One Direction Imagines

Hi this is my first time ever writing something on here and I'm not that good at writing at all……… so i was wondering if someone could maybe give me an idea. I'll put your name in it and do a type of shout out at the end of it.


11. Rilee Tomlinson

A/N: This Imagine is for KryptoniteHazza! I'm not totally positive how this is going to come out because I've never written one like this so hope you like it!



Bold&Underlined= any of the boys.

HI my names Rilee Tomlinson im 17. My brother is Louis Tomlinson form One Direction. He is overly annoying he always has his other 4 band mates over. My mom tells me to be nice to them but its hard. I'll tell you every thing they do that bothers me. First is Niall, he eats like a pig and thinks just cause he's irish he is hot.(A/N: No hate to any of the 5 wonderful boys of One Direction especially Niall because I love him :D) Then theres Harry with his curly hair and his green eyes, with Harry it's not that his personality or actions bother me its his hot looks. Liam is to nice and Zayn is obsessed with his looks and his hair. but he is like a brother to me and me and him are close. Then Louis is because hes an over protective brother and likes to pull pranks on me. But other than that I love their music. My favorite song is either Over Again or She's Not Afraid. So, tomorrow Louis comes home from tour and when he gets here he's gonna get a surprise. The surprise is that I'm going to dye and cut my hair. Louis is in love with my long blonde hair. I hope he likes it, I'm going to cut it shoulder length and put a red streak in it. After I  went and got my hair done it was around 9pm. I went into my roo and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day it was 1 in the afternoon. My mom would have already been out getting him his new welcome home present so I had time to get ready. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. After that I went back to my room and got dressed. I put on some green skinny jeans with a black tanktop. I turned on my radio and Ed Sheeran song A Team. I danced around my room but stopped when I heard someone giggling at my door. I quickly turned around to see Louis. "Louis", "Rilee, what did you do to your hair?" When he said my name he sounded happy but then when he got a closer look at my hair he sounded angry and unhappy."I cut it and dyed it, why you dont like it?" He just looked at me in disbelief. "Whatever!" I said angrily walking past him hitting him with my shoulder as I walked by. I walked into the living room and when i saw who was there it didnt really surprise me. I saw Niall and Harry laying on our couch and Zayn sitting on the love seat. "Hey Rilee Vas' Happenin?" Zayn said but when he actually got a look at me he saw my hair. "What di you do to your hair?" He asked and had the same look Louis had. "I dyed it and cut it, why do you hate  it just like Louis?" "No I love it".

He said patting the seat next him. I walked over and sat next to him giving him a hug. "Rilee I don't hate you hair, I just don't like it." Louis said walking into the living room. "Yes you do, don't lie!" I said getting up to go get some snacks for me and the boys. "I'm not lying" He screamed at me. I  spun around on my heel and looked at him. I was about to cry and I guess he noticed that because his expression softend "I'm sorry for yell-" I cut him off by yelling a FU at him. He looked at me angrily and he was going to slap me. I knew this because he lifted his hand up but Zayn stopped him. I ran into my room locking the door and I cried my self to sleep that night.


A/N: I hope you liked it I had trouble writing the things about them but i did it for the sake of the imagine. Love you all<3


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