The Perks of Having a Directioner

Kennedy was not a directioner
She found that keeping her life realistic was the best thing to do.. Her best friends was obsessed and entered a contest entry. When Kennedy becomes best friends with the five guys and she opens up a new door in her heart will she leave her childhood crush behind or will she finally move on to help her see that her future is bright?


1. Caught

Kennedy's POV:

"Go, go, go, c'mon c'mon. 58 percent, 75 percent, 90 PERCENT!!!" Charlotte was screaming at her phone. " Is that really necessary?" I ask. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her green eyes frantically shoot up at me with the glare if death. "Yes it is, and if I win I'm going to take you with me, so don't be so sassy." She responded snippy but sarcastically. I looked at her and said " Well unlike some people I use my time wisely, like for studying" I pointed to my books "not for some stupid sweepstakes" I used quotations with my hands when I said sweepstakes. My voice sounded cold but she knew I was joking. "And that's what I like to hear!" My favorite tteacher in the world- Mrs. Croops- and gave me a pat on my back. She was so cool; one day she came into class telling people there was no homework because it wasn't good to waste paper.

Her and Charlotte started talking about the sweepstakes Charlotte ententered to meet One Direction. They're this boy band who are British and yeah, they are super cute. Mrs. Croops and Charlotte interrupted my thinking when Charlie (short for Charlotte) said " See Kennedy! Even Mrs. Croops thinks I could win!" She looked at me like she won the lottery. Mrs. Croops walked up to me agave me that look that said ' you know I'm right so please listen' "Kennedy, it is almost summer, and even though I'm glad you keep up your studies- you need to live and go out and have fun! This sweepstakes might be the perfect oportunity for you to see what else is out there in the world for you!" She was right. And I hated it. She just smiled down at me as I kept on thinking. There was a week left of school and I was already worried about next year. Mrs. Croops gave us a s good luck high five and headed home for the weekend. As Charlie started to wait for her submission to be sent I started time study....again. It was quiet for about town minutes before Charlie let out a huge 'UGH' sound. " Of course it would get stuck on ninety nine percent!!" She grabbed an m&m and plopped it in her mouth. I let out a laugh and continued to study and I was really in the zone until the most beautiful thing in the world broke my concentration that I knew would take a whole sixteen years to get back.

He was standing behind Charlie, one hand up on the table, other hand on my shoulder. I couldn't breathe...he was touching me. I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest and fly across the courtyard and shatter a kids glasses. He was concentrating on Charlie's phone when he turned to me with his hazel eyes. "Hey Owen" Charlie said so calmly. Owen looked at Charlie and said "sup". I always thought he liked her- I mean who wouldn't? She had blonde hair that shined like glass and green eyes that stood out against her mascara. So naturally I pictured Owen(good body, brown hair that had no curl, because it was shaved and hazel eyes) and Charlie together....until I found out they were cousins. That probably was the highlight of my junior year. " hi Kennedy" he smiled at gave me a head nod. "H hi Owen" I said but stammered..I had to drop my pencil because my hands were so sweaty.

"What are you doing Charlie?" He asked as he grabbed her phone. "A One Direction sweepstakes? In Paris?" He raised an eyebrow at Charlie as she took her phone back. "Yes- and it won't submit its still stuck on ninety nine percent!she said as she sat back down frustrated. "Well, if you win, you will definitely take me right?" He smiled his blanket of snow smile and tried to give her puppy dog eyes. "Ha! As if, you gave me a wedgey until I was six, so no. I'm obviously taking Kennedy" she smiled at me and nudged my elbow. I smiled back and tried to go back to my American literature book. "Or" Owen said "me and Kennedy can go." He winked at me and I melted. Charlie denied that idea as soon as it came walking off of Owens tongue.

Her and Owen were arguing over why Owen should go and why he shouldnt go until a loud PING interrupted them "YES!!! IT SENT" Charlie raised both her arms in victory. Owen told her a 'congratulations' and said he had to go to soccer practice. His buddies came up and patted in on his shoulder then started chatting up Charlie. Right before they left Owen came up to me and leaned over my shoulder and said "when Charlie wins the sweepstakes, don't go and fall in love either some dude or else I'll have to go over there and kick his ass." As he pushed off the table and got up to walk away he gave me a wink. He started walking he turned around and smiled at me. Busted!! He totally just caught me looking at his butt. "Are you looking at my butt Kennedy Haze?" He shouted while turning around and walking backwards so his body was facing mine. Deep down I wanted time scream ' YES'- but I didn't. "HA! You wish!" I yelled after him. He smiled and yelled "how'd you know?" Gave me another wink and turned around and kept on walking. And believe me, I watched his cute butt walk the whole way there.

**AUTHORS NOTE*** Hey guys! I'm now to this and if you read it and you liked it please comment so I know people are actually reading it! I've been reading two fan fictions for a while and I've been obsessed so I though why not write my own? And I have to say, it's hard work I give credit for thlose girls out there who do this. Also, please excuse my auto correct. I'm doing this on my phone so I can't really see. Have a good day and please comment giving me your thoughts and whether or not I should update! Thank you!!!
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