Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


49. Pancakes And Tattoos

~The Next Day~

Nicki POV

Harry and I slept in that day. We were both up by almost noon. Once we were up we started making pancakes with each other.

"You're so cute." Harry told me smiling.

"Haha so are you." I said returning the smile.

We gave each other a small kiss and continued cooking.

"I'm so happy to have you in my life. It took so much to have you but it was worth it." Harry said looking at me.

"I love you Harry." I said smiling.

"I love you too." I said giving him another kiss.

Then we both smelt something burning.

"Oh snap! Get the pancake!" I said.

He quickly took the pancake out of the pan.

"Well that was a fail." We both said.

"Another one won't hurt right?" I asked.

"Well I guess you should pass me the batter." He said laughing.

I gave him the batter and he poured some in.

"Now we wait and WATCH." We told each other.

We ended up burning that one too.

"Well now we can have burnt pancakes together!" Harry exclaimed.

We put our pancakes on a plate. Harry brought out the syrup from the cabinet. He handed me the syrup.

"Don't be shy with syrup. I know how you like it." He said half smiling.

I grabbed the syrup and poured and poured. I must have used almost half the bottle because it was all over the plate. I gave it back to Harry while he smiled at me. He practically used the other half of the bottle.

"To burnt pancakes and extra syrup!" We both exclaimed.

We both started eating like nobody was looking at us. Once we were finished we both were done we put the plate in the sink at sat back at the table. 

"You have a little.." Harry said gesturing to the syrup on my lip.

"Here. Let me help you." He said walking to my side.

He gave me a kiss. An adorable syrup-y one at that. During that the door opened and in came Zayn.

"Oh. Sorry guys. I was just coming here because Harry told me he wanted to take you to get a tattoo or something." He told us while we pulled apart.

"That was a surprise." Harry told Zayn.

"Oh sorry! Well I guess now you should tell her." He told Harry.

"Nicki. Today I wanted to do something special with you and I thought maybe I could take you for your first tattoo." He told me a little nervous.

"Of course I will go get a tattoo!" I exclaimed.

Then we all went into Zayn's car. It felt like forever until we got to the tattoo place. Once we entered  Harry and I immediately got to thinking on a tattoo.

"I was thinking... That we could get matching tattoos." Harry said.

"Aww of course I will." I told Harry.

"I was actually thinking something like this." Harry said pulling out his phone showing me a picture of 2 tattoos on their wrists that was infinity sign with the word "Love" in it.

"That's perfect Harry." I said half smiling.

"Then it's set!" Harry said smiling.

 The process immediately began. I was a little nervous but not too much. The needle was so close to my skin. Then it began. It hurt but knowing what it was really pushed me through it. Harry had already finished and was sitting next to me waiting. Once I was finished we put our wrists together and got Zayn to take a picture. Next thing you know there is a picture of our wrists on Harry's profile saying.

Just got a tattoo with the most wonderful girl :) With -Nicki Life

I smiled thinking about the look when Genifer saw the picture. It was a surprise to everyone. Genifer liked it but called me after that.

"When did you get that?" She practically yelled.

"Today with Harry!" I said excitedly.

"Well if you're happy then have fun with that." She said before hanging up.

Happy life. Now just gotta make sure Gen has one too. I thought.

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