam was lip singing while someone was holding the camera when Harrys part came on the camera whirrled around to Harrys face. It was so close I held my hand over my mouth to try to stop laughing. He was obviously holding the camera and he obviously forgot it was zoomed in. After is solo all the boys gathered around and started to sing. It lasted thirty seconds, it ended with Harry saying "Have a good day love" as he did a soldier solute. Then. I heard "Is it off? Where's the off button? Someone come help" the camera shook for a while and I knew it was Louis and Harry fiddling with it. I pressed my home screen button and slid my phone into my pocket. As I walked out my door I saw Charlie laughing at her phone as well. "Did you get a silly video too?" She asked looking up. "Yeah, it made my day" I smiled walking up behind her to see what hers was. Niall was singing with a bang of pretzels in his hand while he was on the couch next to Liam. The song Back for You was playing and they were being just as silly as the video I got. She shut off the video when it ended. "They're so cute. We've known them for two and a half weeks and they do this. I can't believe how lucky we are" she started to head out our door. I shut it then walked next to her. "We are lucky. And tonigtonight we get to go to an event with them" I said excitingly. "Well well well, look who came around. What you so riled up about this? Before you were begging me not ro go" she pressed the dow button on the elevator. "Nothing has. I'm just putting on a brave face for you and Harry and the boys. Might as well right? We're in Paris and I have to live it up. You know what I'm sayin?" I said gangsta. She looked at me like a deer I headlights. Her hhand was on my shoulder when she said "Never, and I mean never do that again." She said in a concerned voice. "What? For once I'm the crazy one? YOLO Charlie. YOLO!" I screamed. Charlie started to laugh and then elevator music came on as we entered inside. It was a slow version of What Makes You Beautiful. We started to sing in slow motion until the door dinged open and people stepped on. We stopped with out mouths open. I cracked a smile "Sorreh" I said in a fake British accent. "I just really love this song. Sometimes I can't contain myself" the man and women looked at each other disgusted and me and Charlie stepped aside to let them on. "Well," Charlie said as we slowly walked backwards out the doors. "Pip pip cheerio!" She said as the doors dinged close. As we walked to the doors the door man tipped his hat off to us "See you later" he said. We smilrd back. "Or should I say pip pip cheerio?" He said in a smile. He was about 67 so his wrinkles smiled too. We laughed as we stepped onto the sidewalk. "Paris" I said as I slung my arm around Charlie "It will change you man" she rolled her eyes then pointed at our car. "No actually your wrong" she looked at me as our driver opened the door for us "One Direction, that my friend, will change you" she said sliding into the car. I slid next to her. "You said it" I said looking out the window. The driver pulled away from the sidewalk as we were on our way. *** Shopping took about three hours. Well I took an hour, Charlie took two. We were driving back to the hotel when I saw the boys pull up to the curb as well. "Fancy meeting you here" Louis said giving us each small hugs. When he gave me one he picked me up half way then set me down. "Where were you guys?" I asked. They all looked exhausted. "We were rehearsing. Our concert is coming up next week." Liam said. "How did shopping go?" Harry asked us both but looked directly at me when he said it. "Good. We have to start getting ready though if we're going to be ready n seven thirty though." Charlie chimed in. "Its one right now" Zayn said confusingly looking at his clock. "Its going to take a while to look good" She said in a laugh. "You always look good to me" Niall said kissing her on her cheek. She blushed and I looked at Harry. He rolled his eyes as if it was so weird Niall did that. Little did he know I wish I would have had that done to me. "Wr better go get ready" I said walking towards the door. As we approached it the boys followed us and Harry walked rigjt up behind me. His face was right next to my neck "Are you excited?" He asked me. I craned my neck around so I could see him better. I shrugged my shoulders. "No offense, but I just didn't think you'd be friends with Big Time to Rush." He chuckled "Its through managers and stuff like that" he said. I made an 'O' shape with my mouth. As we reached our doors I looked back at Harry. He caught me looking so he winked. "See you all later" Liam said opening up there doors. "See ya- make sure you guys get some rest" Charlie demanded. "Yeah yeah" they all mumbled at the same time. Me and Charlie got right down t business. I started to do her hair. "Ouch! You burned me" She said while jerking her hand to her hair. "I did not!" I said. She rolled her eyes then went back in her old position. I was very precise with the curls making sure they tried to look proffesional. In the end I decided to braid them back at the bottom of her head. She did her own makeup. She mixed colors while putting it on her eyelid. The end result was a dark eye with long lashes. She got dressed then came back out. "How do I look?" She said in a deep voice. "Amazing. As usual" I said smiling. "Your turn" she said. I looked at te clock. It said five thirty. Wr hsd to be at the event at seven so we were leaving the hotel at six thirty. I only had an hour. I didn't even grab the curling iron, instead I just placed my hair in a top knot. My eyes were easy, just an easy nude eye and eyeliner with mascara. I grabbed my dress then stripped down and put it on. J walked out and spun around "Well? Do I look fabu?" I said in a fake goddess accent. Charlie shook her head "you look incredible! Like an elegant princess" she said smiling. I checked the clock. It said six thirty exactly then a car horn honked. "That's our car!" Charlie screamed and we grabbed our clutches and ran out the door. The boys took a separate car than us becsuse they left earlier I guess. As we pulled up the the residence I saw photographers everywhere. "Ho-ly crap" I said quietly to myself. Charlie heard me and sasaid "breathe, just breathe" calmly. Our driver opened our door and I stepped out. I was blinded my flashing lights. I put my arm up to guard my face so I could see. They were yelling like crazy and some guy shouted "HEY LOOK! ONE DIRECTION" and I turned my head to my left. They came walkin up next to us and smiled. Harry gave me a hug "You look beautiful" he said in my ear. I blushed. When we all finished our hugs we started to walk down the purple carpet. "Harry!" "Niall!" "Guys!" The papparazzi were shouting. "Are you two dating?" They yelled at Harry an I as well as Niall and Charlie. Harry put his arm around my waist and led me to the main event area. "That was insane" I said kind of feeling a little clostraphobic. "Are you okay? "Harry looked at me worried. "Yeah, perfect" I said. "You really do look amazing" he saif inspecting me. "As we waited and talked on a quieter part of the carpet I heard some loud voices "Guys! What's up?" "Harry man, how ya been?" I was confused because they were American accents. I turned around and saw the banf standing there exchanging man hugs with the boys. "We're good" Liam said answering for us. "This is Charlie and Kennedy" he saI'd while gesturing to us. I just smiled and gave them awkward hugs. "I'm Logan, he's Kendall, that's James and he's Carlos" Logan said smiling. He had dimples like Harry. "This is Ellerie" Logan pointed to a girl and smiled. She put her arm around his waist and he looked at her like he was in love "Hi. Nice yo meet you" she smiled a perfect smile and held out her hhand. As I shook it I inspected her. She was flawless from her hair to her feet. "You must be new to this" she smiled graciously and observently. I nodded. "Well you both look fantastic!" She said. For someone to be dating someone so famous she was a sweetheart. "Thanks. Is it always this crazy?" I asked lookinh around. "Usually, yesm but you get used to it." She said shrugging. "That's What Harry said" I responded. "I knew it" she said in an 'ah-hah' voice. "Knew what?" I askedm "knew you two were dating" she smiled. "Oh, we're not-" I started to shake my hands but she cut me off "I could tell by the way he lookes at you. Its adorable" her smile was so genuine. I blushed and looked at Harry who was catching up with the other boys. I was going to change the subject, but Ellerie already did. "This still blows my mind sometimes. I mea. People around the world are going to see us on tv. It freaks me out" I looked up. "Wait. People are going to see us on tv? Like asin national television?" I asked worried. "You nailed it"she said. If this was on tv...then Owen might see it. He still doesn't knoe abouy Harry. I all of a sudden felt very dizzy. As if he knew what I was thinking, my phone started to buzz. I opened my clutch and checked the screen with shaking hands. "One second" I held up a finger to Charlie and Ellerie. I walked away and slid the answer button. "He-hell" I asked quietly. "Hey Kennedy! Your on tv! Can you believe that!" He yelled through the phone in an excited tone. "Hi Owen..yes I know" I said half happy half sad. "Thought I'd call ya and see hoe you are." His voice sounding to distant through the phone. "I'm good" I said smiling. "Good, I miss ya over here" I could tell he was smiling through the phone. I didn't know what to say so I just stayed silent. "Can I ask you something?" He said quieter. "Shoot" I said taking a deep breathe in. ***AUTHORS NOTE*** I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A TERRIBLE UPDATER! this past weekend was my prom so I couldn't update and the previous week I was so busy with school I didn't have time. Yesterday I came home from my prom with a sore throat...I got strep. Lucky me. So I stayed home today and I was ssleeping on and off but when I was up I was typing this. Comment down below if you want Owen or Harry to br with Kennedy. And who ever comes up with the best couple name I will put you in a Chapter! Thanks guys! ♥♡♥♡♥
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