My Angel

Lana Jane Parks is a 16 year old girl who moves from England to a small town in New York. She already is different with her accent, but in so many other ways as well.

Note: I do not claim any famous people/things mentioned.


2. New York

I always imagined New York like they show it in the movies. The bright lights. The tall buildings. The masses of people, always in a hurry. Glitz and glamor and nothing at all like this small town, a good half hour drive away from Rochester.

I saw a cow. Another cow. Some corn. Not how I imagined this place at all.

"Just give it a little bit of time, Lana." Mom's always so optimistic, and right now it's really starting to bug me. "America will be lovely, just wait. And our new apartment has some charm to it. Refurbished brick, a fireplace in the front room. And your room has a large walk-in closet."

"Cool," I say, distracted by the fact that no matter how many nice features our flat will have, it still won't be like my cozy room back in England with my wall of books.


The flat is slightly larger than the one back in Essex. The walls are a boring white with just as boring furniture. It'll look "just dapper" as Mum said, once we redecorate. Whatever. No matter how much she tries to make it look like home, it won't be. Nowhere will be just like my room. I kissed Jimmie Smith in my room. I became best friends with Maria Johnson in my room. I smoked my first joint and became broken hearted in my room. In this room, there is nothing.

It's a blank canvas and I don't know where to start.

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