Not Just a Summer Fling

Ashlee and Payton are sisters who also happen to be best friends. The summer after they graduated, their father, Robert, let them go to their beach house alone for the first time ever. Little did they know that this summer was going to change their lives forever!


7. What a Night

Ashlee's POV

Justin and I walked down to his car. He opened the door for me, like a gentleman, whilst I blushed like crazy! He was so sweet!!
"Where to?" I asked.
"It's a surprise." He said while starting the car. He looked my way and winked at me, making me blush again. Gosh he needs to stop doing that!!
I groaned, making him laugh, "what kind of noise was that?"
"The cutest one you'll ever hear." The rest of the car ride was filled with laughs as we pulled up at an Italian restaurant.
I gasped "how did you know I loved Italian food?"
"I got Harry to ask Payton for me."
"I can't believe you did all of that for me Justin. You didn't need to! I'd be fine eating at McDonald's as long as I was with you."
"We'll it probably would've been easier renting out McDonald's than this place, but who does the easy things nowadays?"
"You rented out the whole place just for us?!?"
Yeah, I wanted tonight to be special!"
I giggled as we walked in and the waitress took us to our seats.
We quickly ordered our food and made small talk just getting to know each other more.
'Dang!' I thought to myself, 'why does he have to be so flipping sweet!'
When the food came we eat in silence, but not an awkward one. It was peaceful.
As we got up to leave I got a text from Payton.

Sisterrrr: I'm over at Harry's for the night. Just don't get too carried away! I don't want to be able to hear you!

Ashthing:*gasp* you think I would give you the pleasure of hearing Justin and me! Now shut up!! I'm on the best date if my life.

With that I turned my phone off so it wouldn't distract me anymore. We got home pretty quick, but I didn't want the night to be over. Justin walked me up the steps of the house, and was about to say goodnight before I surprised him, "Wanna go for a walk? I don't want tonight to be over."
"I'm so glad you said that! Yeah I do."
Before we left, I took my heels off because they were killing me. I heard Justin chuckle, but i didn't really care. I'm just glad I could be comfortable with him.
We took a long walk on the beach, but it didn't seem long enough because we were soon back where we started; my house.
"You wanna..." Justin started, but I cut him off.
"Payton's over at your house tonight; wanna stay over so I don't have to be alone? "
"Sure. Can't leave my princess alone now can I?"
"That would be a pretty sucky Prince Charming." I winked.
I grabbed my heels off the porch before walking in the house, Justin right behind me. I put my heels done next to the couch and sat on it.he came over and sat next to me.
"So..." He said.
"Well.. I have an idea.."
He looked down at me, "yeah?"
I looked up at him and leaned in. Yeah, I know the guy is supposed to make the first move, but when Justin did I rejected it so I don't know when he would have done it again. It felt great! Fireworks everywhere!! I knew then and there, I would go all the way if he wanted to.

Justin's POV

She's kissing me!!! Yesyesyesyes!!!!!!!! SCORE!!! Wait Justin enjoy it!!!
Mmmmmmm the way her lips felt on mine was perfect. Like no other kiss I'd ever felt. I'm glad she kissed me cuz I didn't know when I would've tried after she reflected me. If she won't stop me, I'll go all the way with her.

Ashlee's POV

Soon enough I was on top of Justin. I broke away from the kiss and he leaned in to kiss me again when I leaned farther out of reach. 'This'll be fun!'
I got off of him and curled my finger telling him to follow me. He got up from the couch and followed me upstairs. If we were gonna do this, it had to be right. I know I just met him, and this is wrong, but it felt so so SO right, and I couldn't fight that feeling of want. I wanted Justin, and from the way he looked at me I could tell me wanted me too.
In a matter of minutes, after we entered my room, my dress was hanging from a lamp, his shirt and pants somewhere in the room. With the dress I was wearing I could wear a bra so he was admiring my chest. I giggled bringing him back into the real world. He kissed me again when I felt him taking my panties off. I reach for his boxers and did the same. I reached in the drawer of the dresser beside me and pulled out a condom. He looked surprised, but relieved.
Soon I felt this pain, but it soon subsided in to pure pleasure. I don't think I'll ever forget this feeling. After about an hour Justin collapsed on top of me. He rolled off and I snuggled into his naked chest.
"That was amazing Justin."
Yeah it really was." He said.
Both of us were tired and I soon feel asleep.

Justin's POV

Wow. That's the only word that could describe tonight. I never thought I would have sex with a girl I meet two days ago. But here I am, laying next to Ashlee. The girl of my dreams. Tonight was the best night of my life.
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