I Found You At Last

Liam Payne is on a break with the rest of the band when he decides to go back to his home town to go see his mum and family. When he is there he runs into a old friend Ari that he had a crush on when he was younger. Will their long passed friendship turn in to a new long life romance?


4. With a Fork Really?

Liam's P.O.V

        We soon arrived at the ice cream parlor. We sat down and waited for the waiter to come. "Ari, on the car ride to Wolverhampton you dad said you do not do diving anymore. I know you lost a lot of time in recovery. You always use to say never give up. Not to be rude but, I think you need to take your own advice."  I said.

        "Liam you don't understand, the one thing I was the best at was diving when I lost that, I thought there was nothing else I could possibly do to make my self the best again." she replied. But I did know when I was voted off the X-Factor UK for the first time at the age of fourteen, I was heartbroken. It was Ari's confidants that made me try again. I hate to see that she gave up on a dream worth fighting for. We dropped the conversation and then the waiter approached us.

        "Hello welcome to Rollins Parlor how may I help you."

         "I'll have the Chocolate and Vanilla Twist and the lady will have Dinosaur Crunch." The waiter then walked away. Ari stared at at me perplexed. She new I remembered her favorite ice cream.

         Soon the waiter returned with our ice cream. "Do you carry forks?" I asked.

         "I will be right back with one.".

Ari's P.O.V

       I looked at Liam with astonishment, and then blurted  " Why would you need a fork.". He made his eye brows move farther up his forehead and gave me the you will see look.The waiter then came came to the table and handed Liam the fork as he left.

      "Can you take the spoon out of my ice cream " I reached over to the other side of the table and removed the spoon from his ice cream. He then took the fork and started eating his ice cream with it. I bizarrely stared at him with wondrous eyes.

       "I hate spoons  I just hate thinking where they have been its quite strange, but true. See on a normal date i would just use a fork but, because I've known u so long, I don't care. I guess that makes you special." I grabbed my spoon and started eating my ice cream when Liam and I heard a loud scream.

        "OMG you are the Liam Payne from like One Direction. I love you. Are you his girlfriend? Can I have a autograph from both of you?" Liam and I looked at each other in a awkward state of form as the little girl grabbed a notepad and pen from her mother. We both signed the paper she hugged us and ran away screaming.

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