One Direction Imagines

Hi this is my first time ever writing something on here and I'm not that good at writing at all……… so i was wondering if someone could maybe give me an idea. I'll put your name in it and do a type of shout out at the end of it.


1. Niall, Dezirae, And You a happy family!!!

You woke up to the sound of laughter and screaming. You got up and pulled on a sweatshirt. When you walked down stares into the living room you saw Niall tickling your 3 year old daughter Dezirae. You just stood their for a few minutes taking in the view. Niall looked up and saw you standing their. "Hey hun sorry if we woke you up." He said getting up off the floor and walking over to you. He kissed you on the cheek and gave you a Horan hug. After about 1 minute of the hug Dezirae jumped off the floor and walked over to you and Niall. "Mommy I'm hungry." she said smilling. "You always are. Just like you father." You said with a little giggle. You went into the kitchen and got three bowls and three spoons out. You set the box of Captin Crunch on the table with milk, spoons, and bowls. Dezirae ran to the table screaming. NIall ran in after her screaming "The tickle monster sent me to get you." You laughed and grabbed Niallss arm making him stop and sit down and eat.

After that Dezirae took a nap. You and Niall took a nap on the couch cuddleing.

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