I Found You At Last

Liam Payne is on a break with the rest of the band when he decides to go back to his home town to go see his mum and family. When he is there he runs into a old friend Ari that he had a crush on when he was younger. Will their long passed friendship turn in to a new long life romance?


2. Call Me Maybe

Liam's P.O.V

I was really happy my family was excited to see me. Ruth and Nicola like always kept asking me about my recent break up with Danielle. I didn't really want to answer. so I just changed the subject and asked how home life was doing then i got a text from a unknown number the text read "Hey Liam, it's Ari my dad said this was your number and that you wanted to catch up  so ...call me maybe"

I then called Ari and asked if she wanted to go to the rock climbing place downtown. At first she was resistant then she agreed and told her I would pick her up at seven tomorrow. I was thinking of this more as a date then just to catch up. I think I am getting a little to over excited I need to remember this is Ari Ann Mello, I couldn't mess this up because we were friends before so it would just make things really creepy.

Ari's P.O.V

Not Again Ari, is all I kept saying to myself. My crush on Liam was coming back, the first thing I did was call my bffalds (Best Friend Forever And Long Distant Sister) Abigail. "Do you remember Liam Payne?" i said

"Yes, he is the boy from One Direction that went to our school."

"Well he just asked me out and well what should I wear and do." 

"I'll email you the list." she quickly said and then screeched. We hung up and then I got the email it said 

"Wear: the cute bright yellow legging with the zipper and the cute brown flairy top with the yellow butterfly necklace and the scissor earrings with the brown and white sneakers. What to do: flirt. talk back. act silly. and don't judge. don't compliment the band to much he might think you will be a stalker. XOXO

I got in my bed and forced myself sleep so I will be wide awake tomorrow.


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