The Mysterious Valentine

Ashley has always hated valentines day. Her relationships have always ended on valentines day so she thinks the day is cursed. Will one guy be able to change her opinion? Will he be able to show her what love is actually like?


1. The Mysterious Valentine

  As I walked down the school halls I noticed the cutesy cards and balloons attached to people's lockers for valentines day. The girls at my school thought it was this huge contest to have the most roses or cards. I for one find valentines day stupid. Why on earth should the people of the earth spend money on people who are going to leave them anyways?! It's so stupid.

   "Do you think that guy who left you roses last year will do it again?" My best friend Louis asked. Last year an anonymous person left me cards and balloons. At first I was furious, I had wanted to burn everything there, but after I opened a card my day was better. I spent rest of the week trying to find the mysterious person who put funny jokes in the cards. After that, I just kind of gave up on him. I figured it must have been a practical joke.

  "I hope not. I'm tired of practical jokes." I sighed, but as we neared my locker I found it was wrapped yet again this year. I picked up the card that hung from a balloon and ripped it open.


    I know you don't like valentines day

Am I wrong or am I right?

(My brain tells me I'm right)

Love hasn't always been kind to you

Oh, it's always making a fight

U should give me a chance

I promise I won't blow it

So what do you say?


   I gaped at the card, scared to turn around. My heart sped up as Louis put a hand on my shoulder. I wanted to push his hand away, yell at him to leave me alone, but it was like I was frozen. Louis can't like me, we're just friends. Our friendship will be crushed. I have to tell him, but a small part of me nagged at how I liked Louis. How every night I prayed he would ask me out, but now that he has I'm more frightened then happy.

  "Ashley?" Louis asked.

  "It was you?" I whispered. He spun me around and looked my straight in my eyes.

   "I have always liked you. I just didn't want to ruin our friendship." He said. I looked at him for a while, registering what he said, but a pair of lips smashing onto mine pulled me out of my thoughts.

  "Sorry. I couldn't wait another year for that." Louis whispered as he pulled away.

  "Please promise me one thing." I said.

  "What?" "That we will do this again." I said before smashing my lips onto his. Four words. Best. Valentines. Day Ever.

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