I Found You At Last

Liam Payne is on a break with the rest of the band when he decides to go back to his home town to go see his mum and family. When he is there he runs into a old friend Ari that he had a crush on when he was younger. Will their long passed friendship turn in to a new long life romance?


1. Home at Last

Liam's P.O.V

         Finally I am home in Wolverhampton England, it has been so long since I have been here because I had to go on tour with the rest of the band. I miss my mum, dad and my sisters Ruth and Nicola. They don't know I am home yet it's is a surprise. 

        When I get outside I jump into a cab and tell the driver to bring me to the address that I provided. He kept looking back at me and then said "Excuse me lad, would you happen to be apart of the boy  band One Direction?".

       "Yes I am" I replied.

        "My daughter, Ari loves your group. She even mentioned that she knew the boy Liam when she was younger!". Ari wow, I haven't seen her in years. She went to grade school with me, she was my best friend.

        "I am Liam, and I happen to think I know Ari she was a really good friend to my through out kindergarten to seventh grade, we kind of grew apart after that, I was busy with my dream on becoming a singer and she was always busy with diving. Does she still take lessons?

       "Not anymore lad, when she broke her leg to years ago she never wanted to go back, because healing took away a lot of training. She had dreams of going to the Olympics you know?". I had know clue Ari had broke her leg. Well I guess that's what happens when you loose touch with someone you were so close to. You never hear anything from them or about them.

       "Yes sir, I remember. That's all she use to talk about. Would you give her my number and tell her to call me sometime?. I handed him my card. We had arrived at my house and I paid Mr.M.

Ari's P.O.V

        I am so happy school is over and I can relax for once. I had twelve whole months to my self, I better enjoy them while I can. Cause then I am off to college. "Hey dad, what are you doing here so early?". 

        "This is from Liam Payne it is his number. He is back in Wolverhampton and wanted you to call him to hang out sometime he going to be home the whole summer he said."

        "That is funny dad will you try not to joke around all the time?" 

         "I'm not kidding this time Ari Anne." I looked down at the paper and it seemed like it was real. To be sure I  checked my Twitter to see if there was any feed that Liam was back. By surprise the whole page was filled with the news I just sat there thinking about the times when I secretly had a crush on him even though we were best friends and he was the least popular kid school. Maybe that's why we fit so well together. My dad had left and just let me think on the couch.

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