Not Just a Summer Fling

Ashlee and Payton are sisters who also happen to be best friends. The summer after they graduated, their father, Robert, let them go to their beach house alone for the first time ever. Little did they know that this summer was going to change their lives forever!


5. My night with Harry

Payton's POV

Harry and I were walking back to my house for my first date with him. As we were walking,our hands kept brushing each others. My face blushed and as I looked up at him I could see him smirk because he could tell. As we were walking up the stairs to my back door, I turned and saw him looking at me wierd. I just smiled and turned to open the door when he grabbed my wrist and said "text me when ur ready to go". I replied with a nod and a smile and went inside. I rushed upstairs to get a quick shower and wash my hair. When I got out I put on a light blue strapless wavy dress. I blow dryer my hair and then curled it a few times to get a few wavy curls. I applied some foundation and powder along with some eyeliner and mascara. I put on my black heels and texted Harry.

--Harry: "hey I'm ready when you are:)"
--Payton:): "okay beautiful. Ill be there in a minute in my car;)"

I then texted Ashlee and told her what I was doing.

--Ashlee: " hey I'm going on a date with Harry!sorry I forgot to tell you earlier:) ill be back soon"
--Payton: " really?! I'm going on one with justin tomorrow night!:) well talk later and be safe and have fun:)"

Harry's POV

I quickly put on my blue blazer with a white shirt underneath and some American eagle jeans. I grabbed my keys to my range rover and headed to go pick up my beautiful date. I couldn't wait to see her. As I pulled up I fixed my hair one last time and parked. I got out and went up to the front door and knocked once. She quickly opened the door and said hey with a smile. I looked at her and said "wow!you look beautiful." "Thanks" I grabbed her hand and we walked to my car. I opened the door for her when she tripped and almost fell. I caught her just in time for her not to get hurt. We both giggled even though it really scared me. I didn't want her getting hurt on our first date. I shut her door and went around to get in myself. As I got in I just looked at her and she asked "what?" I replied with "you just look really pretty" and a smile.she smiled and said "you know, you look really nice to" "thanks" she asked" so where are we going for dinner?" "I thought we should go to this new Chinese restaurant" "mmmm I'm allergic to most Chinese food. Do you mind if we go someplace else. In sorry" "yea!its fine I should have asked you first anyway. Where would you like to go?" " this restaurant that were coming up on. Is that okay?" "Yea" I said as we pulled in. When we parked I quickly got out and went around to open the door for her. I didn't want her to almost fall again. We walked up to the door hand in hand. Holding her hand felt different than all of the other girls hands I had held. Her hand fit perfectly into mine.

Payton's POV

I liked holding his hand. It felt right unlike all of the other guys I had dated in high school. I really liked Harry so far. He was really nice and different from all if the articles said about him. I really wanted to get to know him for him, not the famous Harry Styles. We quickly got a seat as we walked in. Harry pulled out my chair for me, something no other guy has ever done for me. It was kinda awckward at first but as soon as we got our drinks he started a conversation. "So where are you from?" " Vidalia, Georgia" "I can tell from your southern accent" he said with a chuckle. I giggled too. We carried on the conversation until our food came and then we ate in silence for a few minutes. As he payed the bill, a few fans came up and asked for autographs and pictures. After that we went back home. The car ride was pretty silence until he told me I looked beautiful again. I replied with a thank you again and a smile. As we got out I noticed we were at my beach house. As we were walking up to the front door he looked down at me and stared in my eyes. He then leaned in for a kiss. As he was about to kiss me he asked "may I?" I replied by grabbing his shoulder and kissing him back. As we pulled away I said "tonight was fun" "yea it was. Maybe there should be another date?" He said with a smirk and I replied with a yes.
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