My Angel

Lana Jane Parks is a 16 year old girl who moves from England to a small town in New York. She already is different with her accent, but in so many other ways as well.

Note: I do not claim any famous people/things mentioned.


1. Prologue

"Lana," Mum whispers in my ear. "It's 8 am now. We need to be leaving in an hour."

I roll over and face her. "Why couldn't you book a later flight? I'm not in the mood to wake up right now." I stretch and moan. I knew she couldn't get a later flight. Her company had arranged the flight free for us, and unfortunately, they picked an early one so that we'd have time to unpack and for Mum to be at her new job Monday.

I get up and dress quickly in my favorite skinny jeans and Nirvana shirt. I go grab an orange and eat it slowly, taking one last look at our flat. It's so empty now, so barren. Every childhood memory has been packed away and is being sent over seas to New York with us. They'll be in the new apartment and it'll be like you never left here, I remind myself constantly.

But I know it'll be different. Everything will be different.

They call crisps chips in America.

Flats are apartments.

Chips are fries.

They have silly, cute accents.

It'll all be different. And that scares me.

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