The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


13. Cause Girl Your Amazing Just the Way You Are

KENNEDY'S POV: Harry held my hand and led me down the street. I didn't mind when people would look at us and then look at our hands, I was so happy to be with him in this moment, right here, right now. But when girls our age started to whisper and snicker as we passed them I started to get uncomfortable and questions started to race through my mind. Is it crazy Harry likes me? Am I good enough for him? Is this all a joke? When Harry gave my hand a tight squeeze I dropped all those questions like a bomb. I don't know if he did it because he was happy or to reassure me that those other people didn't matter. I liked to think it was the second one. As we approached the ice cream cafe building I saw it was pitch black inside. "Harry?" I asked "I think they're closed" I said smiling shyly. He smiled at me and then said "For other people it is" and then the building lit up with Christmas lights draped on the ceiling and around the chairs while lining the counters and wrapping around the plants. "Ha-Harry..." I said still looking around "I told you it was going to be the best night ever" he said chuckling. "How'd you find someone to do this?" I asked. When he looked at me the lights were gleaming off his green orbs "I did it myself" he said proudly. "Well, in that case I said" I gave him a big hug and then pulled away "Thank you" I said I was going to give him a kiss on the cheek but Harry being this close to me still gave me the shakes. "What can I get for you guys?" An old man said clapping his hands on the counter. He had a thick accent but I didn't mind at all. I was just happy it wasn't the blonde from before. "I'll have a chocolate cone and a mint chocolate chip cone please" Harry said. I smiled because that was what I was eyeing up. Harry pulled out his wallet and tried to give the man money "No no no" he said "Your first date is special-keep the money" he said smiling and handing Harry the cones "Love doesn't cost money" he said then waving and going into a back room. Harry put the money in the tip jar any ways. It's every little thing like that that he does that makes my heart grow more feelings for him. He handed me my cone ans our fingers brushed as I grabbed it. "Thanks" I said he smiled then licked his cone. I started to eat mine too but I stopped. I scrunched my nose up and close my eyes. "Are you okay?" Harry asked I'm sure he was looking at me. I nodded my head and then said "Brain freeze" pointing to my head. He laughed then too a big bite of his ice cream. His facial expression was soon the same as mine. "What did you do that for?" I asked laughing. "If your going to look crazy, then I'm going to look crazy" he said through squinted eyes. I laughed and kept licking my cone. I started to look out the window. Paris was all lit up and I ccould see the Eiffel Tower through the window. "Oh Kennedy" he said. "You have a little..." he started pointing at my shirt I shot my head down embarassed that I dripped but then saw that nothing was on my shirt. ""Hey there's nothi-" I lifted my head up to Harry shoving his cone in my nose. "Gotcha" he said calmly smiling showing off his dimples. I dropped my jaw in a smile "Your gonna pay for that" I said still with ice cream in my nose. He handed me a napkin and I started to wipe it off. "Here let me help" he said leaning across the table while wiping off the ice cream. I took this opportunity to take my cone in my hand and shove up his nose and his face. I started to laugh hysterically. "Foul play!" He yelled. "I have chocolate up my nose" he yelled. I was dying of laughter while holding my stomach and grasping for air. I handed him a napkin while still chuckling. He cleaned his nose and mouth off then said "Was that my pay back?" I nodded back and forth "Maybe. We'll see" I said with a michevious smile. As we finished and threw the napkins away and started to walk out the door I felt my self start to feel normal again. Like I had everything in its place. Harry held the door open for me and walked out then he let go of the handle and then started walking next to me. He slipped hia hand in mine. We didn't start walking back the way we came though, we started to walk in the other direction. "Where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see" he said. We kept walking and talking. We talked about how he loved going on tour and how he missed his family. I kept my mouth shut on that part. Harry knew my parents died he just knew that it was a touchy subject for me. As he talked people started to look at us more now. Everywhere we walked people would look at Harry then our hands then me. "People are looking at me Harry" I said quietly. "Who? Is it a lad?" He asked looking around. "No, just...people. They are looking at me like I'm a disease" I said a little quieter. "Don't let it get to you" he said "People always stare". Easy for him to say, he was used to it. I started to feel insecure, like I wasn't good enough to be out with him. "Hey" he said looking at me. He could tell I haf a worried look on my face "don't let it get to you. They're just staring because your beautiful And they're jealous" He said I was beautiful! Me! I bblushed then nodded. "And" he said walking slower "I don't care what they said because" he flew his free arm open to the air and flung his heaf back whilw he horribly whaled "girl your amazing just the way you are!" laughed while tugging at his hand because I was laughing so hard. "Harry! Stop!" I said laughing. He laughed too and we kept on walking. I saw a flash threw the cornee of my eye and I whipped my head around. "What is it love?" Harry asked me. "Nothing, I just thought I saw a flash or something" I turned my head back around. "Its probably just the paparazzi" Harry answered. I swallowed and then thought about what he just said. People were going to know about us. And I knew I was going to get hate. "Don't worry, nothing bad can be said about you" he smiled at me and I forced a smile back. I shoved the thought in my 'not now' pile in my brain and then focused on where we were going. He started to slowly walk slowee until we hit a black door to an old brick building. "Why does this building so familiar?" I said. I knew the color of the bricks looked familiar but I couldn't place my finger on it. "Because" Harry said quietly. "You'll see" he opened up the door with an old key and then took my hand, leading me into a dark room. I couldn't see a thing and I felt blind as a bat. I could hear Harry touching the side of the wall trying to find the lights. "Got 'em" he said andi heard light switches flicker up. The lights went on one by one ans I slowly started to realize wwhere we were. "Welcome to our rehearsal place" Harry opened his arms out wide and walkwalked backwards while still looking at me. "This place is huge!" I said looking around. There was a 'stage' in the back and guitar sets in two places, and empty table wich was probably where they kept there food and there were guitars everywhere and microphone stands with a rack for people to hang there items along with a piano. "This place is amazing" I said walking slowly examining it. Harry walked towards me and looked me straight in the eyes "Know what I thought we could do here?" He askedinin a hush tone "What?" I said dragging out the word and looking at him. He came up almost so our forheads were touching and he out his hands on my arms "Write that song your going to sing" he said. I smacked his arm playfully and said "Not cool!" Laughing. "What?" He raised his eyebrows "I mean if you'd like to do something else I'd be cool with that too" he said with a corny smile on his face. "No no no no I'm goood" I said holding up my hands. "Ready?" Harry walked holding my hand leading me. "I don't even know where to start. This is all new to me" I said. "Can you play anything?" He asked walking over to the piano. I chuckled "Not unless you count that cup and my radio, then no." I said placing my elbow on the edge if the piano while Harrysat down on the bench. "I didnt know you played" I looked at him. He nodded and his curls shook "Shh" he said "Its a secret" I laulaughed and nodded agreeing I would keep my mouth closed. "Alright" he tapped the bench seat "Lets get started" he placed his hands on the bench seat. "I'm- I'm good" I said. "Nope, come on' he said standing up slightly and he grabbed my arm. Irolled my eyes and sat next to him. He cleared his tthroat and startstarted to play. I familiar tune went through my ears. "I know this song" I said smiling. "Really?" He asked. I nodded 'yes' "It was played at my father daugher dance" I said smiling and embarassed. "That's kinda weird but cool" he said. He kept playing the melody and then I started to sing quietly "When I first saw you didn't know what to think, but something about you was so interesting. I can see me and you being best friends-the kind of friends that finish each other's sentences" he looked at me and smiled and joined in "When I can think of the right words to say I juat sing oh whoah whoah oh oh oh oh whoah oh whoah oh I wanna harmonize with your melody and we'll sing oh oh whoah whoah oh oh- ain't it a perfect harmony" I laughed as he kept on playing. He finished the song and I joined in on the chorus chuckling inbetween some parts because Harry made funny faces while playing. When we finished we looked at eachother. I thought he as going to kis me but instead he just said "Need a little work" He winked at me. "Ugh!" I nudged his arm. And he laughed. He handed me blank music and a sosong book. "Here. This book will tell you what each note means and this sheet is for you to write down your lyrics" he handed me the book and sheet. "Wai-what? You were..serious. you actually want me to perform?" I asked hesitantly looking at the sheets. "Well, yeah I mean why not? Its not like you suck." He shrugged his shoulder. "Thanks for the confidence boost" I rolled my eyes. He placed his hand in my shoulders "Your amazing. Just write down what you feel" "Harry, I don't k-" I shook my head when Harry cut me off "Hey, if it comes feom your heart, the fans will love it" I sighed and just looked at him. "Okay. I'll do it. This is how much I like you, I'm writing a song and I'm going to perform it" I said loudly. "And this is how much I like you" he said leaning into me just as our forheads touched he pushed my shoulder and stood up "How much do you like me?" I asked curiously. "This much" he held his hands about an inch apart. "That's it?" I asked frowning. "Okay okay-this much" he said opening them as wider to about a foot. "Oh I see how it is" I said angry. "How about this much" he flew his arms as wide as they could go and threw his head back so he looked like a star. I threw my head back laughing "Now your talking!" He laughed and I stood up and walked to him. "Ready to go? I don't want Charlie permanently damaging me" he said. "Yup" I looked around one more time "Lets go" we left and he locked the door back up. He grabbed my hand I felt perfect. We started to walk down the side walk.


As we strolled down the sidewalk I looked over to my left and looked at Kennedy.  I smiled to myself as she looked at the ground as she walked.  I felt bad and angry at the people who walked past us and looked at her..more like glared at her. They don't have any reason to look at her like that...shes beautiful.  None of our fans know I have feelings for her and I havent been tweeting a lot lately because I didnt want anybody to ask if I have met somebody.  The two weeks had left together are cracking down and I kept on wondering if we were going to keep on dating or if we were just going to call it quits.  I hoped she would still want to keep in touch and keep contact with me and the boys because I dont know what I would do without her. She isnt just somebody that I fancy anymore, she is my second best friend (all the boy's are first because I can't choose) and losing my best friend would be like losing half of my heart. I wouldnt be able to breathe or carry on.  I looked at her again but this time she looked up at me too and I smiled at her. She gave a weak smile back and I wanted to tell her that those people judging us didn't matter. But instead I gave her hand another squeeze and I saw her smile as she looked ahead. We kept on walking to the hotel area but half way there we past a flower shop.  I pulled her arm and she said "what the-" but I pulled us into a little area that had flowers in baskets and a man standing by them.  It was getting darker outside and the heat was cooling down. A breeze went by and her hair wisped a little and I couldnt help but stare at her.  "May I help you?" A man with a shirt buttoned half down paired with cacky shorts asked us. He had a thick accent but I could tell he knew we spoke English so he was trying his best to communicate with us. "Harry you dont need to get me any flowers" Kennedy wispered into my ear. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows "Yes I do." I said sternly. I picked out one red rose that had fourteen petals on it. "Thank you" the man said as i paid him. I nodded my head instead of saying 'your welcome' and i handed it to Kennedy.  "Count the petals" i said.  She looked at me weird and then lowered her head and then grinned and then counted the petals. "Fourteen petals" she said as she looked at me. "Exactly"  I said. "I dont understand" She said. I took the flower from her hands and then grabbed her hands into mine "Fourteen petals, Fourteen days, Which equals two weeks"  She smiled "Hey, thats how long I've been here" Her brown eyes grazed up at me. "Thats how many days I've liked you" i said looking straight at her. My eys grazed down to her lips and I started to lean into her. Just as i was about to kiss her i cleared my throat "Ready to go back to the hotel?" She pulled back and looked at me like she was hurt, or angry. "Yeah, i guess" she said. As we walked I handed her her flower and she took it with her left hand. I took it out of her left hand and placed it in her right hand. "Why'd you do that?" she asked.  "So this way, I can hold your hand" I took her left hand into mine and then grinned at her. "Your so weird" Harry she said as she smiled and shook her head back and forth. "But you still like me" I said as i pulled her close to me. "Yes, Yes I do" she said. "And thats all that matters" I looked at her, and right as we were about to pull away our eyes I made funny face and she laughed out loud.


Why didnt he kiss me?  Maybe he didnt like me like I thought he did.  I was about to kiss him but that would be embarassing if he didn't like me back and I made a move on him.  As we were walking back to the hotel I was expecting him to drop my hand or losen his grip but he did neither of those things, in fact, he held onto it tighter that before.  Which I was totally okay with so no objection there.  I had reasons why Harry wouldnt want to kiss me 1. We were in public and he didnt want anybody taking a picture and it being exploided 2. He was embarassed to be seen with me (but then why would he hold my hand?) 3. He was just playing with me and took this whole thing as a joke.  The last one seemed a little far fetched, I mean I know Harry well enough to know that he is NOT the womanizer that the papparazzi make him out to be. He genually has a heart that has a place for everyone, even the haters.  As we approached the hotel door Harry held the door open for me instead of the doorman "Taking Nialls moves ehh?" I asked jokingly.  "Hey, you cant blame me, Nialls the man" He replied in a matter of fact voice.  I laughed and walked into the door as Harry placed his hand on my back leading me through the lobby. As we approached the elevator door and Harry pressed the up button he stood back and made his voice sound really low and sexy "So, what do you want to do once we get back to the hotel" he said winking. I looked at him and said "This" and I grabbed his shirt with both my hands and pulled him close "Now thats what Im talking about" He said as i pulled him to my face and just as I was about to kiss him I took my hand and placed it over his face and pushed him back lightly. "Not Happening Styles!" I said laughing. "THATS NOT FUNNY!" he yelled smiling.  I just looked back at him laughing as I walked into the elevator.  He walked into the elevator behind me and then we both reached to press the button with the number for our floor our hands brushed eachother and I blushed then moved my hand back swiftly because I felt electricity bolt through out my whole arm when we touched.  As the door closed and made a ding noise Harry grabbed my hand again "We are in the elevator, why did you grab my hand?"  I asked smiling. "Why? Do you not like me holding your hand?" He asked looking over at me with a hurt expression on his face. "No, no of course not. Not at all I was just wondering when we only have like two minutes in here" I said giving him an apologetic look.  "You only have two more weeks here, any chance I have to do stuff with you like this I will take it" he said smiling looking straight at me with his green orbs.  I felt my face burn up and and I knew it was noticable.  The elevator dinged again and then the door opened up. We walked throughout the hallway to our door and he walked up to my door first and then dropped my hand and then leaned agaisnt the door with me facing him. "So.." he said looking at me. "So...." I said. This is it. Hes going to kiss me, I can feel it. As He looked at me he opened his mouth "Want to do something tomorrow?" He asked. "Sure, Id love that" I smiled at him. He smiled back instead of replying with words and then he started to lean into me, I leaned into him more though because his back was still pressed against the door. His breath was hot and I felt with swift across my face as our noses started to become close to eachother. I felt my heart race through my chest, I thought he could hear it.  My palms were getting sweaty and I felt like I was having a heat flash throughout my entire body. Our noses were touching and I now felt his breath on my lips. I was waiting for him to finally touch his lips agaisnt mine. He was inching closer and closer......


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