Not Just a Summer Fling

Ashlee and Payton are sisters who also happen to be best friends. The summer after they graduated, their father, Robert, let them go to their beach house alone for the first time ever. Little did they know that this summer was going to change their lives forever!


2. The bonfire

Payton's POV

"Ashlee, come help me get our stuff inside" I said. As she came around to the back of the car I noticed a group of guys sitting around a bonfire next door. " I thought no one lived there"I said. "Me too" Ashlee said. As we got our stuff inside into each of our rooms my stomach growled. "Hey Ashlee!" "What?" She said. "Do we have some marshmallows, chocolate, and some graham crackers?" I said. She didn't answer so I went downstairs and looked and found all of it. She came downstairs an saw I had found all of the stuff for s'mores. " hey, you know what we should do?"she asked. "What?" "We should go next door and join those guys"she said. At first I thought we shouldn't but then I realized what could possibly go wrong. We grabbed up the stuff and headed over next door. As we walked up all of the guys looked at us. I stood there for a second realizing who was sitting in front of me,Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne , and Justin Bieber. "Hi, I'm Payton and this is my sister Ashlee. We were wondering if we could join you guys and make some s'mores?"

Harry's POV

I looked up seeing the girls walk up and nodded to the lads. They all got quiet and turned around to look at the girls. "Hello" I said. They introduced themselves and asked if they could join. "Sure" I said. We made room for them to sit down. Payton sat beside me and Ashlee say beside Justin. For the rest if the night we all talked about our lives. Justin kept flirting with Ashlee. You could tell they both liked each other. I thought Payton was really pretty. The beach was really windy that night. I looked over at Payton and noticed she had goosebumps. "Here love" I said as I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders. "Thanks" she said. About an hour later the girls got up and said they were tired and that they were going to head home. Justin gave Ashlee a hug and got her number. I got up and offered to walk Payton and Ashlee home since they were our neighbors. As we walked up to the back door Ashlee and Payton thanked me for walking them home. Payton turned back around to me and said goodbye. We exchanged numbers and we hugged.
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