Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


56. Styles

~The Next Day~

Harry POV

I woke up to see my beautiful girlfriend next to me asleep. I wanted to do something for Nicki. There wasn't a holiday but I just wanted to celebrate loving her. I got up and went to the living room. I decided to have a celebration on our love. I also planned on proposing to her. My plan was for Niall to take Nicki to buy a dress for a "party" at Niall's. I texted Niall.

Me: Can you do me a favor?

Niall: Sure, what is it?

Me: Tonight I'm proposing to Nicki. I was wondering if you could take her to buy a dress for a "party" at your house. I'm gonna invite people to be there when I propose.

Niall: That's great! I'll be at your place soon to pick her up.

Me: Thanks Niall

I started making a message that had Louis (Tomlinson), Genifer, Zayn, Liam, Alexia, Connor, Ricky, Kian, Sam, Ricardo, Jc, and Trevor.

I wrote:

Last minute party at Niall's tonight at 8

I needed to go to the store. I grabbed a paper and pen to write Nicki a note.

Niall is coming over. He'll explain. Love you-Harry

I walked outside and locked the door. I went into my car and drove to the party store. I walked in and looked around. I grabbed lots of confetti and confetti poppers. Then I started grabbing red items (her favorite color is red) like streamers and balloons. Once that was done I went to a florist. I bought many red roses and yellow tulips (her favorite). Then I went somewhere that would change both of our lives. I went to a wedding ring store. I looked until I found something perfect. It had a an average sized diamond on it. She didn't like jewelry that was "too much". I drove to Niall's house so I could decorate.

Nicki POV

I woke up without Harry. I went into the kitchen to see a note from Harry. Then I was scared by a voice.

"Hi." I heard.

I turned around to see Niall holding flowers. Tulips and roses to be exact.

"Harry wanted me to give these to you." He said.

I grabbed them and looked at them. Harry knew me so well in the amount of time we knew each other. I loved him so much.

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"Around since Harry left." He answered.

"So I guess I should get ready." I said.

I walked into Harry's room to get some of my clothes. I picked out a black tank top with the Batman logo on it, some regular shorts, galaxy converse, and a black bracelet with a black bow. Once I was changed I went into the bathroom to do my hair. I brushed it and left it down. Before walking back into the living room I put on some raspberry lip gloss. I walked into the living room and soon Niall and I were at the mall. We walked around into many stores not finding anything. We decided to check Forever 21 and if nothing we'll just look somewhere other than the mall. We both looked until Niall pulled something out.

"What about this?" He asked showing me a blue knee length dress with a gold colored belt.

"That's perfect." I said holding the dress.

I took the dress to try it on. I put it on and walked out so Niall could see it.

"It looks great on you." Niall said half smiling.

"Thank you." I replied.

I decided I was gonna buy it. I went back into the dressing room to change back. Once I did I brought out the dress.

"Do you need shoes?" Niall asked.

"I almost forgot about that." I replied.

We decided on going to Journeys after we paid for the dress. We got in line and waited until we were at the front. While we were there Niall continuously offered to pay but I didn't let him. We then walked to Journeys to buy some shoes. I wanted Vans so we found gold vans. Niall didn't let me pay so he did. We drove to my place and Niall waited in the living room while I got ready. I went into the bathroom and put the dress on. I also put my Vans on too. I did another quick brush of my hair and put on (waterproof) mascara. I walked back into the living room so Niall and I could leave. We soon were in the driveway of Niall's house. I saw Niall text Harry that we were here. We both got off and opened the door. All over the house were colors and items I loved. The song "A Thousand Years." On the floor was pieces of confetti. In the living room was all our friends (except Harry) with small confetti shooters. I walked closer and they moved aside. There was Harry on one knee, ring in hand.

"Nicki Ella Life, will you marry me?" He asked.

I could feel myself crying (of happiness).

"Yes Harry!" I exclaimed before kissing him. 

Around us everyone shot their confetti while we kissed. It felt like Harry and I were alone. Soon I would be,

Nicki Styles.

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