One Direction Imagines

Hi this is my first time ever writing something on here and I'm not that good at writing at all……… so i was wondering if someone could maybe give me an idea. I'll put your name in it and do a type of shout out at the end of it.


16. You& Niall

A/N: This imagine is for karinastyles101. Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I barely have internet and I don’t have a lot of ideas so it takes me time to think of ideas. Sorry for spelling errors.


I just left my house in Cheshire. I was hoping that my favorite bakery was open. I walked down the 2 blocks to get there and found the shop open. When I walked in I saw a new guy. He had a brown head full of curls and these beautiful green eyes. I walked up to the front desk thing and ordered my usual. A blueberry muffin and a cup of hot chocolate. After about 3 minutes he brought them to me and me got a view of his name tag, it read Harry. “Hey Harry.” I called after him he turned around looking at me weird. “I read your name tag.” I giggled. “Oh, what do you need love?” “I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me?”. “Sure, What’s your name?”. “Y/N, When did you start working here?” “Beautiful name, Yesterday.” “ thats why I don't recognize you.” You laughed. “HARRY!” The store owner yelled. “Coming, sorry Y/N I have to go back to work.” “No you don’t, one minute. (Owners name) Harry is talking to me.” “Ok!”……… After a while you get to know Harry more and you become boyfriend and girlfriend!

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