I Found You At Last

Liam Payne is on a break with the rest of the band when he decides to go back to his home town to go see his mum and family. When he is there he runs into a old friend Ari that he had a crush on when he was younger. Will their long passed friendship turn in to a new long life romance?


3. Prepared

Liam's P.O.V 

          My day went by pretty slowly considering I was waiting. I looked at the time and went upstairs and started getting ready.

         I had got into pj's while I blow dried my hair. Then I grabbed my mum's flat iron and started straightening. Nicola had  then walked in and said "Nervous about the date are you?".

        "Is it that obvious?" I questioned.

        "Well you are perfecting your hair and taking longer in the bathroom then Ruth and I combined. Though you can  mostly tell because you kept rereading the text message from whoever sent it to you, you were smiling the whole time. Just some sisterly advice try not to talk about the band the whole time it might make you look like a show off."

        "It's six thirty Liam!" My mum yelled from down stairs. I then rushed to my bedroom and put on my tan corduroys and my blue plaid polo. I then went on a scavenger hunt around the house looking for my phone. When I found it I put it in my coat pocket. Just then I looked at my watch and noticed the time. I got my coat and keys and then went to the garage and had got in the car. I saw my family gathered in the window waving to me. I waved back and put on the stereo. Soon after I reached Ari's house and knocked on the door.

Ari P.O.V

      I was so  nervous when I heard a knock on my house door. I waited a minute so it didn't look like I was waiting there. Which I was of course. "Hi, I have seen you in years, how are you." Liam said. 

      "Well I'm doing fine how about you?" I answered.

       "Good. There might be a slight delay see when I called for reservations to Carabiners they said the earliest they could have us in was 7:30. I was wondering if you would like to go to the ice cream parlor down the street to kill off time?". I then unhooked my cardigan from the coat rack put it on and went to his car. when he stopped me and opened the door. 

         The car ride was pretty awkward until we went over a bump and Liam's water he had spilled all over his pants. We then started laughing and goofing off like old times. " You look beautiful tonight."

         "You don't look so bad yourself, you know besides it looking like you peed your pants." I smirked and kept teasing him. I was doing good one thing crossed off the list backtalk. I guess Abigail advice isn't that bad, cause Liam and I were having a kick out of it.



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