The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


11. Dates and Another Point of View


I was walking out of my room and through the hallway when I stopped at Nialls bedroom door. I leaned my ear up against it and then listened. He was talking to himself. I started to smile ans tried to contain my laughter. I pulles out my phone and started to tweet him '@NiallOffiall why are you talking to yourself mate?' I pressed send and then put my ear back up to his door. "Charlie, I was wondering if you'd like to go out? No. Okay uuhh Charlie...lets go out sometime." A cheeky smile spread across my face when I heard his phone go off because I knew it was my tweet to him. It was silent for two seconds until Niall yelled "HARRY EDWARD STYLES I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" I was laughing as I walked through the door. "Sorry, I had too. What were you doing in here?" I asked as I crosses my arms and leaned agaisnt the wall. "I was practicing how I was going to ask Charlie out." He said. He was walking to his closet and he changed his shirt. He walked back out and obsereved himself in the mirror. "You're actually going to ask her?" I said louder because he walked back to his closet. "Yeah" he shouted "they only have three more weeks here and I want to make sure when we leave and they go home that me and Charlie have some fun" he walked out with a shirt that had an Irish flag on it. "Fun?" I asked with a smile and raised my eyebrow. "Not like that stupid!" He laughed and then walked out of the room. I proceeded to follow him and stopped in the kitchen. He was eating a bowl of cereal as he slid the box across the counter. My hand stopped it and grabbed it while my other hand dug through the box and pulled some out. I sprinkled it in my mouth. "Whats going in with you and Kennedy? " Niall asked with a mouthful. "I don't know. I obviously like her but she still is going on a date with Austin I think and I don't even know whata going on with her and Owen. I'm confused. Part of me says to ask her out and part of me says that she doesn't even look at me like that." I looked up and folded the box back up and then put it back in the cupboard. Niall took his last bite then shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know mate. The fact that Harry Styles, international rock star is nervous is still blowing my mind!: he raised his arms and took his hands and threw them in the air. I laughed then walked around and patted my hand in his back "Your too cheeky mate" I said and Niall just smiled and said "Come on. Lets go before I get nervous and chicken out." We walked out the door and then straight across the hallway to the girls door. Niall knocked on and then stepped back. Kennedy was the one who opened it up. "Hey guys" she said as she stepped out of the way to let us in. We walked through the door and I looked around. Charlie was sitting on the the couch. Her face lit up when she saw Niall. Niall walkes over and said something and then they walked out of the hotel room. "He's asking her out" I said taking my thumb and pointing behind me to the door. "Took him long enough" she said while walking to the fridge. She pulled out a pizza and started to preheat the oven. "It didnt take him that long" I protested. "Uh yeah, it did. She's liked since the first time we met you guys" she pulles out two waters and set them on the table. I started to unscrew the cap.


Me and Harry just there silently and awkwardly. He was tapping the water bottle cap on the island. And I was staring at the oven waiting for it to beep. Niall finally was asking Charlie out and I was happy for her. But I wish it was Harry who was asking me out. Austin was coming over tonight so we can go out for dinner but I was planning on telling him things werent working out. The oven beeped and I startes to place the pizza on the pan "what kind ia it?" Harry asked pointing at the pizza. "Cheese" said as I opened up the oven door and set it on the hot oven rack. I slid the tray farther into the oven then closed the door. "How are you and Austin doing?" He asked. "Fine. Actually, tonight I'm breaking things off. Its just not working out." He raised his eyebrows and then smiled. "Something funny?" I asked leaning against the counter by the fridge. He laughed "No, its just you were head over heels for this lad and now its not workng out. Its just funny how fast your feelings can change. What about Owen?" I shrugged my shoulders and kept quiet. What about Owen? He only has called me once and my mind was drifting off from him. Everything about him s eemed so...distant. Charlie came back in without Niall and sat down next to Harry. "Die you say yes?" I asked. She bit her bottom lip and smiled while nodding. "Congratulations! " I said. I walked over to her and gave her a high five. "I still dont get why you want Niall when you can have me" Harry said while placing his hands on his chest. He was so cocky sometimes. Charlie just laughed and ignored it. "Maybe because Niall has feelings" I said while checking on the pizza. "I have feelings!" "Being cocky is not a feeling" "I care about people! I love my fans and my family and theboys.." hHarry said. "Yeah, I know. But thinking everybosy wants you is not a feeling." I answered. "Come on Kennedy. Your saying if I were to go up to you and just whip my shirt off and sing you wouldn't go crazy??" He said being serious. "No, I think I'd go blind" I said. "Do you want me to do that?" He asked. I walked to him while saying "never" while I patted hia cheek with my hand. He frowned in disappointment. "Buzz kill" he told me. I smiled and checked on the pizza. I kicked Harry out after lunch so Charlie could start getting ready.


*FLASHBACK* "can we go outside?" Niall asked me. I nodded yes as I followed him out the door. He shut it behind me and then cleared his throat "ehem..Charlie. I was wondering if you'd like go out. Tonight. With. Me." I just stood there dumb founded. He was asking me out. Finally. I was waiting for him to do this. "Ye-y y y-" I tried to answer. "Is that a yes?" He asked laughing. I nodded again and he smiled his perfect smile. "Great. I'll be here at seven to pick you up." "You better not be late!" I said as he stood at his own hotel door. "How can I be late? I'm right acrossthe hall from you!" He smiled. He was so cute. He had on a t-shirt that at an Irish flag on it. Everything about him made me smile. "Exactly." I said I smiled as he winked at me as we both walked through our doors.

I was staring at myself in the mirror. "Hair up? Or down?" I asked Kennedy who was sitting on my bed. "How about half up half down? " she asked me. "Perfect" I started to bruah my hair. "Will you french braid it back?" I asked desperately for help. "Of course. " she said. She got off my bed and then started to work through my hair. "Are you nervous?" She asked me. "Yeah really nervous" I answered being careful not to move my head. "You guys are so cute. I'm so happy for you" she said. She finished half of my hair and handed me the braid so I could hold on to it. Ahe walked arouns to my other side of me and started to braid that side. "Thanks. I just can't believe Niall Horan asked me out." I said still in disbelief. She smiled and pulled the two braids back and bobby pinned them so half my hair was down and half od it was up. I stood up and we both went through all my clothes. All of my shirts and shorts were cascades from my bed to the floor as I sat in the middle of the pile. "This is hopeless!" I said. "Calm down we'll find something!" Kennedy said as she dug through my clothes. "Here, try this on" she handed me a shirt that was bright coral that had white horizantal faded stripes on it. "And these" she threw me a pair of while cutoff shorts. "Does it look okay?" I asked. "Too casual" she replied. She kept looking at my shirts. Finally she picked up a black shirt that was a crop top. But it wasn't too short so only the bottom of my stomach would show. I put on blue jean shorts and to finiah it off she handed me my pair of black and white tribal print keds. She smacked her fingers on her lips and yelled "ES MANIFIC!" in a frenxh accent. I laughed and sat down on the bed. She helped me with my makeup. No eyeshadow but a little winged eyeliner and some mascara. No lipglosss because neither of us prefered to wear it and no blush. I stood up and spritzed some perfume on me. "Cinderella ia ready" Kennedy said smiling and looking at me. "Thanks for your help" I said walking to her and giving her a hug. "Anytime kiddo" she said. We heard a knock on our door and I looked at her with wide eyes. My stomach as doing jumping jacks and my heart was galloping like a race horse. We bothed walked out and she opened the door to Niall standing there with his hands in his pocket. "You look great" he said smiling. "Thanks" me and Kennedy said at the same time. I laughed and said "She helped" "Well, you look good" he said. I felt my cheeks blush. "Home by midnight Horan and don't pull any shenanigans" Kennedy said to Niall trying to be serious. "Don't worry. I don't peg Charlie as the crazy wild type" he said. "Your talking about the girl who has a cut out of you in her room. She's crazy" Kennedy said. "Kennedy!!" I said while mumbling and smiling under my breath. I elbowed her. "You do?" Niall asked smiling. "That means that I've seen you naked before" he said winking. My cheeka were blazing up. "Lets go" he said taking my hand. I waves goodbye to Kennedy as she yelled out to us "You two kids have fun!"

NIALLS POV: We walked the streets of Paris until we reached the restaurant. "I hear its good" I said as I opened up the door for her. "Lets see. I'm starving" she said holding her stomach. She was so cute. We were laughing the whole way here. She had a huge laugh juat like I do. Whenever she would laugh I'd end up laughing and people would watch us as we walked by them. As the waitor led us to our table I noticed him checking out Charlie. As we met our table, I went to pull her chair out for her. She smiled, sat down, then scooted to the table. I went to my seat and did the same. "I think our waitor ia checking you out" I said to her after he left she rolled her eyes and said "jealous?" I a mocking tone. "As a matter of fact, I am. I think if he tries to pull a fast one on me I might just have to kick his ass" we started to laugh and then quiet ourselves down as the waitor was coming back to us to hand us our menus. We each grabbed ours and I started to peek at it. I saw a picture of a steak with mashed potatoes. I obsereved Charlie as she looked through her menu. Her green eyes grazing through the words. She looked up at me and half smiled "Whaaat?" She asked. "Nothing" I said smiling back. She eyed me before going back to the menu. I felt so lucky to be here with her. I always said I'd date a fan, but I never met anyone that I actually liked. And sure, Charlie was a huge fan, but it didnt bother me. She was different when she was with me. She closed her menu when the waitor came back to us. I ordered the steak and Charlie ordered spaghetti. He handed ua breadsticks as appetizers. As I was chewing one I noticed Charlie already finished hers. "Where did you put it?" I asked as I looked under the table and around it. "Put what?" She asked laughing. "The breadstick! Its gone!" I said. A he laughed and shrugged her shoulders "Told you I was starving"


as we finished our meal and Niall payed I started to feel nervous and sad. I didn't want to go back to the hotel. I loved being out with Niall. "Ready?" He asked me. "Yup" I said smiling. I slid my chair out and we walked out of the restaurant. We were walking side by side as Niall slipped his hand in mine. Great, I thought. I hope he doesn't feel my hand getting all sweaty. "Soo you have a cutout of me in your room?" He asked with a huge grin on his face. "Maybe" I said embarassed. "You know what that means right?" He asked quietly. "What?" I whispered back. "It means we've slept together." He whispered back. I took my free hand and smacked his arm lightly. "NIALL!" I said laughing. We waljed hand in hand back to the hotel. When wereached the front door, itstead of having the doorman open it he opened it for me. God he was so cute. Wd made our way to the elevator. As I stepped on I let go of Nialls hand so I could push the button that would take us back up to our floor. He grabbed it back swiftly "who said you could let go?" He asked. I felt myself blush again and smile. "I make you smile..I like that" he said looking at me with his own smile on his face. When the elevator door opened he walked me to my door. 'This is it' I thought. Is he goingto kiss me? No. Maybe. "I- I had a really nice time ttonight" he said. The boy who was so confident just a moment ago was now as nervous as I wass. "I did too" I said. I felt my hand start to shake. I looked up at him and he kissed my cheek. "You missed" I quielty said. "What?" He said. He didn't hear me. "You missed" I said louder. He let go of mt hand and put one hand on my shoulder and the other hand on my cheek and he stared to lean in. I felt lime jello, molding into hia body. His lips touched mine softly and smoothly. When we pulled away he kissed me on my cheek.. "next step- getting Harry and Kennedy together" he said. I laughed and agreed. "Bye love" he said as he kissed my cheek again and waited for me to walk into my hotel room. I shut the door behind me and leaned against it. I bity lip and smiled. I slid down the door and landed on my butt. I pulled my head down to my knees and just smiled. "Did you have a good time?" Kennedy came up to me and asked me. I stood up and smiled. I nodded and started to hum as I walked to the kitchen. "Your humming- OH MY GOSH HE KISSED YOU!!!" She said jumping up and down. I smiled and pulled out the ice cream container and two spoons. "How was it?" She asked. "Perfect" I said as I ate a spoonful of ice cream. Tonight was perfect. I knew I had to get Kennedy and Harry togther. She deserves to be happy. I was about to bring up our date when the someone kknocked on our door. I looked at the clock "it's 9:17, who could it be?" I asked. "I don't know, let me check." Kennedy said as she stuck her spoon in the ice cream. I heard her open the door and she said "Hi" suprised. Who was it?


"Austin, what are you doing here?" I asked. I felt weird standing there in shorts and Harry's sweatshirt that I had from before. "Just came to give you these" he handed me flowers. As he handed them to me he came in for a kiss. I turned my cheek just as his lips were about to meet mine so his lips ended up on my cheek. I set the flowers on the coffee table by the door and the looked at Austin who looked at me confusingly. "Austin, can I talk to you?" I asked as I closed the door behind me. I took a deep breath in and started to talk.

***AUTHORS NOTE*** hey guys! So I had a snowday today and I figured I'd fit a chapter in here. To those of you who read it when I accidently pushed the "publish now" button I am so sorry. It wasnt finsihed but now it actually is. . You guys are awesome and I can't believe how many of you guys actually take the time to read this! Love you guys!! <3
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