Not Just a Summer Fling

Ashlee and Payton are sisters who also happen to be best friends. The summer after they graduated, their father, Robert, let them go to their beach house alone for the first time ever. Little did they know that this summer was going to change their lives forever!


4. A day on the beach

Payton's POV

I woke up about 10:30 am. I rolled over and turned on my phone to see a text from Harry.

~Harry:"hey love, the lads and I are already on the beach. Feel free to walk over when u wake up:)"
~Payton;):"hey I just woke up.i will come over as soon as me and Ashlee get something to eat and put on our swimsuits:)

I jumped out of bed and went to wake Ashlee up. She was already awake and siting up in the bed looking at her phone smiling.

Ashlee's POV

~Justin:"hey babe,come on down to the beach when you wake up!"
~Ashlee:):ok handsome:) I'll be over in a few!"
"Good morning pay." "Good morning. Harry texted me just a while ago and told me to walk over. I told him we would as soon as we ate." "Yea Justin just texted me to walk over too"she said. I got up and walked out of my room downstairs to get something to eat. Payton came down and didn't want to cook so we both ate a bowl Reese's puffs. After we were finished eating we both went back upstairs to put on our bikini's and a cover up. We put our hair up and put on some flips flops and headed over. The walk over was silent. As soon as we got there all of the guys and came up and gave us a hug. There was this other girl who walked up beside louis and introduced herself as Eleanor. She also gave us a hug. We went inside and sat down in the living room. Harry and Payton sat together and then Louis and Eleanor on the couch. Justin and I sat in the big recliner. Niall went into the kitchen to get something to eat and Liam sat on the floor. Liam asked if we wanted to watch paranormal activity 4. We all said yes so he put it in.

Payton's POV

When Liam put in paranormal activity 4, I got a little nervous because I don't like scary movies. Harry looked over at me and grabbed my hand and said it was going to be okay and gave a smile. I looked over at Ashlee and noticed that Justin was staring at her. Ashlee was like me when it came to scary movies. He out his arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek saying it was going to be okay. "How cute would they look together?" I thought. When the movie was almost over I noticed harry had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I smiled and finished watching the movie. When the movie was over Louis jumped up and screamed and that scared everyone. Harry jumped up and realized the movie was over and rubbed his eyes. He then looked over at me and apologized for falling asleep on my shoulder. I gave him a smile and said it was cool.

Harry's POV

It was kind of embarrassing waking up on her shoulder. The way she smiled at me made me think she didn't mind though. Even though we met yesterday I think I liked her. She had the long pretty brown wavy hair and the sparkling blue eyes. I wanted to kiss her but I knew before that could happen we had to become better friends. I was going to have to ask her on a date.

Ashlee's POV

When the movie was over we all decided to go down to the beach to have some fun. We all ran down there and quickly pulled our shirts and cover ups off and ran out in the water. We were all having the best time. Justin and I were being flirtatious with each other but who couldn't like Justin bieber right?! He kept picking me up by the waist and slinging me around which was so fun! Just as Justin and I were about to head up to the porch to chill he stopped me in the water and leaned in to kiss me. I wanted Justin to kiss me but I didn't because I didn't know him very well. I kny knew him from what I read on the Internet and magazines. Before he made a move I wanted to get to know him. I stopped him right before our lips met and told him I thought we should be closer friends before we kissed. I apologized and he said " I'm sorry too, we should wait". We then walked back up to the back porch and sat down.

Justin's POV

I knew I should wait to kiss her until we became better friends. The only way I could think of becoming better friends with her is to ask her in a proper date. "Hey Ashlee, would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow?" She looked over at me and said she would love to. So we sat there and carried on a conversation.

Payton's POV

After playing in the water for an hour or so I was tired so I went and layed on my towel in the beach to get a tan. As soon I layed down I fell asleep. A little bit later I heard someone walk up and sit down beside me. I figured it was harry so I looked up and rubbed my eyes and saw that it was. He looked at me and smiled at looked back at the water. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Payton, I think you are very beautiful." I looked at him and smiled and said "thank you, your not bad looking yourself"I said giggling. He looked at me again and said " do you think you would like to go to dinner with me tonight?"he said. "Like a date?" I asked. He nodded and I replied with an of course. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 4:30 already. I quickly jumped up and told him I needed to go get a shower and get ready cause I wasn't going on a date looking ratchet.
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