The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


2. Fairness isn't for Everybody

I ended up waking up around seven o'clock... in the library. I was having a dream where someone was pushing me off a cliff- but then I realized I was being pushed, but it was just by Owen. "Uhh, are you awake Kennedy?" My eyes slowly started to open until the blurriness faded away and I was just staring at Owens face. "Yeah, yup mhm!" I said as I rubbed my eyes. He gave me a little laugh and grabbed my books- then grabbed my arm and helped me out of my chair. We walked out of the library and kept walking until we reached his car. "Well bye, thanks for waking me up" i laughed then waved then started to walk away. "Wait! I'm not gonna let you walk home. You only live fifteen minutes away from me, I'll give you a ride." He said as he opened up the passenger side door. I eyed him then said "My mom and dad said I should never get in the car with strangers" but I almost started to cringe when I said mom and dad. It still hits me with a wrecking ball sometimes because their death will always be hard on me. Even with the pain in the back of my mind I still gave him a little flirty smile. But the odd thing is, I was already making my way to his car while I was saying it. "But I'm not a stranger, I'm your best friend" he said with his oh so godly smile. "Riiiight" I said as I buckled my seat belt "friends". And a mother wrecking ball came. The friend zone. The danger zone. The I'm a total and complete loser zone. He shut my door and jogged over to his side of the car and got it. He started the engine and turned on the radio. He hit the gas pedal. Two minutes after we started driving it started raining - actually pooring- we were stuck at a red light. I couldn't help but stare at him. He was wearing dark denim jeans with plain grey time shirt and his Nike sneakers. He looked amazing

My phone started to go off. " hello?" I said. Charlie was on the other end breathing through each word " I WON THE SWEEPSTAKES!!!! I WON I WON I WON!!!!!" Charlie was screaming into my ear and she sounded like she was being hit in the gut she was breathing so hard and I'm almost positive if spit could fly through the phone, hers would me all over my face right now. " oh my gosh- that's fantastic!!" I squealed! We each said how excited we were then I hung up when the light turned green. Of course I told Owen the news. "The funny thing is though" I said as I looked out my window "I'm not excited to go meet One Direction, I'm just excited I'll be going to Paris" I gave myself a little smile as I said this. I looked over at Owen who's hands were steadily on the wheel but his face was down. "Yeah- that's awesome. Paris..the city of love" he gave me a quicklook then focused in the road.

We were five minutes away from my house when Owen cleared his throat "umm Kennedy" "Yeahhhhh.." " I need to tell you something" "okay" I said "shoot". He cleared his throat once more and started talking "I'm really happy for you and Charlie. I really am. But don't you think you'd miss your friends and your family and.. I dont" My heart froze like the artic tundra. Did Owen just ask if I was going to miss him? It was my turn now " yeah I mean I'm going to miss everybody-even you- but I need this. I need to breathe other air other than Wisconsin's. And like you said maybe I'll find someone there who feels the same way." It broke my heart to say that but I knew now that I was in the friend zone with him so why not say it?"

OWENS POV: I looked over at Kennedy, her brunette hair down and wavy like it usually was unless she decided to straighten it. She had a headband in today. She looked good- as always. I never knew I had a crush on her until one day she didn't stop by my locker like she usually does to say hi.. I knew once I started to develop deeper feelings for her I was in trouble. She was so perfect. Her brown eyes could make me want to look into them all day and she had the cutest laugh and dimples that would peek through when she did laugh or even give the faintest of smiles. I didn't know if she knew she was pretty but all my friends sure did. I tell them to go for my cousin Charlie. Blonde hair, green eyes and even though I'm her cousin and it's kind of weird she is pretty. I remember the one day when Kennedy spilt paint on her jeans so Charlie gave her hers and wore the paint ones- since they're both a size four. I wait what was I saying? Oh yeah, did Kennedy really just say she was might find somebody room fall in love with? What if was someone from OneDirection?? It's the city of love..anything can happen. I have to tell her how I feel. I like here too much to hold her back. "Kennedy, I have to be honest with you..."

KENNEDY'S POV: Owen started talking as he put the car in park. "Kennedy I have to be honest... I can't just sit here and pretend like everything's okay. Your going to be leaving soon to Paris- the city of love- with five guys who have everything and would probably end up liking you. So I have to tell you this before you leave. Kennedy, I..I.. I li-" "HI OWEN! HOW ARE YOU SWEETY?" my Aunt Rachel yelled through the front door. NO NO NO NO I THOUGHT! HE WAS GOING TO TELL ME SOMETHING!!!! "I'm good Mrs. H" Owen have a half hearted smile and waved. I grabbed my backpack and phone and said "well I better go" I got out the door and was to close it when Owen said "okay bye. I'll text you" he smiled at then drove off after I close the door. " he's such a cutie!" Aunt Rachel said. "Yup" I said as I started to stomp upstairs. "Was I interrupting something" she called upstairs. 'Just my love life' I thought but I called down "everything's good" "good how was today" she asked I called down "good" before walking to my room. I set my backpack down and fell know my back with my arms layed out thinking "yeah aunt Rachel, everything's good. I mean I'm just a teenager in love and life is a nightmare" I closed my eyes and grabbed one of my pillows slammed it againsty face and screamed silently. Put it back down and thought to myself 'yup. Everything's peachy'

***AUTHORS NOTE**** okay I know some of you guys hate thelse but foe those of you who read my first story thank you! Sorry about auto correct and I have school and a job and I workout so updating takes a couple of days. I hope you guys like it and comment if you want more! Thanks!
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