Not Just a Summer Fling

Ashlee and Payton are sisters who also happen to be best friends. The summer after they graduated, their father, Robert, let them go to their beach house alone for the first time ever. Little did they know that this summer was going to change their lives forever!


3. That night...

Ashlee's POV

~New text from 'Justin':"I hope you aren't asleep yet babe! I still wanna talk with you."
I giggled and quickly replied
~Ashlee:):"I don't go to sleep that fast Bieber! We haven't even made it upstairs yet!!"
~Justin:"good! So how long are you here?"
~Ashlee:): "the whole summer!!!"
~Justin:"that means I get to see your gorgeous bod everyday all days for the whole summer?!!?"
~Ashlee:): ":O!! I knew you only liked me for my body!! ;);)"
~Justin:"nahh that's just an extra ;*"
~Ashlee:):"we'll I think me and Pay are gonna crash now see ya tomorrow good-lookin!!"
~Justin:"good night hot stuff"
With that I laughed and turned my phone off. This is gonna be a great summer!!

Payton's POV

I heard Ashlee laugh and I looked over as she turned her phone off. 'Probably texting Justin...'I thought to myself when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.
~Hazza "I just wanna tell you I had fun tonight getting to know you. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow on the beach ;)"
~Payton;):"don't worry you will! But for now I'm going to sleep! Good night!"
~Hazza "good night. Sleep tight my love."
With that I turned my phone off. I thought to myself this is gonna be an amazing summer! I walked over to my suitcase and got out some pajamas. It was then I realized I still had on Harry's jacket. I took it off and laid it on my dresser and went and changed into my pajamas. I came back and got in bed and quickly fell asleep.
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