Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


16. So Much Drama I Can't Think Of A Chapter Title

Louis POV

"I need a doctor! She has been shot!"

They came and took her into the same room as Harry. Then I ran to find Genifer. I finally found her.

"Nicki has been shot."

"What happened?"

"She was telling me.. How much she hated me. Then she fell down. She was put in the same room as Harry."

Before she could respond a nurse came up to us.

"You can see her but shes in a coma."

We both knew we had to go and see her. We went into her room and she was there looking like she was sleeping but in reality we knew she wasn't.

I started crying. Yes I did start crying.

"I think i'm just gonna leave you alone." Genifer said.

She walked out.

"Hi Nicki. I hope your ok. I know you hate me but I hope this ends up OK. Even though you can't hear me but I wanna say again that i'm sorry. Also before I get Genifer..."

I kissed her. Then I went to get Genifer.

"You can go back in I think i'm gonna wait outside."

"Alright Lou."

Genifer POV

I decided to talk to Nicki.

"Hey Nicki. I'm pretty sure if you were awake you would come talk to your, 'therapist'. So I know you were telling Louis how you hate him. Even though he is my boyfriend and I love him I will still try to help you. Even though your in a coma I want to talk to you. I really wish you could tell me everything so I could understand. I hope your alright."

Louis POV

As I was waiting outside I couldn't help but notice somebody in a hat and the outline of something in their pocket. It was a gun. I knew I had to follow that person. I silently followed for about an hour till the person entered a log cabin. I called Niall to come here to figure out if this is the shooter.



"Listen. Harry was stabbed and Nicki was shot. I think I found out who did it though."

"Where do you want me to go?"

"OK go through-"

A hand went over my mouth.

"Niall! Help!" it sounded muffled but it was worth a try.

Niall POV

Before Louis could finish I heared a muffled scream. This was bad. I didn't know where he was at but I had to do something.

Louis POV

I woke up with a horrible headache. 


"Hello Louis."

That voice sounded familiar. I heared another voice.

"Hey Louis."

They both sounded familiar but I couldn't see anyone. Two people finally came out.

Eleanour and Alicia.

"How could you do this?"

"Easy. Nicki took you from me." Eleanour said.

"And Nicki took Harry from me." Alicia said.

"I never loved you Eleanour! Alicia your the one who left him!"

"I loved you Louis!"

"You never did!"

"Good answer but your hot and stuff."

"Nicki has been calling me a jerk but she doesn't know who the real ones are!"

"Even though I left Harry he asked me for the divorce!"

"Stop trying to play innocent!"

"Your the one who left your so called,'true love'!"

That really hurt. That was the second time I was told that.

"I have another girlfriend! I'm done with Nicki at the moment."

"Oh really? So Genifer said its ok for you to kiss Nicki?"

"You wouldn't!"

"I have the photo right here!"

"Please don't! I love Genifer she would be crushed."

"Fine. But only one thing."


"If Nicki ever wakes up you gotta break up with her and date me." Eleanour said.

"Why would I date a pig like you?"

"Because you don't wanna ruin your little relationship. You already mest up one."

"Stop bringing that up!"

"Why? Does it hurt?"

"Yes it does!"

"Then why did you leave her after telling her you love her?"

"I told you to stop!"

"Listen Lou-"

"Don't call me Lou."

"I can call you what ever I want as long as I have this picture. So Lou will you love me or show Genifer the picture?"

"What if I showed Genifer the photo?"

They started whispering and then Eleanour said,

"Fine. But do it today and don't think you can just pretend you forgot because we are watching."

"Fine. Just give me the photo."

I got it and then they let me go. I called Niall.

"Everything is OK Niall."

"OK i'm just happy your OK. Who was the person?"

"Eleanour and Alicia."

"Those b-"

"It's ok Niall."

"Are you gonna tell the cops?"

"I don't think I can?"

"What do you mean? They stabbed and shot!"

"They are... Watching me."

"I'll do it."

"Thanks Niall."

"Welcome Louis."

Then I walked to the hospital. I quickly found Genifer.

"Hey Gen."

"Hey Lou."

"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure Lou."

"This is really important."


"While Nicki was telling me she hated me I may have kissed her."

"You what?"

"I kissed her." I said quickly.

"Louis. I can't believe this!"

"No Gen. Please. I gotta do something."

"Just do it because this is probably the last time your talking to me!"

I showed her the picture.

"So you tell me then show me a photo? Louis I can't believe you! You know what? I hate you too! Looks like your single again!"

"But Gen-"

"Don't but me! Should have thought about that before you kissed my best friend!"


"No Louis just stop!"

"I thought I was Lou.."

"Good luck finding someone who will call you Lou again!"

"But I want you to call me Lou."

"You'll be lucky if you even get Louis."

Then she walked away.

I started crying again. I lost the person I loved most. I now realized I only loved Genifer. Great timing Louis (sarcasm)! I knew what pain Abbigail went through. Everyone has mixed emotions with me right now. I only had one idea...

Follow the steps of Abbigail.

I went to my car and went home. I walked into the kitchen and Genifer was there...

About to do the same thing...

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