My Angel

Lana Jane Parks is a 16 year old girl who moves from England to a small town in New York. She already is different with her accent, but in so many other ways as well.

Note: I do not claim any famous people/things mentioned.


4. Lips

Crimson and I have most of our classes together, so she helps me navigate threw this hell hole. In every class, I'm forced to introduce myself. All they say is "Cool, you have an accent." Crimson is the only one who talks to me.

In French class, I catch myself staring at her, again. She bites her lip when she daydreams. I find myself wanting to kiss her lips. They look so gentle and soft...

Stop it Lana.

Crap, now she's looking at me, smiling.

What does she mean with that gorgeous smile?

I pinch myself. Why am I thinking this way?

I try to focus on what's being taught. We're learning past and future tense, a lesson I already learned. I pull out my notebook I'm supposed to take notes in, but end up drawing a couple holding hands. Both people are girls.


After school, I finally manage to open my locker and shove all my stuff in there. I close my locker to find her there, again.

"What's shakin' Lana? Wanna go grab a bite? I'm really in the mood for some fries."

"Chips sounds cool." I watch her cover her mouth and giggle at my use of chips. "You know, you have a funny accent."
"I can say the same about you, so shush!"


"Yeah, we'll have a large curly fries," she says at the counter and pulls out a green paper with 5's on there. Her fingernails have the skull from the All Time Low logo on them.

We sit outside at a table with our food, picking up chip by chip.

"So why'd you move to this stupid town?" Crimson asks me.

"Mum's company offered her a raise. They said it was in New York...long story short, now I'm here and I hate it. This place is pretty much Essex, but with accents."

"What's it like there, in England?"

"It''s pretty there. I don't really miss too many people there, but it didn't seem as, what's the word, hostile, I guess." I shove a few chips into my mouth and try not to stare at her. "So, are we friends now? Because I'm pretty bad at this socializing thing. I don't really know what to say or how to act."

She laughs her melody. "Why wouldn't we be? Anyone who likes the same kind of music as me is automatically my friend in my world."

And then lust takes over. She swallows her fry and I lean in. I barely touch her lips with mine, scared I may startle her, but I don't. She kisses back with a hushed passion.

"I didn't know you were a lesbian," Crimson says when we pull back.

"Honestly, neither did I."

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