One Direction Imagines

Hi this is my first time ever writing something on here and I'm not that good at writing at all……… so i was wondering if someone could maybe give me an idea. I'll put your name in it and do a type of shout out at the end of it.


8. Laim&Maggie continued…

A/N: I'm actually not gonna write anymore on Julia's sorry.

"Sure thats why you invited him to our apartment." "It's not your apartment any more so get out." "I'm alright where i am." He said giving Liam an angry look. "No your not get out now!" I practically screamed. He got up off the bed and walked over to me. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him. I tried pushing away but he was to strong. He kissed me and then I felt him away form me and his grip off from me. I opened my eyes to see him on the floor and Liam looking into my eyes. I started to cry and Liam pulled me int oa hug. "It's okay." He reassuringly said to me. We grabbed a few of my things and left to go to his apartment.


3 Years Later

Maggie and Liam are happily together and he plans to propose to her on there 3 year anniversary. He is going to have a movie night at his and her apartment. They were going to watch his favorite move (Toy Story) and then was going to watch her favorite move (Nemo). After that they watched their favorite love movie (The Vow). At the end he prosposed to her and she said yes. They have 4 kids Trinity, Emilie, Christine, Pre.


A/N: This imagine was for NiallHoran-is-Beast ,Boobearishmine, Trinity92600, preshana15!!!

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