Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


3. Those 3 Words...

Nicki POV

"What now?"

"Just don't do anything."

"You mean don't tell them?"

"Think about it.. We are both married."

"You have a point."

"Lets just watch tv and just act natural."

"Alright Harry."

We just sat there while I had my feet on his legs.

"How do you feel about everything?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know.. Last night.. This morning."

"I don't know Nicki."

Out of all the things he could of done he kissed me again.

"Harry. Just stop."

"Sorry Nicki. I just wanted to do that."

"Harry you do realize that this can't happen."

"What can't happen?"

"Us. We both are married and you can't continue to kiss me."

"Do you like my kisses?"

"Could you ask a more STUPID question?"

"I was just asking.. But did you?"

"We went over this already Harry."

"So you do like them?"


"Earlier you said you did."

"Stop being a smart alek."


"You say no way too much."

"Shut up Nicki."

"No." I said in a mocking voice.

"Can I kiss you?"


"Can.. I kiss you?"


"Never mind it's just I felt like you were my girlfriend for a second..."

"Oh." is all that I could say.

"Sorry for asking."

"Its alright. I am just gonna go check on Louis."


I felt bad so I just game him like a 1 second kiss on the cheek.



I then just walked away.

"Hey Louis."

"Hey Nicki."

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah. Nicki?"


"I think i'm sick."

"Ok well I will just go get a thermometer."

"OK Nicki. Thank you."

"Your welcome Louis."

Once I grabbed one I ran back.

"Open your mouth!"

I took his temperature and he was sick.

"You are sick Louis."

"Well I think I will just do this."

He kissed me and I was happy but guilty. 

"I love you Louis."

"Love you too Nicki."

"Well I better make sure the weirdo didn't mess something up."

"K bye beautiful."

"Bye Louis."

Harry POV

"So whats up with Louis?"

"He is sick."

"Well that made this awkward because I texted everyone that we are all going to the movies.."

"Oh. What were their responses?"

Niall: Too tired staying in with Alexia

Alexia: Staying with Niall

Liam: Taking Genifer to lunch

Genifer: Busy with Liam

"Well let me go talk to Louis and I will see what he says."


Louis POV

"Do you wanna go to the movies?" Nicki said.

"Not really."

"Well then I am just gonna stay with you."

"No just go."

"But your sick."

"I'll be alright. This is only day one of being sick so I should be ok."

"Well then ok I'm gonna go get ready."

"K I will see you later!"

"You too bye Louis."

I got ready and then Harry and I left.

Harry POV

"So its just the both of us?"

"Yeah. But don't do anything!"


We got there and just kinda sat in the back.

"This movie is boring." she said.

"I know."

"We can't just leave I am not wasting my money."

"I don't know what to do."

"Me either."

Nicki POV

He kissed me for what felt like the millionth time.

"Harry!" I whispered.

"Sorry again. I just don't know what is happening to me."

"Well you gotta stop."

"I know but I.. I Love you."

"You what?"

"I love you."

I walked out and went to Genifer's house. We are super close. Almost like sisters. I decided to tell her everything.



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