Tell Me A Lie *Discontinued*


Everyone is back. Relationships will be added. Relationships will be broken. You may think everyone is having an amazing life but things change that must be kept a secret. Especially when you can't break a marriage. Especially your own... (SEQUEL TO LOVES A CRAZY THING)


40. Explaining and Cutting

Aria POV

I was a bit confused with Genifer's painting. I had painted a picture of my boyfriend, Trey. Once I examined her painting I asked her to explain right before she began to examine it herself.

"It's me and my thoughts." She had told me.

"The faint names in black are the last names of the people deep in my drama life." She said continuing her sentence.

"What does that say?" I asked pointing to the barely noticeable red words in the painting.

"That says 'Val'. It's my last name." Genifer had told me.

Genifer POV

"What about under it?" Aria had asked.

I was confused. I don't remember painting anything under it.

"Tomlinson? Is that your boyfriend's last name?" She had asked me.

I examined the painting again. It did say Tomlinson. I don't remember painting that at all. I was actually shocked that I painted that. I'm dating Jc. That couldn't be right. I am done with Louis! Why would I write that?

"No. 'Tomlinson' isn't my boyfriend. He is actually my ex boyfriend who I am seriously tired of and done with." I told her realizing I was in my own little world for awhile.

"Broke your heart?" Aria asked me.

"Not really. It's a long story." I told Aria.

"I have time." She told me.

"Fine. Why don't you come over and I will invite my friend and we will tell you everything?" I asked her.

"Sure!" She told me before locking the place up.

Nicki POV

Gen had invited me over and I gladly accepted. After all what has been happening I thought it would be good. I walked into the unlocked door to find an unfamiliar girl.

"Hi." She told me.

She looked a little younger then me. We had pretty much the same color hair.

"Hey Nicki! This is Aria." She said gesturing to the girl.

"Hi Nicki." She told me.

"I met her at the museum today and I decided to tell her about our crazy life." Genifer told me.

"Okay. But it's gonna take awhile!" I said laughing.

Louis Tomlinson POV

I really didn't do anything today. I observed my cut and touched it. It hurt a little. I put a bandage over it and sat on the couch. I looked through the movies on TV. Nothing good was on. After multiple channel searches I decided on The Little Mermaid (A/N: Don't judge my choice in movie. I love this movie). When I put it on it had just started. After awhile I realized I was crying. Not because of what was happening in this movie but because Gen and I loved this movie together. I touched the bandage. Did I really wanna do this again? One more time. I went back in the kitchen and grabbed a knife. It didn't hurt as much as last night. I washed of the knife and put it in the sink. I              washed the blood of and put other bandage. I hated myself for doing this but it felt okay at the same time. I turned off the movie and went to bed.

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