The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


15. Being Simple While Being Called Names

CHARLIE'S POV: Kennedy was down lately, I could tell by the way she walked out of her bedroom and by the way she sat down on the couch. She plopped, more that sat and the she started to play with the end of her braided hair.  "Alright, spill" I said as I walked over to her and sat on the other end of the couch. I sat criss cross apple sauce.  "Nothings wrong" She said staring at the ends of her hair in a hushed voice. I've known Kennedy since fifth grade, I knew her well enough to know that something was up, that she always played with her hair when she was mad or sad about something, her eyes drooped and she didn't laugh at my ever so funny jokes. "Come on, just tell me whats wrong. Am I not your best friend in the whole freakin entire world?" I asked her with huge eyes and my signature death glare.  "Okay," She took in a huge breath meaning she was going to tell me story "im upset that Harry didn't kiss me goodnight, that people  stared at us as we walked, Im upset about the article, im upset we're leaving in two weeks" she said looking down while fixing her legs so she was sitting criss cross apple sauce too. "That's it? Or is it something else?" I asked her. I noticed that as soon ash she got up this morning she got dressed up, then I heard her phone ring and she went into her room, then about five minutes later she changed into casual clothes. "Harry told me that we were going to hang out tonight, but then he just called and cancelled. And I mean, I get it, he has to work, its his job and he loves his fans and he doesn't want to let them down and I know that its his life, but I just don't want to feel this upset, every time he cancels, I don't want to feel like, I don't know, don't get me wrong, Harry surprised me last night with the lights and everything, I just don't want to feel like every time we make date, he is going to cancel. But that's the thing! He cant help it!" She placed her face in her hands. "What do I do?" she asked but I could barley make it out because her hands were still covering her face. "I know its tough, but I am in the same situation too kiddo. I never know if Niall decides that he is going to want to end things when they just started. I don't know whats going to  happen once we go back home, but then again, I now Niall enough to know that he's not the type of guy to start something then not finish it.  But that's life, and right  now, I feel like the luckiest person on earth." I smiled and then looked down. It was the truth, I felt so lucky to be here in Paris, with Niall and to be with him. "So you two are like, officially together?" she asked me smiling. I shrugged my shoulers "I mean, I like him and im pretty sure he likes me so yeah, I think so.  I mean that's what he's been telling people on twitter and stuff. And it is in an article.." Kennedy groaned and then stood up, "Don't remind me" She said walking over to the love seat, and then sat on the edge of the arm. "Are you still mad about it?"



Charlie called me into the living room to show me something.  Low and behold it was an article, on Harry and I. We had just gone our first date and their were already pictures and articles about it in a magazine! I was sure I saw a flash coming out of the corner of my eye, and when Harry told me it was paparazzi I got nervous because I knew this was going to happen.  I could barley take the people staring at us as we walked but now it was people who I didn't even see in person. The article was on Harrys new mystery girl and it was a picture of us holding hands while walking back from our date.  I was lauging while looking at him and he was smiling at me, the good thing about the picture was that I could tell Harry's smile wasn't forced and he looked like he liked me..a lot.  "Yeah, im still upset about it. People were going on twitter and tweeting me- which I have no idea how they got my twitter- and saying mean things about me. I knew this was going to happen, I just didn't know how much it was going to hurt.  The comments in the article were treacherous, why'd they put them in there? I mean saying that I have a weird face head, my legs are weird, I have a weird smile, my eyebrows are ugly or I have terrible eyelashes?" I looked at Charlie who was looking over at the coffee table where the magazine sat. "Those things aren't true, they're just getting used to the fact that Harry has a girlfriend. It'll be okay." She said, the she stood up, grabbed the magazine and threw it away. "Thanks Charlie,you always know how to make me feel like a normal person again."  "Yeah well, I am amazing they say" She flipped her hair and made a beauty pagent face. I started to laugh when I remembered something "Harry told me that I should perform at their concert in Paris, he gave me music sheets and everything" I said while inspecting my nails. I had on my thumb from scraping it against the page of a book I was reading.  "Go for it, its your only chance and if the haters are going to hate, then whatever. Its a once in a life time chance to sing, at a One Direction concert, in PARIS FOR CHRIST SAKE!" She said screaming.  "And that's the crazy directioner I know ladies and gentlemen" I said while pretending to talk to a crowd. "Whatever, hate all you want but I was your ticket here!" She said pointing a finger at me. I laughed then grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. "What to go to a park or something? I need something to take my mind off Harry." She ran to her room, put on her shoes then walked out "Lets go" She said as she opened up the door and we were off. '

We walked along the streets and people stared at us. I shrugged it off like Charlie told me too but no matter how much I shrugged it off, it all came back to me like the sick feeling you get after you eat all your candy on Halloween. You feel gross and sick, I was having a Harry hangover. We walked along random streets and as we walked I realized that I led us to the boy's rehearsal place. It gave me goose bumps to know that Harry was in that building and I was feet away from it. "Want to go in?" Charlie asked. I shook my head 'no' because I knew if I went in there I wouldn't want to leave and the I would want to go there every day, which meant only getting more attached to Harry. Charlie looked at me like 'why not?' but she didn't say anything. She knew I was in no mood to fight back. I was getting bored and all I wanted to do was sit down on a bench. I knew we were in Paris and I was supposed to be enjoying everything here, but when you stuck in a little town and area, its hard to enjoy anything. People were taking pictures of us and I was getting annoyed, but then I thought 'Harry has to deal with this every single day' so I knew if he could do it, I could. It was only about fifty degrees today, so it dropped a whole whopping thirty degrees in an hour and half or so and it was getting windy. As Charlie and I started to walk to an area that had green trees there was group of girls sitting down on their phones.  I could tell they lived in Paris by the way they talked and acted. One girl saw me and said "ohmygodthatsthegirlwhoisdatingharrystyes" super fast in her accent.  I quickly looked away trying to make it noticle that I was eavesdropping. "Whats so great about her? Yeah shes pretty but shes just average." Another girl said. I felt my ears heat up and my jaw get tense. They were judging me and they didn't even know me.  "No, shes below average" The other girl said, but because of her accent it sounded like av-er-age.  I looked over at them with and they saw me then they quickly got up left with a startled look on their face like it was shocking I heard them. "Ignore them" Charlie said while stopping. "I think being below average is what we were meant to do." She said. I laughed said "Below average, I kind of like that." Then Charlie started to scream "YEAH PEOPLE WE'RE BELOW AVERAGE!" I started to shout to "BELOW AVERAGE!" People were staring at as s as they walked past us and birds were fleeing away, but we didn't care. I flew my arms in the air and screamed again but then I heard a deep rapsy vlice say my name "Kennedy?" I turned around and quickly dropped my arms. and fixed my hair. "H-harry, hey. what are you doing here?" I asked him nervously. He had just seen me scream and he still chose to talk to me. "I was on my break and I was about to call you, when I heard this god awful noise of two screaming girls coming from somewhere" he said with a smirk on his face and he started to walk closer to us. "So I decided to check it out, and I should have known it was you two" he said laughing.  "Your hilarious Styles" Charlie said, "Hey, I'll catch you guys later, I'm going to see Niall" She said. "See ya later" I waved to her. "Look," Harry pointed at me. "We match." I looked at me he had on a black sweatshirt juat like mine except his words had white writingthat aid hipsta please on the so we were matching jist oppostite colors. "Great minds think a like" He said pointing at his head. I smiled and then just stood there. "Want to take a walk?" He motioned with shoulder, and I nodded my head. As I walked up to him he took his hands out of his pocket but he didn't grab my hand. I could tell by the way we were walking that we were walking back to the rehearsal building which meant that his break wasn't  that long. I took this as  sign that its the reason he didn't grab my hand either. "I saw the magazine today" He said with his head down, his voice sounded apologetic. "I also saw the twitter" but when he said it, it sounded like twittuh and it was freaking adorable. "I am really sorry, you just learn to block it out and ignore it after a while." He said finally looking up at me. Our arms were right next to each other and our hands were brushing against each other but they weren't hand in hand.  I shrugged my shoulders up and down then turned my head towards him "Its alright, I should be the one who's sorry, I'm sure your getting a lot of hate right now" I said quietly and sorry. "Don't apologize for anything you didn't do anything. And those people who say those things, there opinion doesn't influence me." He said smiling and the dimples that were showing made me want to stare at him all day. "Thanks" I said as we approached the building, I saw Niall and Charlie outside laughing and talking and I smiled, they were so cute. "Oh!" He said turning to face me as we came to a stop right by the doors "Tomorrow night, we have this event for another band- Big Time Rush- that we're going too and I suppose you and Charlie have to come with because Im almost positive it'd be bad to leave you guys back at the hotel" he said trying to keep a straight face. I pushed his shoulder "An event? Me? Kennedy Haze, below average, jean wearing seventeen year old gets to go an event?" I tried to sound star struck and it actually worked because I was surprised that I was getting to go. "Of course, you are my date soo..." Harry let the end of that sentence hang.  "Do I have to dress fancy? Like heels and stuff?" I looked up at him hoping the answer was no. "Yeah, that's the usual dress code for those things" His laugh was so infectious. "Alright, but just so you know, Im terrible in heels and if I fall you cant blame me" I pointed at him. His chuckle was so loud "Alright, and I'll introduce you to Big Time Rush since their my third closest friends" "Who's your second?" "You.." he said. I flung my head up and looked at him. His green eyes just staring into mine like he could read right through my soul. "Come on Harry, back to rehearsal!' Niall yelled from a distance away. "Coming mate!' he yelled back. "I'll see you later tonight at the hotel if I get back at a decent time, if not tomorrow morning. And tomorrow, its probably best if we don't match when we go to this thing" He winked at me the walked away. Charlie came walking up to me and the nudged my shoulder motioning me to start walking back with her. "Did Harry tell you about the event thing tomorrow?" she looked around at the surroundings around us. "Yeah, he did. And to be honest, I see it as just another way for me to get more criticism and more ways to feel more insecure"  my voice sounded annoyed but then I played what Harry just told me through my head. 'Those people don't matter' I thought. "You know what?" I asked Charlie. "Hmm" she replied raising an eyebrow up at me. "We'll go, and we'll go no matter if we look below average or not, we are who we are and that's what matters" Charlie snapped her fingers in a z formation and I laughed. "You preach it girl" She said in a sing song voice. But even though I sounded confident and for  minute, but just a minute I believed it, I was freaked out about tomorrow.  I took a deep breath in.......I almost forgot I had to let it out. Tomorrow couldn't come slow enough. I could just imagine all the cameras and people screaming at the boys with me along side of them...and all the hate 'Let the games begin' I thought to myself..


***AUTHORS NOTE*** Hola I know this is a short chapter and all, but I think I did pretty good updating three times this week. I am sorry I wasn't updating a lot my phone was being stupid but I learned how to fix the problem so its all good now.  I have to get up in like two hours so should probably go to sleep and thanks again for reading! A new chapter will be up Friday. I watched Perks of Being Wallflower for the first time tonight- amazing! I loved it so much and I wanted to have some fun friendship stuff like that in this so please excuse if it seems like I am copying it. ALright, I really need to go to sleep now because I can barely keep my eyes open so yeah...goodnight..or morning..ehh whatever.Peace! <3

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