70 pounds lighter

Meet Ella Gregory, who just moved back into town . She left before because she was getting bullied for being over weight. Now 70 pounds lighter Ella plans for this year to be different. And it will be when Harry Styles and One Direction is added in to the picture.


3. The Other girl

Second day morning:When I arrived to school the next day I was so excited. I was going to get to see Harry. Who hopefully in the future would be mine. Then I saw him in the parking lot leaning against a car with a girl I didn't know. They kissed. Damn it I should have known he wasn't single. He's just a huge flirt.

Just relax Ella there are other guys like Nathan. Nathan's kind of cute if you're into that dumb blonde jock type guy. If Harry's in a relation that shouldn't mean I should just wait for him. It's time for me to try this dating thing out I've never been on a date before. I walked up to him and said, " what are you doing Friday?" "Going on a date with you," maybe he wasn't as dumb as I thought. " "Pick me up at seven at the bakery." Wow, that actually worked I guess I'm prettier then I thought.

After school: I started walking to the bakery, cause my mom needed to borrow my car cause hers broke down. When I can slowed down beside me and rolled the window down. " Do you want a ride?" It was harry,"Come on Ella get in the car I want to talk to you." I got in and sat down," What do you want to talk to me about?" I asked him. " I was just wondering if you wanted to do something Saturday ?" He's a two timing man whore," don't you have a girlfriend?" He sighed, " oh you're talking about Olivia she's always all over me. She even kiss raped me this morning." "Kiss rape?" I asked. "It's when somebody kisses you and you don't want them to. We went on one date a few months ago. I thought we were going to get serious until I found out she was completely mental." "Well I guess I could go out with you Saturday then."I was so excited. "Hopefully neither of us get kiss raped on this date." We giggled and arrived at the bakery.

What do I say to Nathan? Do I go on both dates? Or on a date with the guy I've been crushing on for years?

AN: I know it's really short,but I'm really into writing Never Again. Go check that out!!! I promise to write more next week and it will come out around Wednesday or Thursday. Like and fav!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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