One Direction Imagines

Hi this is my first time ever writing something on here and I'm not that good at writing at all……… so i was wondering if someone could maybe give me an idea. I'll put your name in it and do a type of shout out at the end of it.


15. Ayanna& The Choice Between 2/5 1D Members

A/N: So this one is for Hannah<3styles. I'm going to starts writing them into imagine form again. Sorry if I didn't write anybody's imagines I kinda lost some of the requests. Also sorry I haven't updated in a few days , so I will write this one kind of long.

YN= Your Name

YFC= Your Favorite Color

Your POV

Hi I'm (YN), my brother is Zayn Malik. He is 1/5 of One Direction. I've met all of the other boys they are awesome. I'm closest to Niall and Louis though. I'm close to Niall cause we both LOVE food, Lou and I LOVE to pull pranks on the others and watch scary movies. So today Zayn and the boys were taking a 1 month break from touring and were coming to stay with me. I live kind of in the woods but it's still close to the mall. It has about 7 bedrooms. I got so many bedrooms for when the bosy come and visit. Your probably thinking why would i need 7 there is only you and the 5 boys, which equals 6. I got an extra just in case they or I have a friend over while their here our they decide to personalize a room so no one sleeps in the room. When the boys got to my house I ran and hugged Zayn first. Then I hugged the rest of them in this order. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam. Liam and I didn't hate each other but we didn't connect like the others and I did. He was quite and shy, I on the other hand was outgoing and loud. "YN, how have you been?" Niall asked looking at me while I hugged Liam. "Good, you?", "I've missed my potato chip buddy, but other than that I've been good." I started laughing at him. I then ran over to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of Humpty Dumpty All Dressed Up Chips and made my way back to Niall. When he saw me with the chips I ran towards him. I threw the chips at him and he caught them. 

After me and him ate the chips I ran up to Harry's room. I saw him sleeping in his bed. He must be tired from his long trip. O well. I ran and jumped on top of him. "AHHHHHHHHHH, What the hell." He said looking at you. "Hi, were you sleeping?" You asked looking iniconet. "Yes, you did" He said laughing. I pecked his cheek and got off his bed. "well I guess I'll let you sleep." I yelled for, down the hall.

4 Days Later

Still Your POV

I spent the last 3 days spending them with the three other boys individually. Today I was going to have them go to the carnival with me. I planned on having them invite their girlfriends. So when I woke everyone except Zayn up I told them the plan. When we all understood the plan we went into Zayn's room and started singing the song we sing to wake someone up. Niall got his quitar and started playing. "It's time to get up in the morning"……………"Time to get up!" He sang/yelled.

Later that day we went to the carnaval Zayn invited Perrie, Liam invited Danielle, Louis invited Eleanor. Niall and Harry didn't have girlfriends so they would hangout with me. Harry, Niall, and I all went on the Air Force 1 first, then we went on the Bumper Cars. After we walked around and of corse got food for mainly Niall. We stopped to play a game. For the game all we had to do was shoot a moving target with a BB gun.Harry won and me and Niall lost.Harry won me a giant (YFC) teddy bear. Niall seemed a little upset. so then we went on the Ferris Wheel. Niall and I rode in one cart together and Harry rode with some random chick. He didn't seem to pleased so I laughed at him. Once the ride started I turned to Niall, "Whats the matter?" I asked bluntly. He looked at me first with confusion then kind of guilty like. "Um, well I was kind of jealous of Harry." "Why?", "Because YN I like you." "Well i like you to, but not in that way I'm sorry Niall I just think of you as my chip buddy." You said felling sorry for him. "It's ok. But as hard as it is for me to say Harry likes you a lot and you should maybe give him a chance." He said as the ride ended. I was happy I liked Harry a lot too. When we got off the ride I ran up to Harry and hugged him. "What was that for?" He asked looking confused but happy. After that all of you meet up at the food place.  Niall ordered himself a large frie  and the rest of us got wither burgers or fries. Me and Harry sat next to each other. Zayn kept eyeing us. We started walking back to the van and Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked up to him and smiled. He kissed me on the cheek. "Are you two a thing now?" Zayn interrupted are intense eye contact. I blushed and Harry answered "Yes, if your sister says yes." "YES!" I screamed jumping in his arms and hugging and kissing him. "OMG, Hazza I thought I was the only one that could do that!" Louis screamed trying to pry me off Harry.

The next day and so on I and Harry have been happily together!

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