Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


44. No Promises

Genifer POV

I got up before everyone else. When he texted me I got up super fast. I felt so excited even though I didn't even like him. I took a quick shower and got dressed fast too. It was probably the fastest I ever got ready. I put some shoes on and scribbled a note to the girls:

Went to Dennys. Be back later :)

I drove into the parking lot of Dennys and walked in. I walked up to the person with reservations.

"I'm with somebody who is here already." I told him.

He let me through and I looked for Louis. I quickly found him and speed walked to his table.

"Hello beautiful." He said with a smile.

"Stop. You know what we are here for. To help you and that's it. No flirting just helping." I told him with a serious look.

"I can't help it. Sorry." He said.

After a short sentence he said,

"I ordered you some pink lemonade. Your favorite." He told me.

"Thanks." I said a little awkwardly.

"When do you start to feel like cutting?" I asked him.

"Usually at night. When I think of us or see old pictures of us or naturally just think of the past. It hurts me and it feels like that's the only thing to do." He told me.

"But Louis you know it's not." I said a little sad.

"At the point it does. So I will do it." He said.

"Did you cut last night?" I asked him.

"No. I knew you would be dissapointed seeing me today." He said.

"See? Right now I'm proud of you." I said smiling.

"What about the days I won't see you the next day? You don't even like me anyways." He said with emotion in his tone.

"Don't turn this on me! I'm trying to help you here! You know well why I don't like you Louis. I haven't even told anyone about your problem here. Nicki even seems like she is turning on me for talking to you again! I just want a happy life and I can't have that ever!" I half-shouted.

Some people were starting to look but I didn't care.

Louis Tomlinson POV

She was as hurt as I was. All we both wanted was a happy life except she wants one without me.

"You think I don't want a happy life? All i want is for you to love me again and I can't have that!  I'm hurt Gen! So hurt I'm self harming! All I want is to spend my whole life with you! I want you to be Mrs. Tomlinson! But you won't allow that! I'm hurt Gen! Hurt!" I almost yelled.

She ran out. Crying at that. A waitress brought a check for the drinks. I payed and went back home. I didn't care what anyone thought. I got the knife back out and cut. 2 cuts at that! I wrapped the bandage around it and sat around and did nothing. I turned off my phone and just sat there on the kitchen floor.

Genifer POV

I went home fast. I ran to my room before anyone can say anything. I locked it and sat on my bed and just cried. Cried and cried. They were trying to get me to open the door but I wouldn't let them. Finally they got in even though I didn't want them with me. I wanted to be alone.

"What's wrong?!" They both screamed at me.

"I was talking to Louis! I thought he changed! He just pinned everything on me! I don't love him and he won't accept that. I was so close to actually giving him a chance! Why would I forgive that stupid jerk anyway? He was already horrible to me enough! I thought he actually changed for once!" I said with tears coming out quickly.

"I told you I didn't want you hurt!" Nicki screamed back.

"Looks like Louis isn't the only one pinning everything against me! It's not my fault. He was acting fine! He was being so nice! Can I please just be left alone?!"

They didn't even reply. They both just walked out and shut the door. I cried some more but also took a nap. When I woke up it was already gonna be 11 pm. I got up and put my pajama shorts on again. But I didn't put on the jersey. I was better off wearing the small shirt. I put it on with aggravation. But then something hit me. If Louis cuts because he misses me...

What would he do after I yelled at him?

I quickly called him but he didn't answer. I called many times but no answer. I was scared and worried. I ran out the door to my car. I didn't care if I woke up anyone or not I drove to Louis' house. I knocked on the door and what felt like ages the door opened. Louis was standing there. I hugged him tightly with my eyes tearing up.

"I'm so glad to see you alive." I told him.

He didn't hug back and he didn't talk. I let go and looked at him. It was sad just looking at him. I immediately grabbed his arm. I took off the bandages to see the 2 new cuts.

"Louis-" I was cut off by him talking.

"Why do you care about me? The cuts don't matter Genifer. I don't matter." He said emotionless.

"You matter to this world Louis! Don't say that!" I yelled to him.

"Tell me one person who cares Gen!" He half-shouted back.

"I care Louis!"

He didn't say anything at first.

"Prove it." He told me emotionless again.

I didn't know what to do. But I had to do what was right. I really didn't want to but I knew I had to. I got closer and kissed Louis. It was the longest kiss we had as a non-couple. When we broke apart I yelled at him,

"If I didn't care why would I kiss the guy who hurt me most Louis?"

"I've been waiting for that since we broke up." He said half smiling.

"Just so you know that was an 'I care' kiss not a 'We are a couple' kiss." I said to him.

"Yeah. Can I sleep at your house maybe?" He asked a little nervous.

"Fine. But you're sleeping in the living room and it's only so you won't self harm." I replied.

"Deal!" He said walking towards my car.

I drove to my house and set it up for him to sleep in the living room. Nicki was on the couch sleeping though. I knew she would be mad seeing him in the morning but she will have to deal with it. After he was ready I left.

"Goodnight Louis." I told him.

"Goodnight. Love you!" He said recreating the phone call.

I walked to my room and quickly fell asleep.

Nicki POV

I was awake the whole time. I was mad. She brought the one who hurt her MULTIPLE times here. I woke him up to talk to him. Once he woke up I began talking.

"Why are you here?" I asked him quietly.

"Gen let me sleep here." He told me.

"Why though? She doesn't like you anyway." I replied.

"Personal issues." He told me.

"Which are?" I asked.

"They are called personal for a reason." He said back.

"You two aren't dating... Right?"

"We aren't dating. Just friends kinda."

"Fine. Just make sure you don't ever get past friends with her." I told him before going back to sleep.

Louis Tomlinson POV

Right after she fell asleep I had whispered,

"No promises." with a smile.

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