My Angel

Lana Jane Parks is a 16 year old girl who moves from England to a small town in New York. She already is different with her accent, but in so many other ways as well.

Note: I do not claim any famous people/things mentioned.


3. Her

I walk into school next morning, dreading every second. The alarm never went off, so I woke up late. My hair is barely straightened and in a low ponytail. I only had time to throw on red skinnies, a Falling In Reverse shirt, a few bracelets, and my white Converse. I throw my make up in my bag and plan on doing my make up in the bathroom.

This place is just like the old school. Girls give me dirty looks. Guys glance at me, only because I'm fresh meat. They see my shirt, then walk away. Before I even make it to the bathroom, a group of what I think are popular girls shove me against a wall. I run into the bathroom and lock myself in a stall and cry.

"Why do they hate me already?" I whisper to myself through my sobs. "I haven't even spoken yet."

"Maybe they haven't heard your accent," a voice tells me. "British, isn't it? We Americans go crazy for British accents."

Wiping my tears, I open the door and see a girl standing there in a black skinnies and an Escape The Fate shirt. "Crimson Echo Dixon," she says. "I've been assigned to show you around the school." She glances at me. "You like Ronnie more than Craig?'

I laugh a little, walk out of the stall, and get my makeup out of the bag. "Personally, I like them both. They're both great at what they do." I apply a thin line of eye liner to both my top and bottom lids. "Do I look alright?"

She nods. "Fine. Let me show you around now..."

"Lana Parks."

"Lana Parks."


Our tour ends in the library. "I spend most of my time here," Crimson tells me. "If I skip a class, I find in the non-fiction wing. If I don't want to go home, or when I show up early, I come here." She fixes her shirt. "No one else comes here often. I can finally breathe here. No one is yelling or judging. It's just you and the books."

"May I join?"

She giggles. "Oh course. I saw you got pushed in the halls. Trust me, you'll appreciate this place as much as I do."

I look at her and bite my lip. She's so pretty. Her hair is midnight black and covers most of her face, but she pushes it so cutely over to the side. She's petite and looks like an angel.

What the hell? I think. I'm not a lesbian. I'm straight. Why else would I of kissed Jimmie? I don't love girls.

But there's just something about Crimson. She seems like she holds some secrets. "So, tell me about yourself Crimson."

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